Led Mirror Light Bulb Led Mirror Headlights USB Touch Switch 10led Mirror Light Bathroom

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naturally white
Powder 10 lights
Powder 14 lights
Powder 2 lights
Powder 6 lights
White 14 lights
White 2 lights
White 6 lights
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<p><span style="font-weight: bold">Overview:</span><br>The outer casing is made of PC material, which is wear-resistant, dust-proof and durable.<br>Touch memory dimmer switch (stepless dimming)<br>Natural white light, USB interface, 5V universal<br>Suction cup / 3M glue fixed bulb<br>Rotate the line 360 degrees, just pull the line<br>Gradient dimming, USB interface, waterproof, fireproof, easy to install<br>Adjustable wire length, between two bulbs, the maximum length is 33cm, the total wire length of 10 LED bulbs is 4.6m</p>  <p><span style="font-weight: bold"><br>Specifications:</span><br>Voltage: ≤36V<br>Light source type: led light<br>Main scope of application: mirror light<br>Light shape: round bulb<br>Lamp Bead Model: 2835<br>Can dimming: dimmable<br>Number of bulbs: 2 bulbs, 6 bulbs, 10 bulbs, 14 bulbs<br>Lamp holder color selection: white, pink<br>Power: 1w / bulb (eg 14 bulbs = 14w)<br>Color temperature: 4000-5000K<br>Power head: Connect to USB interface<br>Voltage: 5V<br>Lumens: 334LM, 1002LM, 1670LM, 2338LM</p>  <p><span style="font-weight: bold"><br>Package Content:</span><br>1 x mirror light<br>1 x paste</p>  <p><br></p>  <p><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><br></p>  <p><img alt="undefined" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="undefined" src=""><br><img alt="undefined" src=""><br><img alt="undefined" src=""><img alt="undefined" src=""><br><img alt="undefined" src="">&nbsp;<img alt="undefined" height="790" src="" width="790"><br><img alt="undefined" height="790" src="" width="790"></p> 

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naturally white, Powder 10 lights, Powder 14 lights, Powder 2 lights, Powder 6 lights, White 14 lights, White 2 lights, White 6 lights



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