TOP 5 Computer Based Home Business Ideas (2020), TOP BEST BUSINESS IDEAS IN AFRICA

1) Computer Tutor or Trainer
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Just because we live in a digital age doesn’t mean everyone is computer-savvy. That’s where the computer tutor or trainer comes in. A home-based computer tutor teaches individuals and/or businesses how to best use their computer programs and the internet.

Classes can be done virtually via videoconference. In some cases, you’ll visit clients in person at their home, office, or another meeting location.

Your clients can be diverse, from children to seniors, and everyone in between. You might be hired by businesses that need help learning specific programs or computer-related tasks, such as setting up a database or creating spreadsheets.

You can even work with groups, training an entire office. Or, you can run classes either through your home (if allowed by zoning) or through a local adult education resource such as the senior center.

Tutoring does require patience, especially since technology has its own set of terms that many don’t know or understand. ​​

Computer Repair
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Computer repair specialists need to have a deep understanding of the mechanics and programming systems of computers in order to identify and fix problems. Individuals and small businesses that don’t have a tech team on staff hire computer repair technicians to fix, clean or replace their hardware and software on time, on a budget, with a smile.

If you’re running your business from home, you’ll likely go to the clients’ home or office to make repairs. You’ll need to have tools required to diagnose system issues as well as to open a computer to fix or replace a hard drive or other internal device.

Along with repair, you can offer computer and network setup, including security setup to help keep clients’ computer virus and malware-free.

Desktop Publishing
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If your computer skills include creativity, as well as an understanding of page layout and graphics, desktop publishing is a viable home business idea to consider. While there are many DIY programs for desktop publishing, many businesses need customized creations.

The many tasks desktop publishers perform include producing books, newsletters, magazines, brochures, internet content, and graphic design for logos and signage. Many online entrepreneurs need help in creating their products, such as planners, charts and more. You might even work for private individuals creating personalized gifts (i.e. photo calendar), announcements or invitations, and other items.

Internet Marketing Services
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If you’re a savvy internet user and understand marketing, especially internet marketing, then this type of business could be for you. Many organizations of all sizes, but especially small and single-owner businesses, need help with SEO, PPC, website promotion, and social networking.

An advantage to providing online marketing services over other ideas, such as tutoring, is that you can work with clients all over the world. You’re not restricted to servicing clients only in your local neighborhood. With that said, being able to meet clients at their business, can be helpful, especially when starting out.

You can offer a full-service Internet marketing business or you can specialize, such as social media management or email marketing.

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