xPress Funnels Review & Bonuses:

xPress Funnels is a unique piece of software that will immediately put an end to the expensive costs that are traditionally associated with Shopify and other expensive eCommerce store builders.

This awesome cloud-based app allows you to create eCommerce funnels so you can simply focus on one or a variety of products to sell in a simple funnel. Β 

All you have to do is select a product from dropshipping sites like Aliexpress, input the details into the software, and a beautiful funnel is created!

This finally puts an END to recurring fees that you normally pay with complicated tools such as Shopify!


Why Do I Recommend xPress Funnels?

xPress Funnels is one of the most easy ecommerce funnel builders I’ve ever seen.Β With only a few clicks and simply uploading your product images you have your funnel up and running in literally minutes.

The platform is easy to use and it has well-documented training material.

I see there is a huge potential for single product funnels that will enable you to take advantage of this huge market.


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Thanks for watching my xPress Funnels Review!
hey guys Tim Verdouw here, thank you for
checking out my xpress funnels review
and today I’m going to show you what
xpress funnels is all about I’m going
to show you how this software works and
why this is such an awesome funnel
builder I’m going to show you my xpress
funnels bonuses that I’m going to give
away if you decide to pick up this
product through my link and let me get
my link on the screen when you go to timverdouw dot com xpress or you click the
link in the description below you will
be redirected to my website where you
will also see the bonuses so I’m gonna
talk about these bonuses later in this
video because I’m going to show you
first what the product is all about and
then at the end we’re also gonna talk
about the upsells if you decide to pick
up your copy you’ll see the options that
you get for upgrading well let’s dive
into this review let’s dive into the
software itself it’s an online platform
a cloud-based platform that you can use
now what is xpressfunnels and I’m
gonna draw quickly something for you to
explain what this product is all about
and let me get three of these this is 1
this is 2 and this is 3 and what you’re
going to do is you’re going to sell one
specific product one let me draw a 1 in
here maybe you’ve seen on Facebook those
specific gadgets that people have like
drones or something else that people
could buy from the Facebook app and then
they land on one specific sales page
that only sells one product and that’s
what Express funnels is all about you’re
going to sell that one specific product
and once they say ok I want to buy this
product you’re going to redirect them to
an upsell page and there you can do one
specific congruent product congruence
product that you’re going to sell and
once that is done you’re going to
redirect them to a thank-you page and on
that thank-you page you have recommended
products that’s possible you can also
decide not to do that just having a
thank-you page but this is how
xpress funnels works one page to the
next page to the Thank You page and
that’s all and you can do this really
quickly with xpress funnels and let me
show you how it works
this is the dashboard that you’re seeing
right here and when you click on list
all funnels you will see all the phenols
that are created within xpress funnels
so you can create a new funnel let me
say review review watches I’m going to
explain because I’m going to sell watch
maybe you say okay what can I sell
within xpress funnels well go to sites
like this Aliexpress and when I type in
here watch you will be amazed by what
you will see like this watch here from
this page this watch only will cost you
three dollars and even if you buy and
bulk it will only cost you one dollar
sixty five that’s very cheap so you can
sell this watch actually you can give
away this watch and let them only pay
the shipping costs because that’s how
xpress funnels works so let me
create this funnel review watches and
it’s in here when I click this funnel I
can create my pages so we’re going to
create three pages first we’re going to
create the one specific sell page and
you can choose here from a sales offer
so you can do free shipping page short
or one that’s called just shipping pay
just pay shipping costs you can do the
up create page and the Thank You page
but we’re going to do the just paint
shipping and the short page because I
like this one and this is what you will
see this is the page that you’re going
to get and that you can modify to your
own needs so first of all we’re going to
change this photo to the folder that we
just saw and this is the watch that
we’re going to give away for free only
for paying shipping cost right so we can
give this page a name so do watch page
shipping cost only and we can do a
countdown timer also to make a bit more
likely for people to buy let’s say okay
I don’t care the date it’s just you can
you can change this you can upload your
own logo in here so already prepared
this one and it’s called ship and watch
so people can ship this and watch on
their watch and everything in here can
be changed you can just type in here you
see that and at the bottom also you can
change here ship and watch just change
the stuff to your own needs ship and
watch you can change everything your
address etc I’m not going to do that
because you can simply change that here
at the left side you’ve got some fonts
some bolts some colors etc and here you
can change everything
and the only thing that you have to do
is save your page now the second page
that you’re going to create is that
upsell page now I already created a few
of those pages so my first page is this
one and it’s called we want to send you
this product today for free or you can
say something like we want to send you
this watch today for free just pay seven
ninety five shipping or $15 shipping or
whatever the price is
and then what people can do on this page
look what is here for option check this
box if you would like to get to off the
product and shipping and handling rate
of thirty ninety five so you can people
can get two of these products by doing a
little upgrade that’s also awesome so
you can select this and people will get
two watches by paying more but this
watch only will cost us like I said 1.65
as you can see here 1.65 you buy in bulk
so this is sorry this is the page people
click this and then they will be
redirected to your upgrade page which
will look like this hey wait we’re
processing your order but it’s not
complete yet for today only we’re
offering this matching product or this
matching watch at a one-time 50%
