A3 metal strong magnetic digital recorder

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<p>This camera only supports Micro SD cards of Class 10 or higher at high speed. Our memory card is ideal for you.<br>Features:<br><br>1. Zinc alloy casing<br>2. Start recording and shooting with one click<br>3. The auxiliary light goes out during recording<br>4. Simultaneous recording and charging<br>5. Loop recording<br>6. Motion detection<br>7. Car driving recorder, sports DV, law enforcement instrument<br>8. Support TF card from 4GB to 128GB<br>9. 90 degree rotating lens<br>10. Synchronize system time<br>11. Strong magnetic adsorption<br>12. Long time recording: 10 hours<br>13. Can be used as a webcam when connected to a PC<br>14. Color: Black<br>note:<br>1. Please read this manual before using this product!<br>2. Charge the camera for 3-5 hours for the first time.<br>Product specifications:<br><br>1. Recording format: WAV format of 512 Kbps<br>2. Video format: AVI format with 1920 * 1080P<br>3. Size (MM): 90 * 25 * 11MM<br>4. USB interface: USB 2.0 high speed<br>5. Support TF memory card: 4GB to 128GB<br>6. Battery capacity: 3.7V / 1100MA lithium battery<br>7. Frame number: 30FPS video code: MJPG<br>8. Picture ratio: 4:03</p>  <p><img alt="HTB1SW_wBXmWBuNjSspdq6zugXXaj" height="805" src="" width="800"></p>  <p><img alt="1" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="2" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="7" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="五" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="8" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="10" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="9" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="14" src=""></p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>  <p><img alt="22" src=""></p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>  <p><img alt="main4" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="HTB1kF1CjHwrBKNjSZPcq6xpapXab" height="1302" src="" width="800"></p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>  <p><img alt="HTB11JsfBf9TBuNjy0Fcq6zeiFXag" height="800" src="" width="800"></p>  <p><img alt="23" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="HTB1zhR4jIIrBKNjSZK9q6ygoVXao" height="1096" src="" width="800"></p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>  <p><img alt="24" src=""></p>  <p><img alt="HTB1o.kmbojrK1RkHFNRq6ySvpXaM" src=""></p>  <p>9. Weight: 78g<br>10. 8 GB TF card saves time: Record Constrained 280 minutes for about 80 minutes<br>11. Working temperature: -5 to 40 degrees<br>12.Compatible system: Windows 2000 and higher</p> 

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