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5 Reasons I Love Internet Marketing
By Taylor Thompson

A few days back, I went out and looked for my first job ever. I don’t think employers understand how hard of a worker I truly am. Who else do you know that blogs over 100,000 words a month. Not many bloggers can say that. If only these employers understood how hard I work, maybe they would’ve thought about hiring me. This got me thinking though; Why do I love Internet Marketing? What are the 5 big advantages of being an Internet Marketer, and why do I enjoy this job?

#1. No Application is Required.

Fittingly enough, you don’t have to apply to become an Internet Marketer. Well, I partially lied. You have to apply for affiliate and pay-per-click programs. The truth is, getting these applications approved is relatively simple. Just make a good site, and tell the program support team what you have to offer their company. If you do things right, most affiliate programs are pretty much set on auto-approve.

#2. You Can Work Your Own Hours.

I never used to understand the significance of this statement. So many Internet Marketers abuse this statement by not working at all. You can work your own hours, yes. But you also need to actually be doing work. Still, this one of the biggest reasons I love Internet Marketing.

#3. You Set Your Wages.

This is true to an extent. If you know what you’re doing, then you truly can set your own wages. This statement can be frustrating if you’re just starting out. It takes awhile to get things right, but if you follow some of the top gurus, and checkout some of the top Internet Marketing forums, you will get the advice you need. Once you know what you’re doing, the sky truly is the limit.

#4. You Can Be Yourself.

If people like you, great. If not, then they can move along to another blogger that they do like. That’s the beauty of Internet Marketing. Some people like you, some people don’t. The chances are, if you just be yourself, you’re going to appeal to somebody. Even the most disliked people on the web have a fan base.

#5. You’re in Control.

I should have put this up in the number one spot, but didn’t think about it until now. Overall, as an Internet Marketer, you’re in control. Not of everything, of course. But you’re in control of almost everything; Things that you wouldn’t normally be in control over if you had a regular job.

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