This Must Be The Place

This Must Be The Place

Cheyenne (Sean Penn of MYSTIC RIVER, MILK) is a former rock star. At 50, he still dresses ‘Goth’ and lives in Dublin off his royalties. The death of his father, with whom he wasn’t on speaking terms, brings him back to New York. While there, he discovers his father had an obsession: to seek revenge on one of his Nazi captors who humiliated him during WWII. Searching for peace with his father’s death and combating a mid-life crisis, Cheyenne decides to pick up where his father left off and starts a journey, at his own pace, across America. Also starring Frances McDormand (MOONRISE KINGDOM, ALMOST FAMOUS), Judd Hirsch (TV’s DAMAGES, TOWER HEIST), and Kerry Condon (UNLEASHED, TV’s LUCK).
[radio scanning frequencies]
[woman] “Lord, I’m Comin'”
This is Gavin Friday.
[♪ Gavin Friday:
“Lord, I’m Comin'”]
[dog panting]
[dog barks]
♪ I think I fell in love ♪
♪ You smile alone ♪
♪ Like a drunken drug ♪
♪ Has gone and left me ♪
♪ Lord I’m comin’ ♪
[dog barks]
♪ I think I sold my soul ♪
♪ To what to who ♪
♪ I still don’t know ♪
♪ My world is broken ♪
[music continues faintly]
♪ My world is broken ♪
♪ And all
the big mistakes… ♪
[man on TV]
Just cover the furrow in.
And that is your
carrots planted.
It’s kind of getting…
Oh, must’ve hit a stone. Oh.

[man on TV laughs]
Well, what sex is that carrot?
Um, hmm…
Moving on. Um, you know…
[blows loudly]
[♪ The Pieces Of Shit:
“Lay & Love”]
[woman] Three months ago,
Mary’s older brother Tony
got up,
walked out the door
and never came back.
No angry words,
no dramatic gestures.
Just a thousand tiny fractures
between a mother and son.

Mary knew him best
and figured what he kept
bottled up just exploded.
Another mom just sat there
at the window waiting.
And it looked like she would
wait as long as it took.
♪ From what I’ve seen ♪
♪ You’re magnificent ♪
♪ You fight evil ♪
♪ With all you do ♪
♪ Your every act ♪
♪ Is spectacular ♪
♪ It makes me lay here ♪
♪ And love you ♪
Hey, Cheyenne.
♪ From what I’ve seen ♪
♪ You’re magnificent ♪
♪ You fight evil ♪
♪ With all you do ♪
♪ You’re every act ♪
♪ Is spectacular ♪
♪ It makes me lay here ♪
♪ And love you ♪
– Yes!
– [laughs hysterically]
– ♪ What I’m… ♪
– [disruptive guitar riff]
Isn’t it kind of dangerous
to be investing
in the stock market
with all this crisis?
Danger is my middle name.
Why do we always come here?
Coffee is shit.
For the cozy atmosphere.
You know where
they make good coffee?
In Naples.
You drank a coffee there
on May 31st, 1984
during the Cheyenne’s
Bad Friends
Bad Friends, the Cheyenne
and the Fellows’ sixth album.
If the crisis drags on,
you can write
my official biography.
[chuckles] Then I’ll be sure
to write that when you went
for a swim at Posillipo
someone stole
your clothes and shoes.
Naples is a violent place.
Violence is everywhere,
except that it doesn’t
always show.
– Hello.
– Oh!
I’m Cheyenne.
I know. I, on the other
hand, would be Desmond.
This would be Desmond.
[Desmond clears throat]
Excuse me if I’m being too
direct, Mary, but, um…
I was wondering, if it’s
OK with your father here, and…
…maybe we could
go out sometime.
– He’s not my father.
– Oh.
I think that the idea
of the two of you
going out together
is nice ’cause…
What sort of music
do you listen to?
[Desmond] Uh, I…
[mouthing silently]
Mariah Carey.
Thank you for your invitation,
Desmond, but I’m afraid I’m busy
for the next 14 years.
[♪ The Pieces of Shit:
“Open Up”]
♪ Open up your door
and let me in ♪
♪ ‘Cause you know it’s over ♪
You’re really a fucker.
You treated him like shit.
– No, I didn’t.
– You humiliated him.
And, besides,
you don’t judge somebody
based on the music that they
listen to, that’s bullshit.
Then what do you
judge them by?
He’s cute, Desmond’s
a good-looking bloke.
I don’t need
a good-looking bloke.
I need someone who
can hold their own in
a conversation with me.
Something’s wrong here.
I don’t know
exactly what it is.
But something.
[quiet music plays]
[both chuckle]
[both continue chuckling]
Hey, Chey?
Hey, how you doing?
Tesco shot up.
If I sell now,
we’ll make 30 thousand euro.
You know, I don’t think
the stock exchange is
doing you much good.
– Really?
– Really. What’s for supper?
Pizza. Veggie pizza.
God, you are full of surprises.
That’s one of the reasons
I fell in love with you.
[laughs weakly]
Don’t overdue it
on the pizza, you’ll lose.
I never lose.
Is that so?
Sometimes I let you win.
Oh, really?
And why would you do that?
To make you feel
like a stud.
[woman whistles cat call]
[Cheyenne snickers quietly]
[Cheyenne grunts]
[woman] Fore!
[woman snickering] Ready?
Game to me, 21, 12!
Because of my
fucking sciatica.
Aw, the shite. I told you
sometimes I let you win.
Did you really mean that?
[woman] Any news of Tony?
[Cheyenne] Not a word.
[woman] Did you open
that letter from MTV?
Can you pass
the cream please?
Aren’t you even curious
to know what it said?
Only up to a point.
Oh, my God. Look, when you see
these big, black ones, you’ve
gotta tell me.
That’s really gross.
MTV has worldwide
coverage, you know that?
It’s broadcast live.
And this year, as their
very special guest,
after 20 years
out of the spotlight,
they would like to have
Cheyenne and the Fellows.
Oh. Why is Lady Gaga?
Don’t you even want
to think about it?
I already did think
about it 20 years ago and…
…I’m still busy.
I’m gonna wait
for you in bed.
[quiet chuckle]
Who are you?
The future. May I speak
with your husband?
Yeah, sure, right through there.
The past awaits you.
How are you? I’m Steven.
We saw each other at the mall.
I was singing Bonnie “Prince”
Billy, do you remember?
Uh, I don’t remember.
Nah, of course you don’t,
because it’s a really
shitty cover.
Oh. Shitty cover.
I brought a live demo
we do with me and me group.
I want you to produce
our first album.
I’m not a producer.
You should be.
Well, you are rather
determined, aren’t you?
– Rather.
– What made you think of me?
Well, you used to let the rhythm
guitar predominate over the
masturbating lead guitar.
Nobody did that as well
as you and I’m in complete
agreement with that approach.
In fact, I’m in total divergence
with our lead guitar.
Yeah, we had that problem.
In the end, we had
to get rid of the guitarist.
Can’t get rid of our guitarist,
man. He’s me brother.
Listen, if you produce us,
you can have your say
about everything.
except the name of the group,
that is non-negotiable.
What do you call yourselves?
The Pieces of Shit.
[distant hammering]
That’s a really good choice.
[chuckling] You’re fuckin’
right it is, yeah.
Took us six months
to come up with it.
Besides, it’s exactly
the right name
for this moment in history.
I’ll see you, brother.
[applause and cheering]
[rock music]
I don’t have this one.
Fuck, a bootleg copy.
Fuck! Desmond, where did you
come across that relic?
I… went out and…
– …when…
– You gave it to him.
What the fuck
does that mean?
You two arranged
the whole thing ahead of time.
– You fuckin’ morons.
– Well, you’re fucking paranoid.
I’m sorry, Mary.
I invited Desmond
to supper on Friday
and you have to come too.
Forget it.
Not on your life.
Morgan Labs, buy 70,
hold 30 percent.
[man] That bitch Melanie
dumped me.
– How long were you together?
– Four days.
Are you suffering?
Like the last panda standing.
That woman extinguished me.
Oh, keep your eye
on the Tesco shares.
They look like teenage girls
standing outside the school.
They’re growing in front
of our very eyes.
Listen, remind me to tell you
about that antiques dealer
I shagged on Wednesday.
One leg in a cast. Mate,
it was the most satisfying
fuck I’ve ever had.
I don’t think that would
interest me very much.
– [phone rings]
– Excuse me.
Karen, God bless you,
thanks for calling me back.
Yeah, yeah.
No, I feel so lonely.
How many times must we tell you
you’re not welcome at our sons’
[woman] They killed themselves
because of a song.

