Zogena Hemp Oil Home Business Compensation Comp Plan Pay Plan Video

Zogena is on the cutting edge of health and wellness products with a cutting edge proprietary delivery system and a compensation package for home based business owners that is unique and rewarding for the go-getter or passive builder alike. There are no autoship requirements to maintain your Zogena distributorship. However, the products are so amazing you may want to try them yourself to discover what everyone else is raving about. Lab tested for purity and potency. Zogena is leading the industry in a pay structure that even the most seasoned entrepreneur will want to take a peek at.
What Can You Expect From Zogena:
Innovative & highest quality products
Competitive pricing
Promote leadership & development
Fair compensation to all distributors
Consistent communication with the field
No non-compete clauses
No personal production without compensation
No personal purchase requirements to keep distributorship
No hidden verbiage or loopholes to withhold commissions
No future comp plan changes designed to pay less
50% of all business volume always paid to distributors