Oil Dispenser Diamond Shaped Glass Oil Bottle Kitchen Push Design Seasoning Bottle

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<p><span style="font-weight: bold">Overview</span><br>1.Visible Dosage: The visible dosage of the 200ml volume visualization glass is very good to control the amount of oil produced. Proper adjustment, healthy eating.<br>2.Multi-purpose Use: Fill this sprayer with olive oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, soybean paste, lemon and lemon juice, cherry or perfume wine, etc. It is very suitable for spraying during roasting, sauce, baking, and cooking, instead of using a brush.<br>3.Make Cooking More Comfortable: Add some artistic flavor to the kitchen, make cooking more comfortable, and add artistic color to the kitchen more vibrant.<br>4.Simple Operation: The operation is simple and easy to understand. Because of edible oil, cooking wine, vinegar, soy sauce, and other seasonings. 1. After adding the cooking oil, lightly press the switch on the handle, 2. After pressing, open the throttle to pour out the cooking oil, 3. Relax after pouring it easily Switch 4, pop down the throttle and lock the outlet.<br>5.High Chemical Stability: Environmental lead-free glass, health-grade food material, high-quality lead-free high borosilicate glass, high-temperature resistance, high chemical stability, safety, and no odor.<br><br></p>  <p><span style="font-weight: bold">Specifications</span><br>Name: Oil Tank<br>Material: Glass/304 stainless steel/silicone/PP<br>Capacity: 200ML<br>Specification: Diamond press oil bottle<br>Style: Modern and simple<br>Weight:420g<br><br></p>  <p><span style="font-weight: bold">Package Content</span><br>1*oil can</p>  <p><br></p>  <p><img src="https://cc-west-usa.oss-accelerate.aliyuncs.com/53d0329f-bcb0-4098-a091-7a9e609e44db.jpg" style="max-width:100%"><img src="https://cc-west-usa.oss-accelerate.aliyuncs.com/920152ac-5f66-471b-b680-a46e8cc269a2.jpg" style="font-size: 14px;max-width: 100%"><img src="https://cc-west-usa.oss-accelerate.aliyuncs.com/28e4c9e9-5a7c-4a2d-a72c-abd8ba84b54b.jpg" style="font-size: 14px;max-width: 100%"><img src="https://cc-west-usa.oss-accelerate.aliyuncs.com/069af27c-4a31-44a5-a9ec-ca57d448b993.jpg" style="font-size: 14px;max-width: 100%"><img src="https://cc-west-usa.oss-accelerate.aliyuncs.com/e5798938-6454-4cf6-b5bc-d125028fbf33.jpg" style="font-size: 14px;max-width: 100%"><img src="https://cc-west-usa.oss-accelerate.aliyuncs.com/1162c3d8-8493-4198-9615-4bc1662edb4b.jpg" style="font-size: 14px;max-width: 100%"><img src="https://cc-west-usa.oss-accelerate.aliyuncs.com/7b7412f0-cf00-4347-9fb6-209860294eac.jpg" style="font-size: 14px;max-width: 100%"><br></p> 

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