Warning ⚠️ Worst Funnel Builders You MUST AVOID! (Sales Funnel Software Review)

Some sales funnel software is so bad it’s not even worth testing. After spending hundreds of hours testing funnel builders, these are buy far the worst of the worst that you should avoid, even if their pricing is low.
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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:24 – The Scam: Builderall
1:56 – The Outdated: OptimizePress
3:11 – The Course: Teachable
5:47 – The Stealer: LeadPages
8:14 – Recap
9:33 – Outro

Warning ⚠️ Worst Funnel Builders You MUST AVOID! (Sales Funnel Software Review)

ClickFunnels Alternatives: Best & Worst Sales Funnel Software And Programs To Use In 2019

Are you looking for the best sales funnel builder to optimize your campaigns?

Stuck with ClickFunnels and thinking if there are other software solutions out there other can ClickFunnels?

Don’t buy another sales funnel software until you watch this review!

If you’re wondering…

– Is there a funnel software I should avoid?

– I want to find the best sales funnel builder but don’t know which one to choose!

– What sales funnel solution I should avoid that would keep me from building my sales funnel fast?

– What’s the best drag and drop software for my wordpress website?

Then keep on watching this honest review as I will show you my negative reviews on some sales funnel builders based on my years of experience in the digital marketing arena.

I will discuss the worst sales funnel out there based on their functionalities, pricing and their companies’ reputation.

You may be wondering… Is ClickFunnels a scam? There are Builderall complaints? Leadpages overpricing? What about Teachable, ThriveArchitect, ActiveCampaign or OptimizePress?

In this video I look at the pros and cons of each, plus a my recommended software solution to build your sales funnels.

You might be looking at the most affordable sales funnel builder or the free sales funnel builder that you can use as an alternative to ClickFunnels.

Don’t worry as in this sales funnel software review learn why you should be alert of purchasing subscriptions to any of these sales funnel builders:

– Builderall

– OptimizePress 2.0

– Teachable

– LeadPages

You don’t have to go through the pain I went through in these sales funnel tools as I show you in this sales funnel software review the reasons why they aren’t worth the price.

There are a lot of different sales funnels software solutions out there but you don’t have to try it all to know the best sales funnel software for your business.

Making money online starts with the right tools that’s why it’s important to know the ins and outs of every digital marketing tool you will come across with.

A good landing page is literally the difference between a profitable business and a struggling one. So, choosing the best sales funnel software determines the success or failure of your business.

To grow your business:

1. Hit the subscribe button to keep updated with the latest digital marketing trends. I discuss in my tutorials how to build sales funnel for beginners, how to attract more leads to online business and so much more!

2. Check out my website to get multitudes of sales funnel strategy templates to get you started with your digital marketing sales campaign.

