Weight Loss – Fat Loss Challenge | Fat Burning Plyometric Exercise

Weight Loss – Fat Loss Challenge | Fat Burning Plyometric Exercise


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How are you doing with the weight loss challenge? In the comments section below let me know how your are doing. I have lost 1 1/2 lbs. in the last week. I am shooting for 5 more lbs.

Try these fat burning finisher exercises.

Jump Squats

Box (Square Jumps)

Flying Romans

Here is my recommendation. Do this after your regular exercise session.

Entry Level – Try 3 sets of 1 exercise. Shoot for 6 repetitions per set. Recover for 1 minute between sets.

Intermediate – Try 2 sets of 2 exercises. Shoot for 10 repetitions per set. Recover for 1 minute between sets.

Advanced – Try 3 sets of 2 exercises. Shoot for 15 repetitions per set. Rest 1 minute between sets.

Try using these “Fat Burning” finisher exercises as a stand alone “Interval Cardio” workout in the morning.

Do three sets of each exercise. Alternate the exercises.

beginner – 6 reps
intermediate – 10 reps
advanced – 15 reps

Remember, to eat protein and carbs together. A couple times per week when you do these “Fat Burning” finisher exercises in the morning do not eat any starchy carbs for the day.

Starchy Carbs are – Brown and wild rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta.

Stick with only veggies, green beans, salads, and or apples.

Remember to use this strategy for a couple times per week. If you do, I believe that you will see 2-3 lbs. of fat loss per week.

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To Your Success,

Coach Darin
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