Get ready for this Total Body Fat Burning Workout. This circuit is made up of Dumbbell & Bodyweight Exercises. There are No Repeats in this workout.

Try it out, & let me know how you get on (or feel free to ask questions if you have any – I’m always glad to help & will get back to you).


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Anyone attempting to perform the exercises & instructions contained in this exercise video, acknowledges that they do so entirely at their own risk. No exercises should be attempted to be performed by anyone who is not in a healthy state of body & mind. Anyone who is not sure if they are physically or mentally healthy enough to perform the exercises & follow the instructions contained in this video or who is new to exercise or who is planning to start up a new exercise & fitness plan, should visit with their doctor, G.P. or physician to validate with & get confirmation from their doctor, G.P. or physician, that they are medically fit enough & mentally sound enough to proceed with the exercises & instructions in this video, before they proceed with carrying out any exercises. Patricia Land &/or PatriciaLandFitness &/or accepts no liabilities or responsibilities for any injuries that result from anyone who may injure themselves while following the instructions & exercises contained in this exercise video tutorial. It is essential & a requirement to ensure anyone planning to exercise always warms up prior to starting any exercise & then also spends time cooling down & gently stretching at the end after the main body of the exercise & workout is complete – this may not always be physically portrayed or captured as part of this exercise video but it still occurs ‘off camera’ if not captured on camera.

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