Brand Name: None
Output Power: <1mW
Origin: CN(Origin)
Type: Laser Sight
Model Number: Adjustable Focus 532nm Green Laser Pointer
Switch: Constant on/off button
Focus mode: Adjustable
Laser range: 1000-8000meters
Wave length: 532nm
Dimensions: 160mm x 22mm x 22mm
Power: 1 X 18650 battery(Not included)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


<div class="detailmodule_dynamic">     </div>   <div class="detailmodule_html">   <div class="detail-desc-decorate-richtext">    <p> <img alt="ssss" src=""> </p>     <p> <img alt="22222" height="400" src="" width="800"> </p>     <p> <strong><span style="font-size:21px"><span style="font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif">Description:</span></span></strong> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Features:</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">100% Brand new and high quality!</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Body material: aerometal</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Switch: constant on/off button</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Focus mode: adjustable</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Expected lifetime: &gt; 8000 hours</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Working time: &gt;1hours</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Laser range: 1000-8000meters</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Max brightness: &gt;350lm</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Surface treatment:hard anodizing black</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Wave length:532nm</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Output power:less than 1mw</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Safety level:Class III</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Circuit control:APC</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Flare forms:plaque-forming - circle</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Beam style:continuous line</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Spot size:6M place &lt;φ10mm</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Working voltage:DC=3.0-3.7V</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Preheat time: &lt; 3seconds</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Working temperature:15 degrees C to 35 degrees C</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Storage temperature:minus 10 degrees C to 40 degrees C</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Body Color:Black</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Laser Color:Green</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Power by:1 X 18650 battery(Not included)</span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Dimensions:160mm×22mm×22mm</span> </p>     <p> &nbsp; </p>     <p> &nbsp; </p>     <p> &nbsp; </p>     <p> &nbsp; </p>     <p> <strong><span style="font-size:21px"><span style="font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif">Specifications:</span></span></strong> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">New Powerful Laser 303 Adjustable Focus 532nm Green Laser Pointer Light Laser Pointer Pen for Hunting </span> </p>     <p> <strong><span style="font-size:21px"><span style="font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif">Package Included:</span></span></strong> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">1 x Laser Pointer with laser head(without battery!)</span> </p>     <p> <strong><span style="font-size:21px"><span style="font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif">Notes:</span></span></strong> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">1. Measurement of the item lying on the table may cause slight difference. </span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">2. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness when photo taking. </span> </p>     <p> <span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-size:16px">Thank you for your understanding!</span> </p>     <p id="combine-desc-images"> <img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"><img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"><img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"><img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"><img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"><img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"><img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"><img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"><img src="" style="margin: 0 auto"> </p>    </div>  </div>  

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 18.0 × 6.0 × 3.0 cm

Laser 303, Laser Pointer

Brand Name





Laser Sight

Output Power



Constant on/off button

Wave length



160mm x 22mm x 22mm

Focus mode


Laser range


Model Number

Adjustable Focus 532nm Green Laser Pointer


1 X 18650 battery(Not included)

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