Why We can't build Bicep peak? Apka biceps kyu grow ni ho rha ?

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Why We can’t build Bicep peak? Apka biceps kyu grow ni ho rha ?

Aj is video mein me ap ko bataon ga k bicep peak kion nae banti. Kya reason hai bicep peak na build hone ki.

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First Pakistani fitness channel on Youtube beardyfitness.

Beardyfitness promote natural bodybuilding and strength athletes. Our aim is to promote fitness and bodybuilding to our own countries mainly Pakistan and India. We wish and want everyone from both countries to adopt healthy life style. We Know people are looking for fitness channels in Hindi and Urdu.

Why we decided to choose Hindi/Urdu as language to communicate. The main reason behind selecting our language is to promote and educate our own people. There are hundreds of fitness and bodybuilding channels in English but very few are available in Hindi and Urdu. So, we decided to contribute and help our community in our own native language.

Why Fitness is important ? Does fitness and bodybuilding are same?

This is a misconception in our youth, Specially because they learn things from Bollywood. They see superstars with big muscles and consider them as symbol of fitness. The reality is different. You can stay fit and healthy without having big muscles.

Our Pakistani and Indian youth need Fitness motivation:

The main problem we are facing is diet. Diet is number one in changing your body. If you want to stay fit or want to loose fat from body or want to gain muscles. Whatever your goal is you have to take proper diet. In our Desi diet we eat a lot of carbs which are bad for health.

Do subscribe to beardyfitness, We try our best to help our Indian and Pakistani fitness community.

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