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What Is Viral Lead Funnels?

Viral Lead Funnels is a software that helps you convert traffic into highly qualified leads using incentive viral marketing funnels.

By using it you will be replicating the exact same strategy used by Airbnb, Dropbox, and Uber.

This will provide you not only with high-quality leads but also recruit them to get even more leads.

Dropbox, for example, exploded their user base by implementing one effortless viral tactic: Asking users to refer their friends (for free) in exchange for extra storage space. Using this tactic Dropbox went from 100,000 users to 4 MILLION in just 15 months.

To motivate people to share your brand, you’ll give them an incentive, giveaway, or ethical bribe that they will find really valuable. BOOM! And it spreads like a virus.

They share it with their friends, their friends share it with their own friends… and friend’s friends. It turns into a loop and before you know it. Your marketing message is everywhere giving you traffic, leads, and sales.
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▶️ Get Viral Lead Funnels +Bonuses Here:
Thanks for watching my review.
sales funnels are very good to get
better conversion rates
and more leads but they can only go so
uh however with incentive funnels you
can get
even better conversion rates more leads
and in this case qualified leads and so
today we are going to take a look at
a software that creates those types of
so stay tuned for that if that’s
something you would like to see
hi i’m hugo and in this video we’re
going to be taking a look at fire lead
i’m going to go through the bonuses demo
prices and upsells but first i’m going
to start with a short description of the
product so this is a
sales funnel builder tool that you can
use to create
viral funnels so these are funnels that
people engaged people need to basically
a certain milestone and then it will
a snowball effect where the people share
your funnel
and you will get even more traffic and
more leads
also these leads will be highly
qualified leads as well
so i have put together some custom
bonuses to make this even a better deal
for you if you do want to get the
and all you need to do is go into the
link down in the description of this
click on that then you can access my
bonus page
and then all you need to do is scroll
down until you see one of these yellow
buttons you would click on that
and then you can get access to the sales
to the product and also all of my custom
plus the vendor bonuses as well later
i’m also going to mention
um basically a pro lounge that they have
where you can get access to a free copy
of the product and also some cash
prizes as well but first let’s continue
with the bonuses
so these first three bonuses are my
custom bonuses
you will won’t be able to get access to
them through anyone else’s link
and most affiliates will only provide
you with the vendor bonuses
which start uh from this one
uh up to this
one right here so feel free to just
pause the video take a look at those or
just visit my bonus page
but right now i’m going to cover the
three bonuses that i provide because i
think that they have more value
of something that was missing so uh the
first one is lead generation signature
so this will teach you how to generate
while also basically collecting their
emails and creating a list
of prospects
then the second one which is modern
email is about
implementing new email strategies that
and can give you the best results in a
short amount of time
while also using segmentation techniques
which a lot of marketers still don’t use
but they are very
important because you can treat
freebie seekers for example from usual
in the same way otherwise one of those
won’t convert very well
and then i’ve also included an instagram
ads training
because the vendor bonuses already
facebook ads training and so uh
as they use the same ad platform
i thought that this would be also a very
good complementary bonus
so that you can create successful
campaigns with instagram ads
get more sales more leads and more
opt-ins or wherever
your objective is
so that being said this is uh what the
sales page
looks like
but first let me just say that the way
that the bonuses will be delivered is
the following so
um when you purchase the product you can
um access the purchase page by going
into our email
where you will receive basically a
receipt or something similar to that
where you can click
and then access the page of your
purchase then you will have two buttons
when that says access
my product and the other one will give
you access to your bonuses
so all you need to do is click on the
second one and you will get instant
access to the bonuses
those bonuses being my custom bonuses
and the vendor bonuses you’ll get
access inside of the members area
now that being said i want to cover
the sales page but before that this
is also hosted on jvzoo which is the
where you can basically handle all these
sales and everything like that
so that being said this is uh the sales
page that they have available right now
so after the time expires uh
this sales page will change but right
now you can
get access uh to a live call or a live
webinar where you can sign up
right here and you can get a chance to
a copy of the product
and also to get a 100
cash giveaway and also extra bonuses
some copy and paste viral funnels made
for you as well
so to access that all you need to do is
go into the link down in the description
of this video
click on that then you’ll be able to
access my bonus page and then all you
need to do is scroll down until you see
one of these buttons
this yellow button so you would click on
that you can get
access to this page and sign up for it
for the live call and the prices
as well
let’s jump into the prices and upsells
i’ve also included a demo video right
here where you can see
the product in action how it works how
you can create
this kind of funnels and everything like
so for more details please do watch the
demo video
now uh let’s go into the pricing
so you have the front end and then you
have four upsells
so the front end is viral in funnels and
it costs 47
up to 67 depending on the licensing
option that you choose
and then uh the first upsell is squeeze
funnels for 67
the second one is viral lead funnels
unlimited for 67
dollars and then the third one is viral
leads funnels done for you templates for
and lastly the fourth one is local
agency apps reseller
for 297 up to
dollars and then you have all the
information of each one
of the offers meaning the
orders or the upsells and everything
like that
and so that’s basically it for this
video thanks for watching now hopefully
see you on the next one bye