Weekly Updates #2 on Pi Network by NV Media (Future Plans of Core Team)

In this video I have discussed about the latest updates in the recent week in Pi Network. I have discussed about reason behind halving mining speed, Mainnet / 3rd phase coming soon , Pi currency sinks and how CT is going to create demand by creation of utilities.. Pi Core Team is continuously working in the back-end and doing their best… #WeeklyupdatesinPiNetwork

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In this video, I have talked about the one year roadmap to the mainnet..
Core team views on controlling supply, creating value and reason behind halving..

Important Points:-
Reasons behind halving mining speed..
Argument behind stopping of mining is to create scarcity which will create value for Pi
But Core team said that supply is not the only factor, demand is another important factor.. And their main goal is to create utilities which will help in demand creation..
2ndly stopping mining will result in hoarding of Pi, so running away from the main goal i.e. to develop utilities..
3rd, stopping mining will decrease the network growth as we are not in mainnet yet..
And halving also takes care of the scarcity of Pi, and in the same time will help in growth of network to a larger extent..

Pi may introduce Pi currency sinks to control inflation due to excess supply by allowing staking and locking of Pi and the main focus is on utilities building in a larger extent..

One year roadmap for mainnet will be announced soon by CT
which includes creation of Keys and Wallets, and more KYCs at the end of 2021 before mainnet

Mining future, mining might end after mainnet, but it is yet to be decided…

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This is an educational video on the Pi Network.
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