The TRUTH About Publishing Ebooks on Amazon Kindle as a Home Business

The TRUTH About Publishing Ebooks on Amazon Kindle as a Home Business


In this video, where I am NOT selling ANYTHING except my FREE, 100% GENUINE and HONEST opinions, I aim to give you the truth and some context surrounding the popular and tempting “How to sell e-books from home as a full-time home business”.

I want to give you the truth about selling kindle ebooks on Amazon. This video is my honest opinions and not designed to upsell you into a product on how to do it right or another clever sales funnel. I do videos on a range of topics and am planning courses but this is not one of them!

This video is a free, honest and well-intended information to give you a perspective on some of the overblown claims made about selling kindle ebooks. It is not as easy as you are told to get lots of sales, even though it is relatively easy to publish an ebook for sale on the Amazon platform.

There are tons of videos on the Internet and YouTube in particular that tell you to research keywords, instruct an author and cover designer and upload a kindle ebook that will easily make you lots of money each month then to replicate across multiple ebooks to make a fortune. This sounds too good to be true and whilst it is possible, it is tough to do for the majority of us.

In this video I give you an honest appraisal of what I found when I tried to sell kindle ebooks on Amazon and what you need to be aware of to make a success of selling kindle ebooks. This is not designed to discourage you but to furnish you with accurate information as to the reality of the opportunity. If you keep going, which I hope you do with the facts in mind, I wish you all the success with it. As with most businesses, success is very possible if you work at it and overcome the obstacles that keep the majority from succeeding in the business.

I discuss the realities behind you being told to use elance to find authors, getting good covers, marketing your ebook and the reality of a growing market that is sold to you as a reason to start selling, but in reality means it gets tougher to sell your ebooks. Please give the video a like if you enjoyed it and if you found the information helpful. I continue to enjoy publishing and writing books for sale, which is cheap as I write them myself. It’s a fun thing to do.

Thank you for watching my video.

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