ViralLead Funnels Review: Vyper and Upviral Viral Lead Funnel Builders Best Affordable Alternative

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ViralLead Funnels Review, Bonuses and Video Demo

ViralLead Funnels is an affordable cloud-based viral leads funnels builder that generates warm leads quickly and easily without spending tons of money on ads, using referrals, incentives and rewards, as successfully done by Airbnb, Dropbox and Uber. A Wishpond, Vyper and Upviral best affordable alternative.

Why Do You Need ViralLead Funnels?

ViralLead Funnels helps you to build viral lead funnels in minutes.

You get a combination of marketing technologies and hacks to grow your traffic, leads & sales faster and easier with free viral traffic.

You get greater traffic and conversion through the power of viral marketing campaigns, reward delivery system, exit-intent pop-ups, funnel page builder and one-click social media posting.

What Can You Achieve With ViralLeadFunnels?

Create Different Types Of Viral Campaigns in a few clicks – Specific action campaign, milestone campaigns, waitlists, sweepstakes, double loops e.t.c.

Inbuilt Funnel Page Builder helps you create beautiful landing and thank you pages for your viral lead funnels.

Inbuilt Reward Delivery System delivers rewards via automated emails.
Set-Up Different Types Of Rewards to motivate people to like or share URLs for secret content, downloadable files or software downloads, coupon codes for e-com stores e.t.c.

Customize Actions such as watching a YouTube video, join Facebook group, download Applications e.t.c. to unlock rewards.

Fool-Proof Point Tracking System uses API to monitor and assign predefined points to your subscribers after they complete specific actions.

Who is ViralLead Funnels for?

Works for any type of business and niche:
• E-Commerce
• Multi-Level Marketing
• Digital Products
• Affiliate Marketing
• Coaching
• High Ticket
• Webinars
• Product Launches
• SaaS
• Consulting
• Health & Fitness
• Agency
• Book
• Freelancing
• Appointments
• Local Business
• Large Multinational Company
• A Complete Beginner

ViralLead Funnels Features:

Milestones Rewards
Inbuilt Reward Delivery System
Inbuilt Funnel Page builder
Drag & Drop Sections and Blocks
Two-Step Optin
Use Timers to Create Urgency
Create Different Types of Viral Campaigns
Set-up Viral Loop
Different Types of Rewards
Customizable Actions
Point Tracking System
Create Exit Intent Popups
One-Click Signup URLs
Detailed Analytics
Tracking & Retargeting pixels
A/B Split testing
Fraud Detector
Get the best email address in a click
Build Your Messenger List
Embed on your existing websites
Triggers & Automation Rules
Location Filters
Redirect Participants to Thank You Page
Cloning campaigns
Custom domains
Add your Custom SMTP
Multiple Languages
Mobile responsive
News Feed Optimization
UTM Tracking