I hope this sales funnel software review helped you hunt for the best sales funnel tool you can make use of. Have the best sales funnel builder will help you attract more clients and add more revenue to your online business.
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Hey everyone!
Jason here, digital marketing consultant.
And are there sales funnels, softwares that
are just never worth it?
Whether it comes to the price, the company’s
business practices, or maybe a combination
of both, you’ll see in number four.
There’ll be links in the description to a
video that walks you through the sales funnel
softwares that I do recommend here.
We’re going to be all negative.
Try to save you some money, time, energy,
and let’s go ahead and jump in.
Number one is Builderall.
Now, when you go to Builderall website, it
looks too good to be true.
And that’s pretty much because it is it just
30 or 50 dollars a month.
They pretty much promised to give you everything.
Something that funnel softwares that are a
hundred or 150 dollars a month do.
And the reason that you see so many people
promoting Builderall is this page.
Because Builderall is a network marketing
company that is disguised as a software, as
a service.
Really the whole business model is about getting
people to sign up, to Builderall and then
sign up other people on Builderall who don’t
know that Builderall all is not actually a
good sales funnel solution.
So no one who really cares about you and your
business and your marketing is going to tell
you to use Builderall.
Because the software itself is not that good.
And it may look great because it’s only 30
or 50 bucks a month and you go, “Well, why
all the features look great?”
Well, quality matters when it comes to what
the software can actually do.
And once you jump into the page building interfaces,
and once you try to actually use the software,
you’re going to find it.
There are a ton of bugs.
The pages are ridiculously slow at times.
And even the interface building is ridiculously
slow at times.
And if you’re on a budget and Builderall looks
great, then you should be looking at WordPress.
I’m going to go through some WordPress based
funnels that are very inexpensive and will
give you a lot more control when compared
to Builderall that’s all in one solution where
you’re pretty much putting all your eggs in
one basket.
You definitely don’t want to do that.
Now number two, on our list is actually OptimizePress.
Now OptimizePress there’s 2.0, which is being,
which has been pretty much phased out.
And then we have the new and improved 3.0
and well, 3.0 is awesome.
The problem is that OptimizePress the company
itself has a propensity to have this huge
gargantuan gap, between the old software and
the release of the new software.
I had this problem with OptimizePress 1.0
way back in 2012 and way back this year in
April of 2019, where essentially I was on
1.0 and 2.0, the pages stopped working cause
they stopped supporting it because they were
working on the next version.
But there was such a gap that we actually
had to move our entire sales funnels to a
different solution, thrive themes.
I’ll get to in a second, instead of sticky
with OptimizePress, because they were so focused
on building the new solution that they stopped
supporting the old one and the old stuff stopped
working, which you know is great because you
get 3.0, but, just know that it’s a company
with a proven history of twice abandoning
their old software to work on the new software.
And you can’t run a business waiting on a
bunch of developers to create the new one.
When the current one doesn’t work.
Now, number three on our list is actually
And to help us illustrate why teachable is
way overpriced.
We’re going to be using this pricing table,
comparing teachable to click funnels and then
a WordPress space solution and Kajabi.
So there are a couple of different reasons
why people like teachable typically it’s because
that it is a course platform that allows you
to collect payments, even though there’s no
upsells and down sells.
And essentially deliver your course.
And it includes video hosting, which is, can
be a pretty big deal because it saves you
a couple hundred dollars a year from paying
for Vimeo.
However, at $99 a year, when you compare what
you can do with teachable, with what you can
do with ClickFunnels, all of a sudden, it
actually makes no sense to be paying a hundred
dollars a month to teachable.
The only reason that you’d want to use teachable
is if you’re in some sort of corporate setting
or you absolutely need to be providing quizzes
and certifications for your course, I think
teachable is great.
But if you don’t check either of those three
boxes needing quizzes, needing certifications,
or you’re in a corporate setting, then ClickFunnels
or a WordPress based solution is going to
make a whole lot more sense.
Because with ClickFunnels, you actually do
have the ability to make basic membership
It’s nothing compared to teachable, but very
basic membership websites.
And actually the interfaces are very, very
similar because teachable, you can’t modify
how your course looks all that much.
And then if you’re on a tight budget for less
than half the price, you can use something
called thrive themes in conjunction with MemberPress
on a WordPress site and actually have a fully
functioning funnel where you’re not going
to have upsells and down sells sequences like
you will with ClickFunnels, but you’ll be
able to set up all of your membership sites
and pages that you need.
And actually you can also use create corporate
accounts and grouped accounts using MemberPress.
So even there, you actually can duplicate
some of the same features you get with teachable.
Now, one of the big draws with teachable of
course, is that it is a hosted solution and
it’s a full-fledged membership website.
So if you’re not going to be happy with what
ClickFunnels can do, you don’t want to deal
with WordPress and money isn’t an issue.
Well, I’m assuming it’s not, cause you’re
going to pay a hundred dollars a month for
Then actually Kajabi is going to make a whole
lot more sense.
Because Kajabi has the episode down-sells
of click funnels.
It actually has the ability to automate and
integrate your emails with your membership
And of course it has the ability to create
multiple membership websites.
And you have a tremendous amount of control
as to how those membership sites work when
compared to teachable.
So on this list, just in almost every angle,
you look at, it doesn’t make sense for the
Now the final one on our list is the Stealer
and that’s going to be lead pages.
And there’s two reasons why lead pages comes
in at number four, for the piece of software
that you could be purchasing to build your
sales funnels are generated online.
And that simply comes down to the price and
the fact they’ve actually straight up stolen
other developers, WordPress plugins, and modify
them a little bit and then pretty much called
them their own.
If you want to learn more about that, I’ll
link in the description to a video by Adam,
over at WP crafter, where he actually goes
through what they did.
They actually took some stuff that elegant
themes had designed and pretty much change
it just enough, so it was like illegal and
then slapped their name on it.
So it was a classic example of a big venture
backed company, pretty much stepping on the
little guys and the people that elegant themes
is a small team of just a couple of developers.
They really work really hard.
They really care about their customers.
And so that’s just a really crummy thing to
So I would recommend not doing business with
a business that thinks that kind of behaviour
is okay.
But if that doesn’t matter to you, then let’s
go ahead and talk about price because when
it comes to the price lead pages is so overpriced.
It’s ridiculous.
So you’re going to wind up paying $79 a month.
I’m not going to be looking at their smaller
plan because their smaller plan doesn’t include
split testing.
So you need to pay $80 a month because you
need to split test in order to improve your
landing pages.
It’s just kind of a must.
It’s ridiculous that you have to pay $80 just
to have that split testing feature.
And at $79 a month, you’re paying just $20
shy of drumroll click from host.
So I know I keep mentioning CickFunnels, but
it’s an easy comparison.
When you compare the $79 a month, you’d pay
for lead pages and you look at what you could
get for just 20 more dollars with click funnels.
It pretty much, there’s no sense, to save
the $20 to use lead pages versus all the extra
features you can get with ClickFunnels, because
lead pages does a really good job with having
a bunch of different templates, allowing you
to split test your landing pages, grow your
email list.
And they even have a very basic checkout function.
So you can actually have a fully functioning
sales funnel for $80 a month.
The problem though is when you compare it
to ClickFunnels, it just $20 more a month.
All of a sudden you realize that you’re giving
up the ability to have upsells, you’re giving
up the ability to create advanced funnel sequences.
And of course, you’re giving up the ability
to have a basic membership website.
And I think all of those are definitely worth
just paying an extra $20 a month for.
So that doesn’t four, for sales funnel builder
solutions that you definitely want to avoid
Builderall just because it’s a terrible piece
of software.
OptimizePress not because the software is
bad, but because the company has a really
bad track record of not keeping their software
updated, then we have teachable, which is
just overpriced for what it provides.
And then we have lead pages because they’re
stolen from little people.
I just don’t like doing business with those,
those types of companies and the fact that
it’s just overpriced when you compare it to
what you could get for just $20 more a month
with ClickFunnels.
So I’m curious what you think of this list.
And if you use any of these four pieces of
software, go ahead and comment below with
your counter arguments or points because your
insights and experience is going to help other
people figure out which software is best for
Of course, if you’re going to be promoting
Builderall, I’m just going to give you a thumbs
down because I know you’re trying to get a,
an affiliate chemistry or justify promoting
a garbage piece of software.
So go ahead and hit that like button subscribe
for more review videos and just raw truth
about what works and what doesn’t with all
of these software solutions, no affiliate
links in the description because ultimately
I don’t care what you purchase.
I just want to make sure that you get something
that actually works and you don’t waste any
time or money on a software.
That’s not actually the best solution.
So until the next keep building the business
you love.