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We visited The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School to see why they continue to use Show My Homework, and how it helps them to maintain excellence throughout their school.

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-Video Transcript-

Mrs Shah: Haberdashers’ is an outstanding school, we’re a high achieving independent day schools for boys. We have an incredible student body. They’re independent learners. They want to know more. They have a thirst for knowledge and as a teaching and student body, we’re very much here to ensure that they excel as they do.

Mr Lunn: Habdashers’ is an outstanding school. We’ve got really high expectations of staff and we think that’s a good thing. Every two weeks we need to ensure with setting high quality, informative, detailed assessment tasks for our students and that we’re keeping track of it too.

Mrs Shah: Two years ago we conducted a review of all homework across the school and we were looking at the quantity of homework that was being set and also what value it was adding to learning and we were asking the question, what is it that in the modern world makes homework effective? So we decided to trial show my homework.

Student 1: I had no clue about Show My Homework. I never thought any homework was going to be on technology, but I’m pleasantly surprised because I think it’s a fantastic idea.

Student 2: I definitely recommend Show My Homework.

Student 3: I’ve really come to appreciate, just how much simpler it makes everything.

Student 2: Everything’s there for you to do; the due dates, when it’s been set, to the timeframe you need to do it. So it’s much, much easier for you to manage your homework.

Student 4: It makes me feel more secure that I’m not going to get anything unpredictable, homework-wise.

Student 1: There are loads of features I love about Show My Homework. The best feature is probably that it tells you how long it’s meant to take, and it tells you everything you possibly need to know to get to the top of your ability.

Mrs Shah: We found that by forcing ourselves as teachers to be very clear about homework, about the expectations of what makes good homework. It meant that boys could produce much better quality homework.

Mrs Turbett: So on show my homework, you could either upload your lesson resources, you can upload a help sheet, you can guide them to different resources and that means that there’s no ambiguity about what the homework’s about. It’s absolutely clear what you want me to do and why you want them to do it.

Students: The app clearly states what homework have, how long I need to spend on it, and so I manage my time according to that. Especially with the after school activities. It really helps to know how long I should be spending on the homework to know when it’s due for, and to know that I can tick it off when it’s done.

Mrs Turbett: The parents who I’ve spoken to have been really positive about it. It’s all absolutely clear. They can access exactly the same information as their son and then they can make sure their son is doing the homework correctly.

Miss Harrison: With Show My Homework, the parents can access it. They can see all the time, every piece of homework that the boys are getting.

Student 5: My parents love Show My Homework, mostly because they get notifications that I got homework, so they’re always on top of me. They’re always making sure I’m doing their work properly.

Mrs Shah: It’s that triangle, it’s students, teachers, parents, and in a very simple way, and that’s really important. It’s the simplicity with which it allows those three people to communicate with each other.

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