A song Cheyenne
had written.

After that, there was
a persistent ache that
he could not ignore.

[blows loudly]
Um, Friday…
…that dinner
you mentioned.
I’ll be there.
[♪ The Pieces Of Shit:
“Lay & Love”]
[mouthing silently]
Did you do the bike?
– [woman] Bike.
– [grunts]
– Shh!
– You do it…
[telephone rings]
[answering machine clicks]
[Mary] Cheyenne?
It’s Mary.
Can you drop by?
Mom’s gone mental
over that story about Tony.

Probably do her good
to see a friendly face.

I was just asking myself,
why, with all the vices
I’ve indulged in my life,
I never took up smoking.
[woman] Where’s my son?
That’s what you
should be asking yourself.
Everything else is bullshit.
I don’t know where he is.
[woman] Go find him then.
All of you.
Three months is an eternity.
If everything
is just fine…
…why would
someone just leave…
…without saying a word?
Without sending news?
You never took up smoking
because you remained a child.
Children are the only ones that
never get the urge to smoke.
Tony never smoked either.
OK, so I know you’re
wondering what sort of
position you have to use
to shag someone who’s leg
is in a cast up to their crotch.
I wasn’t wondering that
in the least, Jeffrey.
You have to use different
things, you know, experiment.
How do you manage
to get all these women?
If you think about it…
…you’re not handsome
and you’re not smart.
– [Jeffrey chuckles]
– Instead, you are invasive
and egocentric
and you sweat like a pig.
So what makes you
so fucking special?
Special, yeah, nothin’.
I’ve got two things
that most other men don’t have.
I’ve got curiosity and time.
You see, Cheyenne, I dedicate
a whole lot of time to women,
you know, and in the end,
that’s what seduces them.
I’m beside them
all the time,
for up to six months straight
if I have to, every single
fuckin’ day, you understand?
And they don’t cave in because
they’re exhausted, oh, no.
They cave in because they didn’t
believe they were worth all that
time. Do you get it?
Pretty much.
And the curiosity part?
The curiosity is the fire
that keeps you going
for six months straight.
Know what my lame-legged lover
said to me just before I came?
[laughing] She was panting.
“Explode on my cast,” she said,
“I want you to sign it
for me.” [laughing]
Moments like that, make you feel
like a better man, you know.
What the fuck are you doing?
You like making me talk
to meself, do you?
[wind blowing]
[seagulls calling loudly]
[Cheyenne] Did I ever
tell you about the time
that Jane fell asleep
watching TV
while smoking a joint
and a pillow on the couch
caught on fire
but I realized it in time
and managed to put it out?
I forgot to tell you
a crucial detail,
Desmond, that’s why
you’re not laughing.
Jane is a firefighter
by profession. [snickers]
So, Desmond,
you live alone or what?
Me? No.
With my family, unfortunately.
I have six brothers.
Fuck! Six brothers!
[Desmond] Yeah,
six lazy slackers
who don’t do
a damn thing all day.
It would be good if they all
were to vanish from the face
of the Earth for a while.
Excuse me.
I need to go to the loo.
Nice move, Desmond.
– What did I say wrong?
– [Jeffrey] Nothin’.
Women are always running off
to the bathroom, you know.
When you’re young you think
it’s to go and snort cocaine,
but as the years go by you learn
there could be many reasons.
Got like food stuck
in their teeth, their period.
Yeah, take notes, Desmond.
Jeffrey clearly
knows all about us women.
[girl] Cheyenne,
the roast beef looks lovely.
Too bad Michelle
and I don’t eat meat.
Michelle is the little doggy.
How deep is it
at its deepest point?
Seven feet.
[dog panting]
What’s wrong with your dog?
I don’t know.
Jane looks after him.
Do you not work, Cheyenne?
I don’t have to.
Everybody has to work.
You don’t have any kids?
– No.
– Why not?
Rock stars shouldn’t have kids
because you run the risk
that your daughter becomes
a wacky stylist.
Why isn’t there
any water in your pool?
I don’t know.
No one ever filled it.
What about you doing it?
Well, as a matter of fact,
Jane and I play
barehand pelota in it.
And pelota is more fun
than swimming.
So why do you…?
Desmond, I didn’t invite you
to dinner to interview me!
[♪ Bonnie “Prince” Billy:
“Lay & Love”]
♪ From what I’ve seen ♪
♪ You’re magnificent ♪
I’ll never manage
to get it together with Mary.
♪ You fight evil ♪
I really fancy her.
The secret is time, Desmond.
Spend time with her.
All the time she needs.
And she’ll come around,
you’ll see.

