Work From Home Business Ideas #1 – Product-based Business Ideas from home | Salma Sheriff

Work From Home Business Ideas #1 – Product-based Business Ideas from home | Salma Sheriff


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Part #1 – Work From Home Business Ideas Series – Product-based Business Ideas you can start from home.

List of 5 products based work from home jobs you can start with little investment.


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hey guys I’m Salma Sheriff a brand
strategist and a business coach for
creative entrepreneurs and welcome to my
today I’m gonna be sharing with you a
very interesting topic that I get asked
quite a lot by my friends and also a few
of my relatives that is how to make
money online I’ve done an online
business owner for the past five to six
years now and I want to share all the
tips and strategies for you to start
your own online profitable business and
also how to become financially
independent this video is part of work
from home business ideas series so make
sure to hit the subscribe button and
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every time I post a new video and it’s
all gonna be about work from home
financial independence and laptop
lifestyle in the first video of the
series I’m going to be sharing with you
five product based business ideas that
you can start from home additional ideas
and references that you can take tweak
customize it and create something of
your own and also the number one mistake
I see product based business owners make
and how you can avoid it so who is this
for if you are an aspiring entrepreneur
or if you are a stay-at-home mom or if
you’ve been to work but currently not
able to but you still want to make money
in order to support your family if you
are a student and you want to make extra
cash for savings and also if you are in
a nine-to-five job and you’re sick and
tired of it and you want to build
something of your own then this is for
you for every business idea I’m also
going to be sharing with you how you
should start the business and how you
can take it to the next level along with
examples so the first business idea that
I’m going to share is starting your own
online clothing boutique
so you don’t need to have a degree for
this or an educational background or any
specific course for you to start this
business so how do you establish or
start your online clothing
Boutique now you need to have a very
clear idea of what you’re gonna sell and
to whom you’re gonna sell so it can be
anything from selling one type of
clothing or selling different types of
clothing for different people for
example you can be selling just one type
of clothing that is scarves but which
has different prints on it and which has
different varieties of fabric to it as
well so another example is selling your
own clothing materials or seasonal
garments and also wedding garments as
well once you have a little to a clear
idea of what you wanna sell next you
need to understand how much you have or
how much you can invest in that business
now based on that you need to contact
wholesale agents and you need to get the
items or materials or the products in
bulk set a profit margin to it and sell
it to your customers and you need to
utilize the power of social media in
order to gain customers and reach a
wider audience so how should you take
this to the next level now the question
you need to ask is not how but we’re now
in business you need to set a certain
threshold for example in three to four
months you’ve reached around 500 to
thousand customers and you have enough
profit that you can take and reinvest in
your business growth and when you’re
comfortable in that amount then you can
definitely and should take your business
to the next level so when you’ve decided
with the when now you need to think
about how you can scale it so it can
just be increasing the number of
products or the type of products that
you’ve been selling from the wholesale
agent or you can also create your own
customized and personalized boutique
that caters to your clients and based on
what their preference
so based on this you definitely need to
understand your clients ideas and input
and start selling products based on
their preferences so here are a few
examples for you to go check it out and
they’ve all started with humble
beginnings and they’ve reached a large
number of audience with the help of
social media the second business idea
that I have for you is starting your own
pastry shop now if you are someone who’s
sweet tooth then this is for you you can
start selling your own bakery products
for example cupcakes or prayers or cakes
cookies and even macarons that’s my
favorite now if you are not that much of
a sweet tooth you can also sell
something in the savory side so when
should you start scaling now when your
products are consistently being sold out
or out of 30 15 days your products are
in high demand then you can start
thinking of scaling your business and
how you can scale your business you can
start including more products or you can
go completely customized for your
clients for example going vegan now the
third product based business idea I have
for you is something very dear to me
because that’s how I started my
entrepreneurial journey that is selling
your craft products so when I started my
business I sold crochet products to my
relatives and my friends so they were
all customized handmade products for
babies for adults and also home decor
items now if you are passionate and
loved art and crafts then you can
definitely convert this hobby into a
profitable business
now here are few ideas that you can use
for your business knitting crochet back
making card-making and so many more so
if you love or know any of these you can
definitely turn your hobby or passion
into a profitable business platform so
how can you start scaling this business
now when I started as
she mentioned I was selling only to my
letters and my friends and then when I
wanted to scale I started selling them
across States and also internationally
via an online platform now you can start
sending products via Facebook and
Instagram and also Etsy to reach
international audience now let’s say you
don’t want to add many different skills
to your business
you can stick to one and add different
products based on that for example I
initially started selling only crochet
caps and booties for babies and then I
started taking it to the next level by
selling a Megumi’s that is dolls then I
made crochet bags
I also made crochet home decor products
and so many more so this is also another
idea you can learn additional skills and
sell products based on that or use one
skill and create more products with that
now the next product business idea is
selling fashion jewelry and accessories
it can be anything like earrings or
necklaces rings bracelets anklets and so
on for this business
you can either buy products in bulk set
a profit margin and you can sell or you
can create customized jewelry with the
techniques or tools like quilling yarn
and also wires and you can customize
this based on the trend or also your
customers preferences for example like
colors or the type the length style
anything that they like now the final
product based business idea that I have
for you is selling stationary products
now stationary products are in high
demand be in academic section or also in
office section and also for someone who
is really organized and even though they
have a lot of apps they still prefer
having the old-school way that is a pen
and a paper so you can definitely start
selling your stationery products like
notebooks pens leather tags and so on so
one of the best ways to scale in this
this is to approach educational
institutions and also organizations
because they make use of this and also
gift their clients customized stationery
products so you can customize notebooks
planners Diaries and also m3 of names on
pens leather tags and all depends upon
your clients needs moving on to the next
section here are a few additional ideas
for your reference customized wooden
engraved accessories organic skin care
products customized or personalized gift
bundle or boxes and also candle making
an essential oils now moving on to the
final section of today’s video so the
number one mistake I see most product
business owners make and how you can
rectify it now the customer comes to you
likes a product Conn gets in touch with
you they send you a message they ask
questions about it and they purchase a
product and once the initial or the
payment is completed you ship the
product and then do not forget your
customers yes do not forget your
customers no matter what type of
business you’re in customer service is
number one and is the top priority so
once you ship your products make sure to
keep track of all the shipping IDs or
the tracking IDs for the products and
then to hand it over to your customers
let’s see you have a lot number of
products for a particular day that was
shipped and if you don’t have the time
to do it yourself you can assign this
task to somebody else or at least spend
10 minutes a day to send your customers
an automated message or a pre written or
recorded message with just the tracking
number updated that’s it if you haven’t
been doing this make sure to implement
it in your business right away and if
you’re planning on starting your
take this as a dip and do not forget to
implement it remember a satisfied
customer might only say three people but
an unsatisfied customer will say this to
ten people so keep this in mind and make
sure you do the best for your business
so no matter what you choose always make
sure to follow your dreams and your
passion and take the next step towards
making it possible if you are passionate
about something and you really want to
make something for yourself and build a
business then it’s not the time to
procrastinate get up get going work
towards your goal and achieve it I hope
you like this video and if you have any
questions or comments related to product
based business ideas and if you have
anything that you would like to share
with all of us make sure to drop a
comment in the comment box below I’ll
see you again in the next video bye

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