User Review: Coffee Pro CFPCP50 Home/Business Coffee Maker, 50 Cup Double Wall Percolating Urn

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Coffee Pro CFPCP50 Home/Business Coffee Maker, 50 Cup Double Wall Percolating Urn

Coffee Machines – philips series 1200 & 2200 automatic coffee machines – how to ınstall and use.
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ıf patrons don’t want the other machines then ı will be donating them to charity locally (and safely)…
After reading through numerous amazon reviews on numerous coffee urns, I decided to buy this one for my parents, and they are still happy with this purchase six months later.
They like that it is made of stainless steel and not aluminum, which may leach into the water. Its large enough to use at social functions but small enough for household use, if you drink or serve a lot of hot beverages.
My parents keep their machine running 24 hours a day with tea or hot water inside so they can make themselves a cup of tea or serve one to their guests anytime (they entertain a LOT).
They have never used it for coffee, so I cant speak to that. Reviews for other coffee urns complained about scaling, broken fuses, leaky faucets, etc., but they have not experienced any issues with this product so far.
I wasnt so pleased with the seller in this instance but the coffee urn itself is pleasing. The unit arrived damaged and Im not convinced the seller didnt know it was dented when he sent it out.
Right up front, I want to say that Im using this as a way to provide hot water for a construction zone situation, Im not making coffee in it. It was cheap and I felt heating water wasnt a big challenge for a coffee maker.
The unit arrived in a perfect box but with a huge bashed-in dent on the outside. The dent was the size of a hand. Once plugged in, it heated water quickly.
Theres no on-off switch. Its been better than I expected for such things as washing up and doing dishes. (I hate washing dishes in cold water.) I have no idea if it makes good coffee but it does get water hot quickly and this is good news.
The lid fits well and most importantly, the water stays warm a long time after you unplug it. At the low price I paid, Id buy it again. The double walls make the difference.
Its handy to have it keep water warm for a couple of hours without using electricity.
Handles too small and cord too short but like everything else about pot
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Coffee Pro CFPCP50 Home/Business Coffee Maker, 50 Cup Double Wall Percolating Urn

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