That’s what wins women over.
♪ And love you ♪
It makes them feel safe.
♪ It makes me lay here ♪
♪ And love you ♪
Please don’t give up
on Mary, Desmond.
Promise me.
– Jane?
– Hmm.
I think I’m a tad depressed.
I think a man who does that
with his wife of 35 years
like it’s for the first time…
…is not depressed.
Maybe you’re confusing
depression and boredom.
You know, Jeffrey, maybe I
should leave Dublin for a bit.
And where would you go?
Ireland is a paradise
for artists, mate.
Take a look out there, man in
black, look. Take a good look.
Out there, the bastards
have to pay taxes.
I only meant
that I would go away
for a bit on my own.
And where the fuck
would you go?
You don’t fly because
it scares you shitless.
You haven’t driven
in 20 years.
You’re the only bloke I know
that throws up when he gets
on a train.
There’s just too many things
I don’t do anymore.
[telephone rings]
[static on phone]
[distant shouting]
[Cheyenne] My father
is dying of old age.
A non-existent disease and I
haven’t flown in 30 years.
[Jane] Fear of flying
isn’t your only problem.
[Cheyenne] That’s true. I also
have a mild fear of dying.

You can’t die until you
sell off those Tesco shares.
– [snickers]
– [mock snicker]
What will you do
while I’m away?
Oh, the usual things.
Take it easy on the tai chi.
Jane, can I
ask you something?
Sure, honey, what?
Why did you let an architect
write “cuisine”
on the kitchen wall?
It’s silly.
I know it’s the kitchen.
You come back to me soon. You
know I can’t live without you.
It’s not true,
but it’s kind of you to say.
[jet engine roaring]
I’ll call you soon, huh?
– Hiya, Summers.
– [man] Hello, Jim.
Do you notice anything?
Do you not recognize him?
Ay, you must.
Come on, Cheyenne
and the Fellows!
Cheyenne’s gonna stay up front
with us for takeoff
’cause he’s a tad afraid
of flying.
Afraid of flying? You don’t
need to be afraid of flying.
You should be
afraid of pilots.
Summers, we’re having
that same little problem
with the altimeter.
Let me see.
[power tool buzzing]
Is the altimeter important?
[all laughing]
Well, Cheyenne,
you might say
it does have
certain usefulness,
but don’t you worry, Summers
here is a wiz of a mechanic.
– [banging continues]
– [jet engines starting]
[horn blows]
[woman] The problem
is it just doesn’t last.
– A half an hour
and it’s already worn off.
– It’s true.
I even tried powder puffs.
Your lips are plenty
glam without it.
Stop joking. I’m serious.
Have you tried the ones
with bee pollen? They usually
last quite a while.
Nope, you need one
with hydrating elements,
like Lancome.
– Otherwise it’s flaking like
plaster after an hour.
– [Cheyenne speaks indistinctly]
[girls all chattering]
The brand doesn’t matter.
The brand doesn’t matter.
If you want real staying power
you have to put a thin layer
of face powder on your lips
first, it’s the secret.
And then, your lipstick
will last all day.
[bell dings]
[♪ Vic Chesnutt: “Warm”]
[moans quietly]
♪ Warm ♪
♪ The body is warm ♪
♪ The muscles twitch ♪
♪ The posture compensates ♪
♪ And cold ♪
♪ The arrow is cold ♪
♪ The friction warms ♪
♪ Nothing ♪
[brakes screech]
♪ But the point ♪
♪ Is pure ♪
♪ The wound ♪
♪ It is secure ♪
Hi, cousin.
Hi Richard.
♪ Trial by error ♪
♪ Follow a sun ♪
You’re late.
What took you so long?
♪ And the one we have ♪
♪ Will do ♪
♪ What is the message ♪
♪ On those gamma rays ♪
♪ That are a-penetrating ♪
♪ You ♪
[man speaking indistinctly]
…to assure safe passage
we will join…
[indistinct dialogue]
[people praying in Hebrew]
Who’s that?
Do you know who that is?
Everyone knows him.
Not me.
That’s Mordecai Midler.
Who is he?
A legend.
[speaking Hebrew]
[man] Before the inferno,
I had a light heart.
Did you read them?
I flipped through them. He
didn’t talk about me at all.
You never say a word about him.
You two are exactly the same.
How about the sketches?
Did you look at them?
I didn’t understand
a fucking thing.
He drew everything that might
be of help in searching for him.
In searching for who,
I didn’t talk
to my father in 30 years.
I don’t know
the first thing about him.
After you left
for Ireland…
…all he ever did
was search for Aloise Lange,
his persecutor at Auschwitz,
in every corner
of the United States.
He never found him.
But he got awfully close.
So close, that he found
his American wife.
Those drawings are important.
They could lead right the
hiding place of a Nazi criminal.
But aren’t they all dead?
Not all of then.
Life expectancy has risen,
you know.
So what am I supposed
to do with this stuff?
You can take it
to Mordecai Midler.
He’s flushed out more
than 700 Nazi criminals.
Why didn’t you talk
to him for 30 years?
He didn’t love me.
[♪ Jonsi & Alex: “Happiness”]
I have some materials
that may be of service
in capturing a Nazi war criminal
named Aloise Lange.
Teeth, I’m interested
in teeth, my dear boy.
Ever since the Nazis died or
became too old to be extradited,
I’m looking for the teeth.
Whatever happened to all the
gold teeth the Jews had, huh?
Tons of teeth!
Stashed away
in some safe somewhere
or hanging around the necks
of some grand dames you see,
I wanna know, because
those teeth, they’re ours!
Something is not
quite right here
and I’m not exactly
sure what, but something.
I know.
Because this is not an argument
for trendy boys like you, hmm.
Your father,
he spoke to me about you.
Well, what are you
gonna do? Are you gonna
look for Aloise Lange?
No, I’m looking
for the teeth, like I said.
You really take after your
father. You’re both rather
My instinct tells me
that pedantry
is an essential characteristic
for capturing Nazis.
True. But solitude is
the playground of resentment.
Your father
was too much alone.
He started feeding his
resentment towards someone
who was a lot less
wicked than many others.
I know who Aloise Lange
is, he’s a nobody.
Besides, he’s gotta be
95 by now.
So chances are, nine
out of ten, he’s already dead.
But did the two of you
actually look for him?
A little.
He was a small fish.
We were hunting sharks.
Oh, of course.
It makes a bigger impression.
What are you insinuating?
That even Nazi hunters follow
the rules of show business
and go where the biggest
publicity will be.
I don’t let anyone
play me for a fool
looking for publicity.
We all play
the fool sometimes.
Yeah, speak for yourself,
all dressed up like that.
Now listen up, boy, I sacrificed
my own life in order to find
those bastards.
That’s not exactly what
I would call show business!
A lot of the Jews who survived,
they got over it but not me!
I’m 79 years old,
I’m still living in 1940!
Just like your father.
– You a practicing Jew?
– No.
You know about the Holocaust?
In a general sort of way.
And your father,
did you know your father?
In a general sort of way.
Where the fuck have you been
living all this time?
[film slide projector clicks]
[swishing sound]
[♪ David Byrne: “This Must Be
the Place (Naive Melody)”]
♪ Home is where I want to be ♪
♪ Pick me up
and turn me round ♪
♪ I feel numb ♪
♪ Born with a weak heart ♪
♪ Guess I must be having fun ♪
♪ The less we say
about it the better ♪

