What can be the value of Pi in Pi Network (Hindi) | Factors affecting Pi's Value

In this video I have discussed the factors that will be affecting the value of Pi and shared my opinion on what can be the value of Pi.

If you haven’t heard of Pi :-
Pi is a cryptocurrency developed by Stanford PHDs with an aim to make cryptocurrency available to everyday people all around the world.
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Content :-
In this video I have discussed few factors which are responsible for the valuation of a cryptocurrency..
We all know Supply plays an important role…
But that is not the only determinant..
Without Demand, we can’t value the crypto..
Now in this video I have assumed a fixed supply curve,
and then discussed how the shift in Demand curve changes the price level..
Main factors affecting Demand of Pi are:-
Supply (High in case of Pi)
Sentiment (Positive in case of Pi)
Utility (High)
Foundation (Strong)
Mining Difficulty (Easy)
On the basis of these factors we can see that Pi has a great future,,

My Opinion
Based upon my analysis of different cryptos and their supplies, I think that initial value of Pi will be around 1-10 dollars.
So if you have 1000 Pi means it can be worth $1000 or more…

*Pi is not listed in any exchanges yet, so don’t get fooled by other scammers.*


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This is an educational video on the Pi Network.
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