This whole Work From Home business

Shot this on a Canon 1200D and a MI A3 and a Go Pro Hero 4 Session phew


Opening track: Office Theme (but a ringtone version so sorry not sorry)
1st Track by DJ Williams
2nd Track by the most amazing Dyalla

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good morning since I’ve woken up this 
morning so far I’ve done watering the plants
making coffee and sending out some office work
and it’s only 10 am
not bad
man its october! like sometimes I kind of catch 
myself thinking about that and I’m just like
it’s been six months… no longer… it’s been seven 
months since we started working from home  
I’ve been at home for the entirety of 
these months
because of work from home I haven’t really ridden this thing 
and it’s been challenging but..
for the most part it’s been..
I just mailed some time back yeah so I wont..
so this is the work desk basically… the whole idea 
is to kind of just be.. you know.. in the right zone  
so this seems like the right zone to me… so as 
I was saying downstairs.. this whole situation…
has been like this for the past almost seven… 
seven months… six seven months… and uh I’ve been  
sort of weighing it as a pros and cons thing 
and so a lot of the work can be done remotely  
so which is why this has been sort of smooth 
sailing… um… I feel like this situation is a bit  
more productive overall… almost to the point 
where I feel like this is even better than  
you know wasting time in traffic going 
to office…. the distractions in office  
oh speaking of distractions.. there’s one thing 
that I’ve been putting off for quite some time…
The point I was trying to make was… that… with work from home obviously it’s not going to only be about office work… obviously there  
are going to be other things that will come in the 
way… and it’s just part of it I mean it’s it’s part  
of your days… things that you have to get done… 
and so they’re not really distractions… I mean  
like this patch is not going to harvest itself… I
have a call in like 10 minutes should probably go  
work call

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