♪ Make it up as we go along ♪
♪ Feet on the ground
Head in the sky ♪
♪ It’s OK I know
nothing’s wrong nothing ♪
♪ Hi yo ♪
♪ I got plenty of time ♪
♪ Hi yo ♪
♪ You got light in your eyes ♪
♪ And you’re standing here
beside me ♪
♪ I love the passing of time ♪
♪ Never for money
Always for love ♪
♪ Cover up and say goodnight ♪
♪ Say goodnight… ♪
[crowd cheering]
[loud chiming]
Next, I’m gonna play the whole
city. I’m just kidding.
David, there’s something
that I have to tell you.
‘Cause even though we
haven’t seen each other
in all these years,
I still can’t believe
you consider me a friend.
Why is that?
Because we haven’t the
slightest thing in common.
You have such
precise thoughts,
ideas that you turn
into reality
and they call you
the most extraordinary thing,
an artist,
and they’re right.
David Byrne is an artist.
Well, you did that
when you were performing.
Fuck I was, David,
the fuck I was.
I was a fucking pop star.
And I just wrote dreary songs
because they were all the rage
and made tons of money,
just depressed songs
for depressed kids,
And two of them,
more fragile than the rest,
ended up doing themselves in
as a result of it.
And now, I go to a cemetery
once a week to appease my guilt
and it doesn’t make it better,
it makes it fucking worse!
And then my wife asks me
why I don’t play anymore!
And I think she must
be a fool because…
But then she maybe,
she just loves me very much,
which makes her more of a fool
because she doesn’t know what
a disaster her husband is!
And that’s it, David,
that’s it!
[man] Before the inferno,
I had a light heart.
As a child, I liked
to stare at the Polish sky.

The same sky that later
I saw from the camp,

stained with black stripes,
columns of smoke,
all that was left
of my relatives.
Still, that terrible sky
didn’t stop me
from marveling
at the beauty of the sky.
That’s a monstrous thought.
Like all the thoughts
of people trapped in infernos.

[♪ Pieces Of Shit: “Eliza”]
[man] Ladies and gentlemen,
Pieces Of Shit.
♪ Mama didn’t talk about ♪
♪ Nobody else ♪
♪ Daddy wouldn’t say a thing ♪
♪ He kept it to himself ♪
♪ Home improvement ♪
♪ Out by the power lines ♪
[high pitched bark]
♪ Riding to paradise ♪
♪ Ooh Eliza ♪
♪ I know
I know you are ♪
♪ Ooh Eliza come back ♪
♪ It’s not that far ♪
♪ Ooh Eliza I know ♪
♪ Right from wrong… ♪
[car alarm sets]
[thunder rumbles]
Do you have a free room?
They’re all free.
[Obama on TV] Yes,
we need fewer guns
in the hands of people

who shouldn’t have them.
Yes, we need more money
for our schools

and more outstanding teachers
in the classroom
and more after school programs
for our children.

Yes, we need more jobs
and more job training

and more opportunity
in our community…
[TV channel changes]
[man] Touchdown for the senior!
Flat out mission to tackle…
– [Cheyenne] Hi Jane.
[Jane] Hey.
How are you?
I think the dog has a cough
’cause someone keeps coughing

in this place
and it’s certainly not me.
Any news from Tony?
Nope. You sleeping OK?
You sound wiped out.