discount would you like to add it to
your order and here people can click
this and then this watch will also be
added to the order for the X amount of
the charge for it for 9.95 for 14.95 and
also this watch is only a few bucks when
you buy this on
websites like Aliexpress once they click
that button they will be redirected to
the Thank You page I forgot to upload my
logo but you get the idea and it says
your order is complete please check your
inbox for further details and then other
products that you may like also and you
can do product name in here and then you
can do other products that are very
congruent to the product that you just
shipped for free and that’s how simple
this Express funnels is all about and this
way you can create multiple funnels as
you can see I already created four
different funnels for different products
and you see how quickly this goes so
literally within in 10 minutes for
example you can create three funnels or
one film with three products in it for
three pages and you’re done you can sell
this on Facebook you can sell it on
Instagram and that’s actually what my
bonus is also about let me go to my page
and let me show you the bonuses that I’m
going to give away I’m going to give
away to the first 50 buyers I’m going to
give away my first bones is called
explode your Instagram business and in
this training I’m going to show you how
to explode your Instagram business and
that works perfectly with xpress
funnels because you can share these
Watchers on your Instagram accounts for
example if you have thousands of
followers and I’m going to show you how
you can get thousands of followers with
free software I’m going to show you how
you can do that and then you can sell
this I mean if you share these images
with free products this can go viral you
know when people are sharing this like
crazy and people start ordering at your
page they see hey only have to pay
shipping cost they’re gonna order this
watch and it goes viral then you can do
really well on Instagram so I’m going to
show you how you can do that and use
Express funnels with Instagram that’s my
first bonus the second bones that I’m
going to give away is grow successful
e-commerce business now I’m going to
give you access to a video training from
one of the best e-commerce trainers in
the world and you can learn a bunch from
this you can this training also
contains a complete dropshipping academy
that you can use for xpress funnels of
course and also product research the
psychology of Facebook Ads Facebook
targeting pixels etc so you can also use
xpressfunnels with e-commerce with
this training to do it with paid
advertising then my third bonus is I’m
going to give away my Green Screen
Academy because people love this product
this bones where you can create videos
like you’re seeing right now in front of
the screen I’m gonna show you how you
can do that and how you can master that
skill how you can replace the background
I can do videos on the background how
you can do lower thirds etc I’m gonna
show you that in bonus 3 and in bonus
fear at 4 I’m going to show you I’m
going to give away 51 background videos
you can click the play button to see a
part of these videos that you’re going
to get when you buy through my link
you’re going to get all of these videos
also and as bonus 5 I’m going to give
you 10 strategies to build your list
because when you have a list you can
also sell your products to the list and
I’m going to show you the 10 tips that
I’ve used to build my list to thousands
of subscribers and I’m also gonna give
you a bonus 6 I’m gonna show you how you
can make thousands of dollar of dollars
simply by using your personal profile on
Facebook I’m gonna give that away as
bones also also what you will get is
traffic take over which is a tool that
you can use to use any website to put
your your authority on so people when
you share a website it will show your
images on that page and people will be
redirected to your websites also you’re
going to get access to the product vault
which contains out of 17 warrior plus
best selling information products and
each product details as a variety of
generating traffic and making money on
and all these bonuses you can get that
simply by going to my page and click on
one of these buttons get instant access
now or this button or whatever button
you will see on this page it will
redirect you
to the sales page and once you’ve
bought it through my link you will get
access to these bonuses now let me show
you the funnel because there is a
complete funnel of xpress funnels it
starts with it’s just $37 but that’s not
it starts with I think it’s starting
with $22 and then every day it will go
up again so don’t mind this $37 because
at the end it will probably cost $37 but
when you’re quick you will get it for a
cheaper price price increases every day
after the launch so this is the front
end product you can simply go to my
website and click on the funnels to see
what’s in there the first upsell is done
for you funnels where you get access to
done-for-you funnels complete with high
quality products with a click of a mouse
the second upsell is unlimited version
with additional templates that will be
added to your funnels then we got the
3rd upsell which is xpress profit
multiplier funnels build your list
effortlessly create profitable buyers
list you can profit from today tomorrow
long-term explode your conversions get
up to 4,000 ROI with this proven power
of email marketing just read all of this
I’m not going to bore you with that and
then we’re gonna go for of $147 which is
automated traffic flow then we got
license rights to sell xpress funnels
yourself for 297 so you can keep 100% of
the profits and then OTO 6 is agency
rights that you’re gonna get access to
now I forgot to mention one thing and
that’s you probably think how do I
connect these things with my paypal with
my etc in the backend there is training
that will show you exactly how to link
these pages because when you’re in
xpress funnels when you have a Buy
button you can link that to the other
pages and you can link that to your
payment processor also so if you want to
get xpress funnels and you want to
get my bonuses that you’re seeing on
this page make sure you
visit the link here at the left side Tim
verdouw dot com express or click the link below this
YouTube video so you’re guaranteed to
get my bonuses alright that’s my review
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button there on my website they’re there
they’re there
there’s a chat button you can always
send me a chat message and I’ll reply
immediately alright that’s it that’s my
review of xpress funnels I hope you
like it and hope to talk to you soon

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