Update(Pi Network mobile app/ Taklimakan Network reward program_)make money online in nepal

Update(Pi Network mobile app/ Taklimakan Network reward program_)make money online in nepal

1) Taklimakan Network Reward(per invite- 0.20$) register link =https://taklimakan.network/en?ref=23200
how to work vdo link here= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elbGKwWcowQ
2)invitation code -= saugatniraula
click this link for download app – https://minepi.com/saugatniraula#down
or goto playstore and download = pi network app and install it and use my invitation code -= saugatniraula
how to work vdo link here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fZPwJ3AjFk

fb link here- https://www.facebook.com/saugatxx

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Earn Money Online In Nepal – Top 7 Easy Ways
Earn from Youtube channel. One of the easiest ways to make money online is form Youtube. …
Start a Blog and Monetize your Content. …
Earn by Sharing Posts on Facebook. …
Sell your Photos Online. …
Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing. …
Earn Money from Freelancing. …
Earn Money From Online Surveys and Captcha Solving
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1. Adsense

Google AdSense is one of the oldest networks to offer ads. Adsence is products of Google and
advertisement platform of Google. To keep adsence you must have website, blog or YouTube channel. You
can also keep adsence in your blogger, wordpress and other websites. And your website should active for
more than six months.

2.YouTube channel

YouTube is most popular and famous video sharing website. By making video you can earn from that. In this
platform you do not need more knowledge.But your content must be good otherwise it is very difficult to
make money.
You cannot make money through subscribes, its helps to make money only. Money comes from views.


Bhudki .com is Nepali social network site to earn money. In this site you should create bhudki account and
you can write blogs, paragraph. There are events, from that you can earn points. In Bhudki.com you can
make posts, tutorials. Finally, Most easiest way to earn money in Nepal.

4.Making Software/games

If you are software developer or software engineer it is better to make software, apps and games. There are
different projects on websites where you can work on it. There is way to make android apps and upload on
play store and make money from it.

5.Bug bounty

If you are programmer or hacker you can move on Bug bounty. It is such an error or bug found in software
and websites. To look more about you can Google it. There are many website which run through
it.hackerone.com, bugcrowd.com, vulnerability-lab.com, are some sits to get websites and software to work
in bug bounty.

6.Looking advertisement

It is great and easy way to make money online https://sevendollarclick.com/,
http://www.speedyads.com,https://www…., are some of website to look ads. These
websites used to pay to click website were you simply click ads and make money.
To make it possible you just sign up and log in and start clicking ads on it simple. You can keep
your PayPal account to receive money.

7.Upwork.com -Websites

Upwork.com for only who have the knowledge of web development jobs, Design & creative jobs, Translation
jobs-Post of jobs-data entry, excel data analysis-document conversion. From this site you can hire the
programmers in money or you can be hired from others.

8. facebook

You can do affiliate marketing. You can promote goods and get commission through face
book. It’s just an affiliate work. Another way to earn money through face book pages. If
your page has more fans following and good likes you can sell it in sound money

9. Selling e-books

If have the knowledge of writing poems, articles, story etc… You can make e-books and sell
in Facebook, Amazon and other sites. If there is great content you can easily make money
from those e-books.

10.By making websites

If you are web developer you can make websites and presented to social network sites or
other sites and get well money. But your website must strong and well designed and


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