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6 Tweaks You Can Make to Your Site to Boost Sales
What makes the difference between a successful online product and an unsuccessful one?

A lot of presentations will try to tell you there is “one secret trick” or some key strategy. But the truth is that a successful sales page is the sum of its parts. Your success comes from countless small design decisions, aspects of your copywriting, your marketing, your audience, the pricing, and the advertising campaign.
There is not one thing you can change, but rather thousands of things.

Some of these things are very simple alterations you can make to your page itself. And while these might not turn you into an overnight sensation, they can certainly help you to improve your conversion rate and increase profits. So here are 6 tweaks to consider making right now:

1: Increase Load Times

A slow loading site does a few things. First, it makes your site seem less reliable and less professional. This can make people less comfortable about buying from you.
Secondly, it means your audience has to wait longer. Which in turn means that they will very often leave before your page is done loading!
Speeding up your site – which can be as simple as installing a new plugin – can thus help you make a LOT more sales!

2: Change Your Font

The font on your site is a key factor that often goes overlooked. Not only does this contribute to the overall design of your site and the way it makes your audience feel, but it also determines how readable your content is. People don’t like squinting!

3: Remove Navigation Elements

If you have a menu on your sales page, then you are inviting your audience to leave. Remove it!

4: Add a Video

Video is under-utilized when it comes to making sales. The goal of a good video is to help people understand the value proposition of your site and to understand what you’re offering. You can even set this to autoplay!

5: Use a Better Image

One of the biggest challenges of trying to sell something online is that your audience can’t hold the product in their hands. That means they can’t feel the weight or the premium materials.

Your goal is therefore to convey that through your sales page by choosing the right image. If your product listing currently has a small, grainy image of what you’re selling, then you should consider changing that.

6: Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

This is a simple line you can add to your sales pitch that makes all the difference. That’s because it will help people to overcome any sense of uncertainty when buying from you: they will now know that if they don’t like what they’re buying, they can get their cash back no questions asked.

The thing to realize as the seller is that very few buyers ever ask for a refund. That means there is no reason not to use this strategy and every reason that you should!

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