There's a way to actually play fortnite season 1 in 2020…

Fortnite Season 1 in 2020 bruh.. It can’t get more OG then this. I’m pretty sure this is Beta too.

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Hey everyone, today we went back and used a fortnite time traveler. lol not really. Theres a version of the old fortnite developed and i cant even lie seeing places like tilted towers not being there. The old fortnite map. Double Pump. Loot Lake (Default Skin Home). Its truly a masterpiece and i honestly got so much nostalgia from this. I truly miss the old fortnite gameplay, the memes, the old fortnite seasons season 1, 2 ,3, 4. Man take me back bruh. If your tryna figure out how to play the old fortnite season 1 again. Dont ask me cause ion know.