Zogena CBD Hemp Oil Home-Based-Business Opportunity. What Is The Cannabinoid-CBD Entourage Effect?

Zogena CBD Hemp Oil Home-Based-Business Opportunity. What Is The Cannabinoid-CBD Entourage Effect?


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Join as a Zogena distributor for the one-time turn key price of just $29:
Enjoy a lifetime of instant and continual weekly bonus checks for your personal sales! Graduate into bigger and better commissions with our structured compensation plan designed for both the passive and the most ambitious sales entrepreneur. Advanced pay include, profit sharing pools, contests, matrix percentage points, founder’s pool commissions and much more! See the comp plan overview here:

You will have multiple product selections that are designed in kits to save you money if you wish to try out more than one product out the gate. This isn’t necessary. It’s optional. Zogena has a ZERO AUTOSHIP policy. So, you never have to make a purchase past your website and enrollment fee ever again to start earning a great living selling CBD.

During the enrollment process, select an ID and a PW. And you will be asked to select a name for your replicated business website.

Once you’re set up as a distributor, log in to your new back office at zogena.com/. You will see an enrollment special that is time-sensitive
for 24 hours once you get inside your distributor shopping cart. So hurry on in. Get set up with your very own CBD online store and leave all the shipping details to the company and let them drop-ship the products right to your customer’s door.

Zogena CBD is BETTER. Why? Because it’s got all the major cannabinoids in extremely high concentrations with a full terpene profile, plus these amazing features:

1. These hemp products are sourced from non-GMO organic Colorado hemp in fertile pesticide-free soil grown indoors without being exposed to outdoor air or soil contaminants, pollution or blow over from industrial farms.

2. Zogena CBD is extremely potent in the top 5 synergistic cannabinoids CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN and CBDV plus this hemp extract has major terpenes too. Combined, these compounds found in hemp target inflammation, have analgesic qualities, help uplift moods, can improve sleep, have anti-anxiety qualities and advanced nutrition by retaining the enzymes, protein, omega fatty acids and flavonoids typically found in the hemp plant, minus the psychoactive cannabinoid – THC.

3. The carrier oil in Zogena CBD oil is the best on the market today in the CBD industry. Zogena uses 100% organic coconut oil (MTC – otherwise known as medium chain triglycerides) combined with organic hemp seed extract as the emulsifier for the cannabinoids and terpenes. This is the liquid medium that suspends the nutritional cannabinoid resins, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients. To this is added a lovely citrus natural flavor from the hemp terpene called limonene. The natural MCT is amazing because it is scientifically designed to help the goodies inside this hemp oil be absorbed faster and in higher quantities.

4. Zogena has a 30-day money-back guarantee. But even better, their TRY IT – BEFORE YOU BUY IT sample selections are the best you’ll find, starting at only $10 with FREE SHIPPING. So you can test drive a sample of 2K or 3K broad spectrum hemp oil or delicious organic CBD gummies fortified with more cannabinoids CBG, CBN and CBDA plus immune fighting turmeric. These gummies are so pure and potent, they might blow your socks off.

5. All Zogena products include fast, friendly and FREE shipping on ALL products including samples.

6. Zogena products are proudly grown, harvested and made in AMERICA providing American jobs all the way down the supply chain and to your doorstep!

7. The Zogena price points are so competitive, you will not pay too much! And you can earn cash back if you sign up as a representative, plus 15% commissions on all of your sales and a discount on your own orders.

8. Zogena prides itself in providing customers with comprehensive lab analysis tests that prove the potency of their products in writing where every single product is linked to a batch test! Awesomeness!

9. Zogena has the most advanced and lucrative commission structure program geared for you to work the program at your OWN pace without a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. You can sell your way to the TOP, not BUY your way to the top.

10. Finally, as a separate program available to our distributors, you can offer your clients a wholesale account with commissions starting at 30%. Minimum purchases are required and an application is required to be accepted. As a Zogena distributor, you will earn commissions on every store you enroll in the wholesale program. Details are provided after enrollment.

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​These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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