Why should we promote Pi Network or any other cryptocurrency

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Why should we promote Pi Network or any other cryptocurrency? Because the current banking system f…s us legally and we cannot say a thing about it. Modern banks takes away our hard earned money and serves rich people. It makes rich people richer, and poor people poorer. It makes civilians like worker bees in a hive whose only purpose is to serve the queen bee.

Cryptocurrency gives us freedom. Freedom from this blood thirsty banking system. We don’t have to put our money in any bank anymore! There will be no bank at all!! Total economy will be upside down. Off course, governments will not welcome cryptocurrency. But, they are not supposed to hold back people’s freedom for long time. Cryptocurrency will win. Cryptocurrency will be part and parcel of our life, like our body. We will be able to say someday , “It’s my money, my decision!”


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