TikToks that made the class nerd forget about homework🤣🤩

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Funny TikToks
Well, if even the class nerd forgets about homework then these TikToks must be something!

This TikTok compilation contains funny Tik Toks, memes, TikTok memes, funny pranks, cringe Tik Toks, online school Tik Toks, musically Tik Toks and the latest best viral Tik Toks seen on TikTok today.

This video also contains the most popular TikTokers like Brooke Monk, Themermaidscale, Liam Silk, Spencer X, Brent Rivera and many many more. Check it out yourself and be amazed! Prepare to laugh!

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Starring in this video:
Brooke Monk @brookemonk_
Krutika @themermaidscale
Michael Le @justmaiko
Liam Silk @liamsilk
Christiantheshowm @TheShow6000
Brent Rivera @brentrivera
Spencer X @spencerx
Charli d’amelio @charlidamelio
Dixie Damelio @dixiedamelio
Daniel LaBelle @daniellabelle
Cheeky Boyos @cheekyboyos
Spence Twins @spencetwins
Jakob Greer @greerzy
And many more …

Featuring in this video:
A few dogs
A chicken nugget
A cat
A lot of mouse traps
and much much more …

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