Work From Home Business 2019 Legit Home Based Business 2019 (30 Day Success Formula Review 2019)

Work From Home Business 2019 Legit Home Based Business 2019 (30 Day Success Formula Review 2019)
Pandora “The Postcard Diva”
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30 Day Success Formula:
✔ 4 year old company
✔ Digital education
✔ E-commerce stores (fully loaded)
✔ Credit Cards and Prepaid Credit Cards
✔ 6 levels of income
Level 1 $89 Getting Started online course
Level 2 $250 Lead Generation How To
Level 3 $1,000 Sales Strategy
Level 4 $2,500 Build a Website Fast
Level 5 $5,000 Marketing Made Profitable
Level 6 $12,500 Advertising on Facebook
✔ The Company Closes Your Sales
✔ Optional Company Financing of marketing on your behalf (no out of pocket to you). The company fronts your 1st advertising campaign
✔ 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
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** Do Not Send Money Orders***

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