Walk to the Beat | Low Impact Fat Burning Walking Workout | 1000 Step Challenge in 7 Minutes

Join me on the happy walk to the beat workout and get 1000 steps in 7 minutes!

Hey y’all! I had so much fun during this workout and I know you will too! This indoor walk to the beat workout is perfect for burning fat and helping you start to build muscle! Get one step closer to your 10000 step goal with this upbeat happy dancing walk!

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… FIRST, thanks for coming and for watching my video and I want you to take the time to thank yourself for beginning your fitness journey with me. Whatever level you’re at physically, I hope you know that getting there mentally is the most important part of your fitness journey.

… SECOND, We are all perfect, made exactly as we should be, and for some of us, that means we want to be in better physical shape. That’s great. That’s a great first step to being more healthy. I know that I was not always in the right mindset for working out and I HATED ALL THOSE FITNESS FREAKS! But now I get it. You have to buy in. Fitness and workouts aren’t fun for everybody and there is an anxiety that comes with improving: what will people think? what if I don’t get results? what if people make fun of me before I get to my ideal weight or physique?…. SCREW THAT Y’ALL!

It’s easy to start. It’s easy to stop. It is not easy to KNOW that you deserve your best self. If that means a more fit you, a healthier you, and a more confident you… then let’s get to it.

IN THI7 MINUTE WALKING WORKOUT I’ve broken a low impact, all standing, fat burning walking workout into five key components to help you burn fat and build muscle all while protecting your joints and engaging your key muscle groups.

1) NO JUMPING AND LOW IMPACT! Making sure my workouts are low impact and all standing are important: when you’re not involving your joints and bones you’re going to keep your muscles more engaged throughout the workout.

2) MUSCLE ENGAGEMENT! Keeping muscles engaged means that you’re working when you don’t even know it. When you lock out with your joints and put weight into your skeletal system, you take pressure off your muscles and allow them to disengage. We want muscles engaged! I want you burning calories and working your muscles.

3) CARDIO AND BURNING FAT! We all know fat burning is the goal of every workout, but how do we make sure that we’re burning fat and not just moving around? One answer is intensity. This workout is keyed into a beginner level of intensity so that you can do the entire workout if you want to (YOU HAVE TO WANT IT!) and I know you can make it through.

4) SUCCESSIVE INTENSITY! I’m going to make sure you’re doing cardio in a successively intense progression. You’re going to burn fat while standing and moving around because I’m arranging this workout to build into progressive steps. You can do it. Just make it to the next step!

5) HEALTH INFORMATION. Look, we all know that we have to eat less to lose weight and all the workouts in the world aren’t going to help you lose fat if you are eating more calories than you burn. So I will talk throughout this video and I hope you like, comment, and subscribe so that I can walk you through the steps of health and nutrition, and give you a few menu tips and eating encouragement.

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