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Trigger Fat burning by doing these things. There 6 fat burning hormones and 3 major fat storage hormone. See how to trigger them and use full potential of these hormones to lose fat without any hassle.

*****Skipping Kit*****

Spike Speed Rope : (Add to cart and enter code SPIKE99 for Rs. 99 discount)

Plastic Skip Rope :

Wooden Skip Rope :

Plastic Handle rope :

Ball Bearing rope :

Cross Rope :


Shoes Sparx Loafers(Women) :

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Shoes Fuel(Men) :

***** Knee Strap*****

Strap for Knee injury :

Health Supplements

Kolhu 5 KG Khand

Kolhu 10 KG Khand

Bile Salts for bloating

Skipping Rope Exercises:

***Accessories for production of this video***

Poco F1 :

Mi Earphones :

Backdrop :

Ideal weight calculator :

Intermittent Fasting :
Full day diet plan :
4 week jump rope program:

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