No, I’m not
in the least bit tired.
I board the ship
in half an hour.
You worried?
– Well, who knows.
You can’t tell how rough
it’s going to be from the port.
Hmm. Is Dick OK?
Richard’s fine. He’s grown
into a very handsome man.
Except I think
he has false teeth.
[Jane laughs]
[♪ Trevor Green: “This Must Be
the Place (Naive Melody)”]
Why are you laughing?
They’re bleached is all,
or veneers, maybe.

[Cheyenne] Well, it’s just
that they’re so perfect

that I can’t believe
that they’re real.
Maybe you’re right.
Maybe I’m just jealous.
[Jane chuckling]
You come back to me
in one piece, OK?

[Cheyenne] Well,
in a week from now,
I’ll be home.
[hangs up receiver]
♪ Home ♪
♪ Is where I want to be ♪
♪ Pick me up ♪
♪ And turn me round ♪
♪ I feel numb ♪
♪ Born with a weak heart ♪
♪ Guess I must be having fun ♪
♪ The less we say about it ♪
♪ The better… ♪
Didn’t you use
to drink a lot?
[music continues
quietly in background]
Enough to decide to stop.
You like tattoos?
I was just asking myself that
when I was looking at you.
I don’t know.
I haven’t made up my mind.
I make tattoos
for a living.
That must be a good job.
Not a job.
It’s an art.
Have you noticed
how nobody works anymore?
and everybody
does something artistic?
And what do you do?
Well, at this
particular moment…
…I’m trying
to fix up a sad boy…
…and a sad girl.
But it’s not easy.
I suspect
that sadness is not
compatible with sadness.
I fixed up my aunt,
she’s handicapped,
with a friend
of mine, a barber.
Good barber.
It’s a beautiful thing.
They keep each other company.
And they’re
grateful to me.
Another beautiful thing.
Life is full
of beautiful things.
But gratitude is the most
beautiful thing of all.
And what are you doing here
in the godforsaken place?
I’m looking for a Nazi criminal
from Auschwitz.
Aren’t they all dead?
That’s what I thought, too,
but apparently they’re not.
And what are you gonna do
when you find him?
[thunder rumbles]
[doorbell rings]
Would you like
to kill me, dear?
No, ma’am.
Why would I want to do that?
I’m John Smith,
a former student of yours.
And I was in the area
and I thought
I would stop by
and say hello.
John Smith?
Hmm. No, I don’t
recall that name.
That’s odd because
I remember all my students.
Well, of course in high school
I didn’t dress like this
or wear makeup.
Then why do you do it
now that you’re grown, John?
I don’t like this one bit.
You have to promise me
that you will address
this problem of yours.
I promise.
That’s not the point.
The point is your name
doesn’t ring a bell.
Maybe because
it’s such a common name.
[woman] Emily, I want you
to be a good girl.
Don’t make a mess.
You have to stay in here
because I have a visitor.
Do you like my student?
– Of course not.
– [chuckles quietly]
Jackie has a terrible temper.
I really enjoyed
your history lessons, ma’am.
Thank you, dear.
I still remember one
that was very memorable…
…about the Holocaust.
– The Holocaust?
– Mmm.
Oh, that’s odd. We never used
to get to that till the end
of the school term,
and then we would just
rush right through it.
Sometimes I would
skip it altogether.
Not my year.
I remember it. It was very…
Well, naturally,
it… it…
It was a tragedy.
The children.
No one should ever
touch the children.
Why did the Germans
decide to exterminate
the Jews?
I don’t know, dear.
That… that’s one of those
million dollar questions,
I’m afraid.
But so many books
have been written about it
and you’re a historian so you
must have thought about it.
They wanted their money.
– Their money?
– Mmm.
But not all
the Jews were rich.
They all had something.
This tea is delicious.
No, it’s not.
I don’t make good tea.
I tried to develop the habit
but I have never had
a life of habits.
How is your husband?
My husband is dead,
He’s been dead
for ten years.
I’m sorry.
And your children?
[forced chuckle]
Nathan lives in Asia.
I never see him.
That’s a shame.
Well, Nathan was a…
…complicated soul.
We do get to see my
granddaughter, Rachel.
I… I get to see Rachel…
…every once in a while.
– [loud clatter]
– Emily!
Be a good girl!
[distant clock chimes]
Well, it’s been
a real pleasure,
but I must be going now.
John Smith.
I simply don’t
remember that name.
It’ll come to you.
Sooner or later.
[distant dog barking]
[tapping sound]
[goose honks]
[breathes heavy]
[woman] Goodnight, Emily.
[♪ Iggy Pop: “The Passenger”]
♪ Oh, the passenger ♪
♪ How, how he rides ♪
♪ Oh, the passenger ♪
♪ He rides and he rides ♪
♪ He looks through his window ♪
♪ What does he see? ♪
♪ He sees the sign
and hollow sky ♪
♪ He sees the stars
come out tonight ♪
♪ He sees the city’s
ripped backsides ♪
♪ He sees the winding
ocean drive ♪
♪ And everything was made
for you and me ♪
♪ All of it was made
for you and me ♪
♪ ‘Cause it just belongs
to you and me ♪
♪ So let’s take a ride
and see what’s mine ♪

