Ujire: Gang Rents Home For Recce Before Kidnapping Business Man's Eight-year-old Son In Gurugram

The police said the accused have been planning the crime for a month. They targeted the victim as they knew Balraj could afford the ransom as he has a business of water tankers, is a DJ, has good rental income, drives an Innova and owns multiple properties. The kidnappers rented a house in front of the victim’s house in November. They used to keep an eye on the boy round-the-clock. They disguised themselves as autorickshaw drivers, an officer said, adding that they used the same auto in the crime. “The child was administered sedative injection immediately after kidnapping,” an officer said. For the crime, they bought a SIM card from Dharamveer in Mathura for Rs 5,000. Dharamveer had purchased the card from Vishnu, who also is from Mathura. Balraj said: “After the ransom call, we were in two minds about informing the police. Now, we are indebted to Gurugram police.”

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