User Review: Chunhee Wireless Intercom System for Home Business Room to Room Communication Inte… – Chunhee Wireless Intercom System for Home Business Room to Room Communication Intercom System Indoor/Outdoor 5 Miles Range…

Chunhee Wireless Intercom System for Home Business Room to Room Communication Intercom System Indoor/Outdoor 5 Miles Range…

Security & Surveillance Cameras – this is my complete honest review of the harbor freight cobra wireless security camera kit.

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Delivery was Incorrect, due to COVID-19 BS.. But, other than that, I am Satisfied. I am my Fathers Caregiver. He is a Disabled Veteran with serious Health issues, along with being Wheelchair bound 90% of the day..
This is going to make things soo much easier for communication throughout the house, instead of him yelling for me.! So far, its easy for my Dad to use as far as the Basic controls.
To TALK and for the Alarm, in case he needs me ASAP! Bright Colors that stand out, instead of blending into the environment.. (On the counter, bed, couch, etc..) Love the Lanyard Option..
Easier for my Dad to keep with him at all times, as well as myself. So far, im loving this product..!
Love these, my father came to my house after the hospital and because sometimes you too sick to text we used these to talk throughout the house and even on my daily walks!! I could still check on him Lifesavers!!!
Does what it says and batteries last the entire day
I just received these today. They were fairly easy to set up, although the instructions are not comprehensive. The quality is very good. The sound is good.
I purchased these for my elderly parents (90 & 92) and chose this particular product because of the ability to lock the keyboard. Unfortunately, its very easy to unlock and my dad, who has Alzheimers, keeps unlocking it accidentally and changing the channel.
It isnt fair to rate this on how it works with my dad, so that doesnt enter into my rating. I think it is going to work out really well for my mom. If the battery has a good life Ill change the rating to 5.
This is working okay for my mom. The only problem is that it is much to easy to accidentally unlock. She tried to call me last night. Unfortunately, she had accidentally unlocked it and changed the frequency.
For thi…