UO Pi network podcast 8

Pi Network podcast # 8 1-23-2021
0- Use my invite code if needed CONVERGE20
0.1 Bee network is a clone of Pi but in an earlier stage. Use code CONVERGE21 be a part of my earnings team.
0.2 Timestope is only available on android devices use my code converge21 to be a part of my earnings team.
0.3 heathstone battleground vid
1. The effect of multiple coin miners of the same type. I am very de motivated at this time and so is everyone else I tell about these projects. One brings focus. Many seem to be distracting.
2. Imagine alternate universe where you don’t know where you will end up and you need to invent money. What type of money would you invent?
3. The Wright bothers with flight, not the learned. the establishment had a certain view but they were proven wrong with a paradigm shift. What else these days is not seen by the establishment that is inevitable. Pi nation?
4. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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