Tribes For Home Business Podcast Episode 3 – Your Message and your mission

If you want to build a Facebook group that delivers you a TON of impact in your marketplace and niche then we need to give our members a message and a mission that they can align with.

Unfortunately this can often be one of the hardest things to get clear on and communicate with our tribe and if we don’t have one then building a following or making any real impact on your audience is always going to be an uphill struggle.
In this episode we walk you through our process and how we developed our message to build our Facebook groups so that you can follow the steps and the thought process to come up with YOUR message.

Now, at this point you may well be thinking… but I don’t have a message or a mission.

Trust us, you do. We just have to bring it t the surface so you can shout about it!
Hopefully this episode will help you.

If you’d like to get more trainings from us to help build your tribe faster then why not check out our blog? You can find us at:

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