♪ Singing la, la, la, la
la, la, la, la ♪
♪ La, la, la, la
la, la, la, la ♪
♪ La, la, la, la
la, la, la, la, la, la ♪
[♪ The Pieces of Shit:
“You Can Like It”]
♪ Harmonize happiness ♪
♪ With fear and doubt ♪
♪ And use the whole song ♪
♪ To cleave that rock ♪
♪ Take your hands
from your pockets ♪
♪ And the key from the lock ♪
♪ And you can like it ♪
♪ But you can’t come in ♪
♪ There is no there there ♪
♪ That love is just pretend ♪
♪ It seems astounding ♪
♪ It didn’t feel so far ♪
♪ But turn around babe ♪
♪ The love was where you are ♪
No shit.
Now I remember you.
You sang
with Mick Jagger once.
I know him. He’s a good singer.
I like the way he dances.
Listen, your cheeseburger
is a bit too well done.
You don’t mind, do ya?
That’s life.
You know what
the problem is… Rachel?
Without realizing it, we go
from an age where we say,
“My life will be that,”
to an age
where we say, “That’s life.”
Hey, man, I’m sorry.
I didn’t do it on purpose.
I’m sorry, really.
We’ll be more careful.
It’s not a question
of being careful.
It’s a question of knowing
how to play ping-pong.
It’s, uh…
It’s your point.
You win this next one,
the game’s yours.
It’s your serve.
We can wrap this up
tomorrow if you want.
Just let me know.
That’s not fair,
I was distracted.
It’s a common problem
among youth: distraction.
Don’t forget
to leave a tip.
I’m not that kind of girl.
I’m not that kind of boy.
He’s afraid of the water.
But he’s a brave boy.
He gets over all my crises.
What were you doing
when you were my age?
Like other
than playing music?
Sniffing heroin.
You didn’t shoot up?
I’m afraid of needles.
Fear saves us every time.
Every time.
But you have to choose
a moment in your life,

even one…
…to not be afraid.
[Rachel] And have you
chosen that moment?
[Cheyenne] Yes.
This one.
I can’t explain why
I didn’t talk to my father
for 30 years.
I must’ve thought
that there was…
…some mutual contempt.
When I was 15 I decided
that he didn’t love me
because I made up my eyes
exactly as I do now.
And when you’re a kid,
it’s very hard to back off
of your decisions.
But I pretended to be
a kid for too long.
And it’s only now
that I realize…
…that a father can’t help…
…but love his child.
Not having kids
has really, really
screwed me over.
Now that I realize it
it’s too late.
It’s better late than never.
That’s not true!
Late is late!
[jet engine roaring]
[Rachel] There’s
an Air Force base nearby.
Lots of military live here.
We also have the biggest
pistachio in the world here.
It’s a sculpture.
It’s even in the Guinness Book
of World Records.

And the littlest one,
where is that?
I know how to sing.
I have no doubt.
But I don’t know
how to play.
That’s not true. My mom said
you were a singer.
He even sang
with Mick Jagger.
Actually, Mick Jagger…
…sang with me,
it was his idea.
Wow, rock history revealed
right here
in our house, Tommy.
Can you play something?
Please, just one song.
I don’t play anymore,
and besides, I don’t even
know if I remember how.
My music teacher said once
you learn you never forget.
Maybe he was just
trying to be nice
or he wanted to worm
some money out of you.
Please, just one.
What do you want me to play?
“This Must Be The Place”
by Arcade Fire.
Nonsense. “This Must Be the
Place” is by The Talking Heads.
No, it’s by Arcade Fire.
Trust me, you’re delusional.
“This Must Be the Place”
is by The Talking Heads.
Arcade Fire
merely did a cover.
♪ Home is where I…
– Where are you going?
I was just seeing
if the guitar was in tune.
Oh, sorry.
♪ Home is where I want to be ♪
♪ Pick me up
and turn me round ♪

♪ I feel numb
Born with a weak heart ♪
♪ Guess I must be having fun ♪
♪ The less we say
about it the better ♪
♪ Make it up as we go along ♪
♪ Feet on the ground
Head in the sky ♪
♪ It’s OK I know
nothing’s wrong ♪
♪ Nothing ♪
♪ Hi yo
We got plenty of time ♪

♪ Hi yo
You got light in your eyes ♪
♪ And you’re standing here
beside me ♪
♪ I love the passing of time ♪
♪ Never for money
Always for love ♪
♪ Cover up and say goodnight ♪
♪ Say goodnight ♪
Thank you. It was a pleasure
performing with you.
[Rachel chuckles]
[Cheyenne] And you?
What’s your relationship
with your father?
[Rachel] It’s good.
Even though
I never see him.
He lives in Hong Kong and he
never comes back to America.
But there’s some dark shadows
in my family, too.
Oh, really?
Like everyone’s, I guess.
My father, for example,
he broke off all relations
with his parents years ago.
And I never knew why.
I asked him a thousand times
and he’d never really say.
Did you ever ask your
grandparents about it?
[Rachel] They were
just as evasive.
Once, when I was 12…
…my grandfather told me
something I’ve never forgotten.
He said, “Whatever happens,
remember I’ll always
be part of your life.”
And there were tears
in his eyes when he said it.
Do you ever see him?
No, hardly ever.
He lives far away,
in a little town in Utah.
I can’t make love
with you, Rachel.
I’m married.
[coyote howling]
[rooster crowing]
[man] Before the inferno,
there was home.
I remember sneaking my first
kiss in the backyard when
I was 13.

[♪ Trevor Green: “This Must Be
the Place (Naive Melody)”]
The smell of my mother’s
cooking, the noise,
and everyone talking.
And the black clouds.
The thrill
of approaching thunder.

I remember watching
the darkening sky
from the safety of the corner,
near the window.

I remember the warm blankets
covering me
when I was sick with fever,
a cool hand
on my forehead,

blissful boredom
and shivers of joy.
At home,
you are never really alone.

Camp tears you
apart from each other.

It forces you alone
with your thoughts.
It creates
a new kind of death,
a breathing death.
[truck horn blares]
♪ Hi yo ♪
♪ Hi yo ♪
[man] There are many ways
of dying.
The worst of them is to
continue living utterly alone.

