The Simplest and Most Effective Fat Burning Workout Ever – BODY SCULPT BOOTCAMP | Marino Korotaj |

In this video I will show you and teach you how you can do a very effective workout for yourself without needing too much space, time and without equipment with only 4 EXERCISES!

Due to the corona crisis, many gyms are closed, so a lot of people don’t know HOW AND WHERE TO TRAIN.

That is why today I will present you a special type of training called BODY SCULPT BOOTCAMP (BSBC).

This is one typ of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) who challange you mind, body, soul, burns FAT fast, build MUSCLES fast and bring you in the SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!


1.) YOU CAN DO IT ANYWHERE – you don’t need a lot of space and you can do it in the house (living room, bedroom …), outside, also if you go on a business trip or a family trip you can do it in a hotel or apartment
2.) IT DOESN’T TAKE A LOT OF TIME – lasts 20-30 minutes (depending on how fast you do the exercises)
3.) YOU DON’T NEED EQUIPMENT – you can only use bodyweight exercises, but if you have some equipment (elastic bands, kettlebell, TRX …) you can put them in training to be more intense
4.) YOU ONLY NEED 4 EXERCISES – without too much effort you can arrange a very effective training for yourself
5.) IT IS FOR EVERYONE, FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED – everyone determines the intensity of training for themselves


You can choose 4 exercises that you like

I would recommend taking one for:
3.) ABS

Now follows the most important part and that is the training component

That means we will make a total of 6 ROUNDS

In the FIRST ROUND we will do each of the 4 exercises 16 REPS without a break between exercises. This is followed by a 30 second pause.
In the SECOND ROUND we will then do 14 REPS of each exercise, in the THIRD ROUND 12 REPS and in that rhythm until the 6th ROUND in which we end with 6 REPS. So in each round we reduce by 2 reps.

The break between rounds is 30 SECONDS!

You only need 3-4 times a week of this training to achieve amazing results


1.) PUSH UPS (upper body)
2.) SQUATS (lower body)
4.) BURPEES (komplex)

1. Round:

16 x Push – Ups
16 x Squats
16 x Mountain Climber
16 x Burpees

30 sek rest

2. Round:

14 x Push – Ups
14 x Squats
14 x Mountain Climber
14 x Burpees

30 sek rest

3. Round:

12 x Push – Ups
12 x Squats
12 x Mountain Climber
12 x Burpees

30 sek rest

4. Round:

10 x Push – Ups
10 x Squats
10 x Mountain Climber
10 x Burpees

30 sek rest

5. Round:

8 x Push – Ups
8 x Squats
8 x Mountain Climber
8 x Burpees

30 sek rest

6. Round:

6 x Push – Ups
6 x Squats
6 x Mountain Climber
6 x Burpees

Here I going to give you some examples for trainings:

1.) Pull Ups
2.) Jump squats
3.) Bycicle abs
4.) Jumping Jacks

1.) Press Ups
2.) Walking Lunges
3.) Russian Twist
4.) Half Man Makers

1.) KB Swing
2.) KB Deadlift
3.) Leg Raises
4.) KB American Swing + Rotate

1.) TRX Back Row
2.) One Leg Squat
3.) Spider Abs on TRX
4.) Side to side taping

After this don’t forget to do my 10 MIN SIXPACK WORKOUT ( if you still have energy)

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