The Octagon

Chuck Norris is back in this action-packed martial arts showcase co-starring the legendary Lee Van Cleef. Norris takes on his adoptive brother and a training camp where terrorists are being taught the secret killing techniques of the ninja!
[insects trilling]
[Scott whispers, echoes]
Does anyone know?

How can they?
We’re at the beginning.
[echoing] No.
No, not at the beginning.
There’s no perspective.
Why did you do it?
[suspenseful music playing]
[man] Hold it right here.
I’m not getting any closer
to that place.
Hey, where the hell are we?
Relax, fella.
Everybody out.
End of the line.
Hey, listen.
What are you trying to pull?
My people paid for
the full ticket for this trip.
Start walking,
two kilometers down the road.
Go. Move it.
[suspenseful music continues]
[dog barking]
[water bubbling]
[ominous music playing]
[tires screeching]
[loud cheering]
[indistinct chatter]
Thank you so much.
That’s the kind of girl
I’d like to settle down with.
Pretty, but not too pretty.
I’m so glad you came.
Good body, nice smile.
Good in bed. You can tell that
by the way she moves.
-Maybe you should ask her out.
I owe it to myself.
It’s time for me to get
something meaningful going.
I’m tired of dating
these space cadets.
What did you call me?
You’re right about the smile.
I’ll let you know
about the rest later.
A.J., you better apologize
to me.
What for?
I said that for your benefit.
I knew you were standing there.
You really expect me
to believe that?
I enjoyed your performance
very much.
Thank you.
He was shot down
right in the street.
It was definitely
a terrorist gang that did it.
There’s no doubt about it.
When did that happen?
Oh, sometime this morning.
Did the police
catch any of them?
Somebody got taken
into custody,
but they didn’t
give his name.
He wasn’t an American,
was he?
Oh, I don’t know.
That is… I don’t know why
I asked
such an odd question.
People tell me I’m psychic.
Sure am looking forward
to Mexican food.
Uh, table for two.
-Your name, sir?
-Scott James.
[ominous music playing]
Kill the family.
[gentle guitar music playing]
I can’t figure out whether
tequila is the only thing
I can drink,
or it’s the salt that keeps me
from throwing up.
Just as long as it keeps me
out of the bathroom
with porcelain worship.
You’re not obligated to tell me
what’s bothering you,
but you’re not obligated
to sit here
and pretend nothing’s
wrong either.
Thank you.
I’m glad you asked me out.
So am I.
That’s a complete lie.
But who knows?
Maybe if I quit acting
so dingy,
it’ll turn out
to be the truth.
I like the way
you incorporated
the martial arts
into your dance tonight.
How’d you get involved?
-In martial arts?
I’m not.
My brother studied
for years.
It was something
I grew up with.
What, does he compete?
I… I imagine he could
if he wanted to.
He studied overseas
for a while.
But I’m sure that doesn’t
impress someone like you.
It did me.
I guess it’s still does or
I wouldn’t have mentioned it.
You know what interests me?
Why you monitor yourself
so heavily.
Having to live with my parents
till I get a job doesn’t help.
Plus, it’s hell being a dancer
trying to get a job in L.A.
[dogs barking]
Come on in.
[Scott’s voice echoing]
There’s someone here.

I feel it.
[Nancy] Not again.
I just changed that bulb
last Tuesday.
[Scott] Where?
Stay down.
Don’t get up!
Help! Somebody–
[screams] Somebody–
[both grunting]
Nancy! [groans]
Oh, my God.
[Scott’s voice echoing]

It has to be.
But they don’t
exist anymore.

Operator, give me the police.
[Scott’s voice echoing]
They can’t exist.

Nobody knows except me…
and Seikura.
Come forward.
[man] Bastards, what the hell
are you trying to do to me?
Your first teaching…
Expect the unexpected,
-and trust no one.
-[man continues screaming]
In coming here for training,
you have made a commitment
beyond your
individual causes.
-[man bangs door]
-[man] You bastards!
Whether they be political,
religious, or purely mercenary.
[man] Son of a bitch!
You are now bound
by certain codes.
You prefer death
to capture.
And nothing
can persuade you
to reveal the technique
of your training,
or the location
of this place.
If you do so, your family,
sons, daughters, wives,
brothers, sisters
will be killed without regard.
Son of a bitch!
You’re gonna pay for this.
[A.J.] You know,
I’ve been thinking about
what happened
last night.
It really burns my ass.
[Scott] Wasted energy, pal.
[A.J.] Look, you got your
reasons for not wanting
to fight anymore,
that’s your business.
But don’t get
sanctimonious about it.
[phone ringing]
Sorry. That was a cheap shot.
Just that these terrorists.
I just don’t go for it.
They weren’t terrorists.
They were ninja.
What you mean
they weren’t terrorists?
You know that guy they
caught in Paris yesterday
is Nancy’s brother?
-Where did you hear that?
-It’s in the newspaper.
Listen, you wanna
grab breakfast here,
or that coffee shop
by the gym?
I don’t think I’m gonna
workout this morning.
-I’m gonna go for a drive.
-Hey, Scott.
You saw worse in the war,
a lot worse.
I think you’re just
letting this thing
get out of proportion.
You only knew the girl
a few hours.
It’s not just the girl.
[Scott’s voice echoes]
I know the answer.