♪ Hi yo ♪
♪ Hi yo ♪
♪ You got light
in your eyes ♪

Any word from Tony?
[Jane] No.
What are you doing?
Are you out there, trying
to find yourself or something?
No, Jane,
not trying to find myself.
I’m in New Mexico,
not India.
When are you coming home?
I’ll call you later.
♪ Always for love ♪
♪ Cover up and say ♪
♪ Goodnight ♪
♪ Say goodnight ♪
Change the oil recently?
About an hour and a half ago.
You put too much in it.
Too much oil can cause
a spontaneous combustion.
It can happen.
Pretty unusual,
but it sure can happen.
A lot of unusual things
have been happening
to me lately.
[door chiming]
[door closes]
[Cheyenne] Hi.
What sort of weapon
are you interested in?
One that hurts.
Well, you came to the right
place. Let me show you some.
[man] Yeah,
you’re looking at it,
the only pistol in the world
that packs the power of a rifle,
but without all the bulk.
I don’t know
the first thing about guns.
I do.
That pistol there lets you shoot
and kill with precision
from 250 feet.
And it doesn’t just give you
the satisfaction of the kill.
It lets you kill with impunity
which is a whole different
Believe me, it’s an
extraordinary thing
to kill with impunity.
Rare shift in perspective
in a human being’s life story.
If we’re licensed
to be monsters,
we end up having…
…just one desire:
to truly be monsters.
[car lock beeps]
– Hey, are you
by any chance Cheyenne?
– Cheyenne what?
No, I mean, I was just asking,
you’re Cheyenne, right?
No, that’s not me.
[indistinct chatter]
May I sit with you?
Well, certainly. Sit down.
Are you, uh, traveling?
Well, what exactly
is the difference?
I don’t know
exactly the difference.
But I always thought
that travelers were
a pain in the ass.
I feel the same way.
Death to the backpack.
That’s a good model
you’ve got there.
It’s a nice balance
between the mechanics and…
…the storage capacity.
Are you in
the luggage business?
We’ll get to that.
But first… [clears throat]
…tell me the reason
you wanted to meet me.
I’m looking for a German.
[chuckles] Well, you’ve
come to the right place.
The Germans
come here on vacation.
They love it here.
Reminds them of the Alps.
And when they go back home, they
can say they’ve been to America.
I’m looking for
a different kind of German.
I’m looking for one who
lives here and his name
is Aloise Lange.
He was a friend
of my father’s.
And I wanted to…
…pay him a visit.
– Do you know him?
– Uh…
We’ll get to that.
Now, do you remember
back when suitcases
with wheels didn’t exist?
You had to carry your bags or
lug them over your shoulder?
They were always so heavy,
everybody’s sweating
and swearing all the time.
And then,
someone comes along,
it was really just a few years
ago, if you think about it,
with the bright idea
of putting wheels on the thing.
And, poof,
all at once, your suitcase
isn’t heavy anymore.
And every day, I ask myself
the same question:
why didn’t anyone
think of it sooner?
Why do you ask yourself the same
fucking question every day?
Because I’m that someone
who had the bright idea.
Are you pulling my leg?
No. I would never
do such a thing.
I’m Robert Plath.
I was a pilot
with Northwest Airlines.
And in 1988, I had an idea.
And so I tested it out
in my garage
and then I patented it.
I won’t call it a success
because it was a revolution.
[Cheyenne snickers]
[Robert] Now, there are 150
residents in Huntsville

and only one of them
has a German accent.
He’s pretty slight,
and his name
isn’t Aloise Lange,
it’s Peter Smith.
He lives in the log cabin
on the hill heading east.

He’s older than I am,
and more handsome,
I think. [chuckles]
And I can’t say
that I like this Peter Smith.
[canary chirps]
[♪ Jonsi & Alex: “Happiness”]
[whispering] Tony.
[deep breathing sound]
[deep breathing continues]
[all exclaiming]
[man shouts in German]
I apologize, but it’s only
right you only know I did it
on purpose.
[swings creaking]
[cheering on TV]
How did you get in here?
Who the fuck
do you think I am?
Here I’ve spent most of my life
tracking down these bastards
who’ve hidden themselves away
in hotels all over the world
and you have the nerve to ask me
how I managed to find my way
into a tourist motel
in the middle of Utah.
Hmm. How did you
know I was here?
Ahh, America’s a tiny place.
It wasn’t easy at first.
No cell phone.
I will never have a cell phone,
never, never, never, never have
a cell phone.
What am I gonna do? You’re
a fucking pain in the ass.
It’s a powerful feeling
but it softened a bit
during your absence.
It’s coming back
in full force now.
Aloise Lange doesn’t live here
anymore, he ran away.
He doesn’t go by the name
of Aloise Lange anymore.
He goes by the name
Peter Smith.
Ooh, fucking-a,
a genuine detective.
Pack your beauty case,
we’re getting out of here.
Where are we going?
To the end of life.
Exactly where your friend is.
How do you know that?
I know because my name
is Mordecai Midler.
I know because I have a phone
and 1,500 informants.
I pick it up, I dial a number,
I find people.
Now, get your things.
I gotta go take a leak.
[sports announcer
shouting on TV]
[door knob rattling]
[banging on door]
[Mordecai] Hey, Cheyenne,
come here, give me a hand.
This door’s…
Goddamn thing is jammed.
Are you kidding?
– [Mordecai] No, no.
The fucking thing won’t open.
– [rattling door]
All right, do me a favor.
Call the guy at the reception
desk. He’s got a master key.
No fucking way.
A detective like you
who’s flushed out
of Nazi criminals…
…and you can’t manage to get
yourself out of the john.
– You’ve gotta be kidding.
– [whispering] Asshole.
[labored breathing]
Why do you have to pull this
bullshit on my at my age, huh?
[thunder rumbles]
Let’s find a…
– Uh, this may seem
trivial but…
– When I was seven years old…
…I saw the numbers
on my father’s forearm
and I asked him what
they were and he said…
And he said the number…
that’s our telephone number.
That’s why Jews
always dial the wrong number.
I’ve spent most of my life
in hotel rooms and…
[sighs] …cheap inns,
inside a car,
here, in Argentina,
Brazil, in Syria.
You know something?
I loved it.
And, uh, you know
something else?
I’m convinced
that you liked it too.
Because I’m convinced that
you are in a great need
for distraction.
You’re right. I liked it.
Yes, I thought so.
This place
makes me feel so good.
Mountains make me feel
at peace with the world.
You know, it’s like
putting on a necktie.
[wind howling]
Can you even use
that pistol?
How the fuck did you know
I had a pistol?
Because I know.
Guess I’ve been
at war all my life.
It never ends.
[man] One:
Hitler had a private study,
2,000 square feet.
But he kept telling his
architect it was too small.
Goering built a house
just like Hitler’s.
Hitler would have liked to have
a house just like Goering’s.
Bormann would have liked
to have a house just like
if Himmler had managed
to build one like Goering’s.
Everybody imitated
everybody else.
Everybody but the Jews,
they didn’t imitate anyone.
Two: Humiliation.
If you want to survive, you have
to really know the person
who is trying
to kill you at all costs.
I survived.
Your father tried
to kill me for years,
due to the following episode.
In the winter ’43,
during roll call,
he did something wrong.
I don’t remember what,
but I threatened to let
the German shepherd
tear him to pieces.
The dog growled at him.
He was so scared,
he peed in his pants.
And I…
…bursted out
with laughing.
That’s what happened.
That was his humiliation.
Compared to the horrors
of Auschwitz,
it was nothing.
But your father
never forgot it.
He used to write me letters.
He would say words,
most atrocious word…
…most beautiful words.
Letters that my wife,
who was a shrewd woman,
would send on to me.
By the way,
she remembered you, finally,
but not because
you were her student.
I hated your father
because his obsession
with me
made my life impossible.
But I have to say
that he completely
won me over.
The unrelenting
beauty of revenge.
An entire life dedicated
to avenging a humiliation.
That’s what
I call perseverance.
Greatness, even.
On the other side
of the barbed wire,
we too…
…we too looked
at the snow.
…at God.
God is like…
God is…
Never mind.
I can’t remember any more.
[loud click]
It’s such an injustice
that my father died before you.
Holy shit.
[car beeping]
[Cheyenne] Something’s
not quite right here.
I’m not sure what, exactly.
But something.
[starts engine]
[♪ The Pieces Of Shit:
“If It Falls It Falls”]
♪ So don’t pretend
that this isn’t what ♪

