Ultimate 0% belly fat burner || sugar rush EXTREME SUBLIMINAL

THIS IS ACTUALLY VV POWERFUL I highly believe it is gonna work for you!

-love, rushlight.

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Sugar rush formula

Explaining the formula-
Its the most anticipated one. Its sugar rush formula I honestly love this formula. Sugar rush is a sudden burst of energy supposedly experienced after the comsumption of hight sugar. Positivity is the key to manifest .
What my formula is, its a highly looped forced sugar formula subliminal with layers of positivity booster. With the concept of hyperbolic time chamber as multiplier. Listening to these subliminal would actually help you gain energy instead of feeling drained while listening to subliminals

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Extreme weight loss
Belly fat is gone
belly fat is removed
Fat cells on belly is gone
Extreme weight loss on back
All back fat is gone
Extremely skinny tummy
Perfect Abs
skinny back
Burn all unnecessary fat
Free from scars or stretch marks
Flat belly
eliminate all belly fat
eliminate all fat cells from belly
remove all fat cells from belly
free from muffin top
release all fat cells from belly
free from love handles
all abdomen fat is removed
small waist
extremely small waist
eliminate all waist fat
become free from all fat cells
everyone loves your flat belly
everyone loves your small waist
Tight skin on belly
Free from waist fat
Free from back fat
Free from saggy skin
feminine abs
Perfect posture
Healthy digestive system

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Note –
This will clash with contradicting topics
This is a unisex subliminal