What to do on days when you feel less inspired (Home Business Inspiration & Motivation)

What to do on days when you feel less inspired (Home Business Inspiration & Motivation)

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what to do on days when you feel less inspired.
1- if you’re feeling unsure of yourself. in the times when it feels like maybe it would be easier to find something else. something that will make all the difference is connecting with other people in the industry, listening and being tapped into people who get it and sharing inspiration. certain days youll feel less inspired. listen to podcasts, call your sponsor, listen to an inspirational webinar
⁃ read an inspiring book. there is never going to be a time

2- when you’re starting you assume people who are getting awards or people online don’t have a bad day. no matter how successful you become you’re always going to have a bad day. the difference between who are successful and those who aren’t quite there yet is that the people who ar making it happen find the inspiration, they know where to get it and they get going faster. they get going again faster.

it’s not that you lost your motivation or your attitude is a bad thing, we’re all human, it is human to lose your attitude, it’s how quickly you regain that matters. the difference between getting out of the game for hours vs. weeks because you lost your drive and attitude – champions learn to get back in the game sooner.

3- other things that will help – focus on other people and their why, how you can serve them, when we are focused on helping others get a result they need – there is nothing more gratifying than that and it helps to take the focus off yourself. so you can get into action much faster when you are doing things for others than yourself

4- when new people get frustrated they think others don’t get unmotivated. but everyone gets unmotivated. getting connected with positive people
**zig cigar, you need motivation everyday like you need a bath everyday
its all about the team. how can i support my leaders? what do they need? how can i support them?
⁃ the more people we help become successful the more successful we become

5- the nature of fitness and business are that we repeat the same steps over and over again – one the fitness side you eat, workout, rest and recover, in business we meet new people, invite, present and follow up – we sponsor, we train. And to be totally honest that can get in your head to be boring at times. but the actual long term isn’t boring because we have these great people that we are working with –

abstractly repeating the same thing can seem as boring but it really gets energizing because you are always doing it with a new person with their dreams and goals.
the actions are the same but the new person ads new fun and excitement

6- theordore roosevelt- comparison is the thief of joy
-its important to be inspired by those who are further along than us but comparing ourselves to them always makes us feel bad and when we feel bad we don’t take positive action. instead of being inspired and saying if they can do it – so can i

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