♪ You wanted to come true ♪
♪ If it falls, it falls
and rains all around ♪

♪ And it’s because of you ♪
♪ Things that you were
Were made to do ♪

♪ Things put inside
Things flown through you ♪
♪ I feel like ♪
♪ I’m being burned
by the evil that formed you ♪
[Mordecai] Listen, I have
to tell you something.
Your father loved you.
How do you know that?
He… told me.
♪ Didn’t I try?
Didn’t I, didn’t I… ♪

That’s not true,
but it’s nice of you to say.
♪ To find in my life ♪
♪ In my body and mind ♪
♪ The seed, the stem
the flower and fruit ♪

♪ That to you it was denied ♪
♪ All of your life ♪
[Mary] Didn’t get together
with Desmond.
You’re right. I don’t
know anything about boys.
So I talked to Jane.
She was crying.
So strange to see Jane cry.
Do you hear me, Cheyenne?
Last night, my mother
took me by the hand.
And she said that pain…
…is not a final destination.
She didn’t really believe it.
What I do understand
is that sometimes people leave.

My brother left…
…and you left.
Go on.
♪ And when the chances
are given ♪

♪ Darling, didn’t I fly ♪
♪ Open it
Rip it up ♪
♪ What I had
What I have ♪
♪ Didn’t I fly ♪
♪ Open it
Rip it up ♪
♪ Didn’t I say
Didn’t I call ♪

♪ Didn’t I rail
my voice of it all ♪
♪ Couldn’t you hear
Couldn’t you reach ♪
♪ Cross the sky
Peel my hands ♪

♪ Off my cheek
Peeling my hands ♪
[Jane] And then three months
later, he came back to us.
♪ My face ♪
♪ My face ♪
♪ Is yours ♪
[Jane] Chey came back
all grown up,
so maybe Tony will, too.
[man] Then,
during the inferno,
we too, from the other side
of the barbed wire…
…we too looked at the snow.
And at God.
That’s how God is,
an infinite
and stupefying form.
– [snickers]
Beautiful, lazy
and still,
with no desire
to do anything.

Like certain women who,
when we were boys,

we only dared dream about.
[Jane] Today,
we woke up together.
I’m gonna let him
kick my ass at handball later.

It’s called love.
[♪ Gloria: “This Must Be
the Place (Naive Melody)”]
♪ Home is where I want to be ♪
♪ Pick me up
and turn me round ♪
♪ I feel numb ♪
♪ Born with a weak heart ♪
♪ I guess I must
be having fun ♪
♪ The less we say
about it the better ♪

♪ Make it up as we go along ♪
♪ Feet on the ground
Head in the sky ♪
♪ It’s OK, I know
nothing’s wrong ♪
♪ Nothing’s wrong ♪
♪ Hi yo ♪
♪ I got plenty of time ♪
♪ Hi yo ♪
♪ You got light in your eyes ♪
♪ And now you’re standing
here beside me ♪
♪ I love the passing of time ♪
♪ Never for money
Always for love ♪
♪ Cover up and say goodnight ♪
♪ Say goodnight ♪
[radio scanning frequencies]
[♪ Gavin Friday:
“Lord, I’m Comin'”]
♪ I think I fell in love ♪
♪ You smile alone
like a drunken drug ♪
♪ Has gone and left me ♪
♪ Lord I’m comin’ ♪
♪ I think I sold my soul ♪
♪ To what to who ♪
♪ I still don’t know ♪
♪ My world is broken ♪
♪ My world is broken ♪
♪ And all the big mistakes ♪
♪ Who knows who’s right ♪
♪ Who cares who’s wrong ♪
♪ Lord, I’m comin’ ♪
♪ Oh, Lord, I’m comin’ ♪
♪ I never knew the sound ♪
♪ The sound of fear ♪
♪ Till I hit the ground ♪
♪ And I’m dying ♪
♪ Lord, I’m dying ♪
♪ The little things in life ♪
♪ The way you talk
The way you smile ♪
♪ And I miss you ♪
♪ You know I miss you ♪
♪ I think I fell in love ♪
♪ But now the hurt
The hurt is gone ♪
♪ And I’m homeless ♪
♪ Lord, I’m homeless ♪

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