Total Pi और Available Pi में क्या फर्क है ?? # Pi Network

In this video I have discussed about the Total Pi that we have earned. And why those total Pi are not our actual Pi.

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– Introduction
If someone asks you how much Pi you have, we just replies the total Pi that is shown in the top of our Pi app. But that’s not our final/actual Pi. Even after KYC , those Pi are not final..

Why So..?
I have given a real example.. There’s a screenshot in the video from one of the 300 members selected for IAT(In App Transfers) pilot program in Dec 2019 , in which it can be clearly seen that how Total Pi is different from Available Pi.
The Available Pi is those Final Pi that we have earned ourselves without any referral bonus + the bonus Pi earned from KYCd users.
It means our final Pi will not only depends upon our KYC but also upon the KYC of our team members.

Now the question is why KYC of our team member is important ?
The answer is to remove unfair advantage.
Otherwise people making lots of fake accounts to increase their mining speed will have unfair advantage, and it will be unfair for those who are honestly mining under the policy of Pi Network.

The other Question is why the current KYCd persons don’t have that IAT feature..?
The reason is to prevent malpractices. Earlier during the pilot test of 300 pioneers, some of them used IAT feature for wrong purposes. That’s why no IAT feature right now. It may come in the future though when exchange with Fiat currency is allowed by CT.

That’s all in this video, hope you like the info..
Thank you

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