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COPOZZ marke skibrillen doppelschichten UV400 anti-fog big ski maske brille skifahren männer frauen schnee snowboardbrillen GOG-201 Pro

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<p><strong data-spm-anchor-id="2114.12010108.1000023.i0.31a59700e74tRf">Specification:</strong></p>  <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">   <tbody>    <tr>     <td><p align="center"><strong>Eyewear Colors</strong></p></td>     <td colspan="3"><p align="center">Red Frame, Black Frame, Blue Frame, Yellow Frame, White Frame, Green Frame, Pink Frame, Orange Frame, Silver Lens, Orange Lens, All Black</p></td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td><p align="center"><strong>Eyewear Type</strong></p></td>     <td colspan="3"><p align="center">Professional Skiing Eyewear</p></td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td><p align="center"><strong>Lenses Optical Attribute</strong></p></td>     <td colspan="3"><p align="center">UV400 Protection Anti-fog, Explosion-proof, Double layer lens, Mirror Coating</p></td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td><p align="center"><strong>Lens Width</strong></p></td>     <td><p align="center">178&nbsp;mm</p></td>     <td><p align="center"><strong>Lens Height</strong></p></td>     <td><p align="center">98&nbsp;mm</p></td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td><p align="center"><strong>Weight</strong></p></td>     <td><p align="center">180g</p></td>     <td><p align="center"><strong>Frames Material</strong></p></td>     <td><p align="center">TPU</p></td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td><p align="center"><strong>Lenses Material</strong></p></td>     <td><p align="center">PC</p></td>     <td><p align="center"><strong>Certification</strong></p></td>     <td><p align="center">ISO9001</p></td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td><p align="center"><strong>About Frame</strong></p></td>     <td colspan="3"><p align="center">Made from TPU material that will not cause injury to the eye.</p></td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td><p align="center"><strong>About Lens</strong></p></td>     <td colspan="3"><p align="center">Using&nbsp;double&nbsp;PC material which has&nbsp;scratch resistance, impact resistance, anti-uv, anti-fog functions.</p></td>    </tr>   </tbody>  </table>  <p align="left"><strong>Features:</strong></p>  <p align="left">&nbsp;<strong>2018 Upgrade Version</strong>&nbsp;- Better anti-scratch performance , better long-lasting anti-fog performance , better helmet compatible , better anti-slip strap function, great optical clarity spherical lens with super wide vision;</p>  <p align="left"><strong>Spherical wide-view lens&nbsp;</strong>- Double lens made of solid PC material for impact-resistance and anti-fogging.</p>  <p align="left">&nbsp;<strong>Extra long strap</strong>&nbsp;- Adjustable strap with comfortable wearing experience and helmet compatibility suitable for different winter sport e.g. skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and etc.</p>  <p align="left"><span data-spm-anchor-id="2114.12010108.1000023.i1.31a59700e74tRf">&nbsp;<strong>High Cost Performance</strong>&nbsp;-High quality TPU frame with best impact-resistance and three-layer foam for comfortable wearing. Compatible with helmet and suitable for different winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and etc.</span></p>  <p align="left">&nbsp;<strong>Real Full Mirror Tech</strong>&nbsp;- Comprehensive REVO coating on outer lens with edge to edge mirror reflection, different VLTs for various weather condition.</p>  <p align="left">&nbsp;<strong>Wear Over Glasses (OTG)&nbsp;</strong>- COPOZZ Goggles features a OTG (over glasses) design that lets you wear your&nbsp;glasses under the goggles.</p>  <p align="left">&nbsp;</p>  <p align="left"><strong>Intended Use</strong></p>  <p align="left">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Due to the strong sunlight, reflected light from snow mountain and cold wind that stimulate&nbsp;the eyes,&nbsp;we suggest you choose a security professional ski goggles while the brand "COPOZZ" is your best choice. COPOZZ ski goggle&nbsp;is more fit&nbsp;for&nbsp;your face and can prevent your eyes&nbsp;from the heavy wind. The lens is made from&nbsp;imported material&nbsp;and its mirrored coating&nbsp;is hardened,&nbsp;scratch-resistant and&nbsp;abrasion-proof. The goggles are&nbsp;100% Anti-UV, play&nbsp;a key role in&nbsp;eyes protection</p>  <p align="left">&nbsp;</p>  <p align="left"><strong>Friendly Notice:</strong></p>  <p align="left">&nbsp; Please tear protective film inside when using.</p>  <p align="left">&nbsp; There will be color differences in different angles of view because of Mirror Coating.</p>  <p align="left">&nbsp; Please do not use mascara or other oily substance in case lens gets dirty.&nbsp;</p>  <p align="left">&nbsp; Please air-dry the goggles after every snow sport e.g. skiing, snowboarding and etc.&nbsp;</p>  <p align="left">&nbsp; Please do not wipe the inner lens which will invalidate anti-fog function.</p>  <p align="left">&nbsp;</p>  <p><strong></strong><strong>Package includes</strong></p>  <p align="left">· &nbsp;1 * Ski Goggle</p>  <p align="left">· &nbsp;1 * Goggle&nbsp;Bag</p> 

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