Why Buying Home Business Leads is NOT Very Smart


The number 1 reason buying home business leads is not very smart! THEY DON’T KNOW YOU WHEN YOU CALL THEM. Buying home business leads is working hard and of course you can get results but it’s not working smart.

You could spend hours calling leads and not find the right one. When you call them they have an instant wall up, you could be the nicest person in the world, you could be the most attractive leader in the world but you still have to break down that wall, every time you call them. Of course it’s possible but why not have the internet break the ice for you and your home business leads?

The best way to generate home business leads is to use attraction marketing. This where you become the hunter, not the hunted. By setting yourself up online using attraction marketing methods your prospects begin to know you automatically through your videos, blog posts, photos, facebook page etc…

Your prospects will find you on the internet based on the keywords they are typing into google. If you have done your seo properly they will find your blog post, video or article. This where you can help them out by sharing quality, valuable information they find useful, this information must be relevant to the search query and you must tie it up with a call to action at the end. This will then take them to either your sales page or your capture where they will be sold on providing their information and becoming one of the many home business leads in your system.

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0:36 – Why buying home business leads in NOT very smart explained: When you call them they have no idea who you are. You have to break down that wall. You can make life a lot easier using by leveraging the internet.

1:10 – Why buying home business leads in NOT very smart explained: Attraction marketing helps build trust with your prospect even before they’ve spoken to you.

2:35 – Why buying home business leads in NOT very smart explained: When you use attraction marketing the conversations with your prospects go much smoother.

3:15 – Why buying home business leads in NOT very smart explained: A home business training academy is the best place to go. It’s a community of like minded business owners dedicated to helping each other succeed. This home business training academy teaches you all the very best attraction marketing strategies out there so you can generate more leads for way less than you would if buying them. Click the link above for access.

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