Only you can train ninja.
Seikura, you’re my brother.
Fine. Fine.
Come on, come on.
That’s it. Don’t get mad.
Don’t get mad.
[Scott’s voice echoes]
If you’re involved,
McCarn will know.

He’s anti-terrorist.
[dog barking]
I gotta take that down.
Beats me what kind of
an S.O.B.
can kill a fine animal
like that.
This bastard though…
I’m a merciful man.
If my first shot’s not clean,
I’ll grant almost any man
a second bullet,
except this bastard.
Him, I’ll let suffer.
Bother you,
me talking like that?
Why should it?
I’ve heard it all before.
Yeah, that’s what puzzles me.
You hear it,
but you don’t act on it.
As much as
you condemn me
for living to kill,
it’s people like you
who are paving the way
for others to have
to kill to live.
I ran into some ninja
last night.
I thought maybe
you might know
how they came about
being in the country.
Hold on. I’ve got a pretty
good sense of history.
If you saw ninjas,
you’re seeing ghosts.
My interest is personal,
not business.
That’s the mistake
right there.
You, uh, you see
these ninja often,
or just when
it’s a full moon?
[dog barking]
If you hear anything,
I would appreciate it
if you’d let me in on it.
By the way,
Randy’s working
for me now.
I don’t believe it.
Well, why not?
A man only needs one good eye
to shoot a weapon.
That’s not what I meant.
I know.
You’re too happy
blaming yourself,
thinking he’d sour on life.
Hell, he’s so happy
being out of that
martial arts
competition horseshit,
it isn’t even funny.
Besides, the way he sees it,
his getting hurt
was the Lord’s will.
And looking at it that way,
you blaming yourself
only amounts to you
butting in and taking credit.
You’ve always been
good at convenient attitudes.
I’m not.
And you’re always
a gloomy S.O.B.
And I’m not.
Hey, man, you, uh,
you finish working out already?
Yeah, I got something to do.
I might be back later.
Say that, um,
that friend of yours
that was
observing yesterday,
-was that Scott James?
Man, he could put
everybody here to shame.
Uh, me included.
No, he doesn’t compete
You mean
after all this time?
Hell, man, I saw that fight.
That guy getting hurt
is no reason
for him not to compete.
You tell him that.
I already tried.
I’ll see you later.
Good Lord.
Be a hell of a lot better
if they was using
real people.
They will.
I have a bit of a problem.
Can you help me?
I can try.
That’s not
a very definite answer.
Well, you haven’t told me
what the problem is.
[scoffs] Well, it’s…
It’s rather idiotic.
[chuckles awkwardly]
Tolerance is
my middle name.
[car door closes]
Good. It’s in the back.
It seems that
my right rear wheel
is trying to get to heaven
and I’m trying to get to L.A.
Oh, boy.
How did you manage
to do that?
Uh, courage, planning.
Actually, I got on
the wrong road,
and I was trying
to turn around,
and my accelerator jammed.
Well, maybe I can angle in
behind you and give you a push.
Provided our bumpers match.
Oh, that would be lovely.
[clears throat]
Uh, incidentally,
wouldn’t it
be a lot safer
if you drove my car
and I drove yours?
Not for you, maybe.
Well, you’re a stranger.
I’d be a bloody fool
to think of you
before myself.
Keys are in.
Aren’t you giving in
too easily?
Just trying to fall
all over myself
to please
a beautiful woman.
That’s rubbish.
Glad you recognized it.
Keys are in it.
Listen, I… I am really
pressed for time.
Let me just
say thank you.
And I hope I never have
to return the favor.
And, uh, if you’re ever
in my neighborhood…
Please, 4120 Ashton.
Stop by for a drink.
I’d like that.
-Fair enough.
-Thank you.
-You’re welcome.
[engine starts]
[suspenseful music]
It’s okay.
What’re you doing here?
You ended up
with my keys.
Oh, I’m mortified.
No need.
No harm done.
Why don’t you
dismiss the taxi
and I’ll drive you
back to your car?
Aren’t you
jumping the gun?
I don’t understand.
How do you know
I’m right about the keys?
I don’t.
Could you bring me
my purse, please?
You take Bertha.
Come on, baby.
Would you like
to come in?
No, thanks.
Would you come inside
if I said I took
your keys deliberately?
I wish I had.
Thank you.
Let’s see.
Please, let me take you back.
It’s only proper.
One condition.
You don’t drive. I do.
[seagulls squawking]
Your name is Johann, right?
-That girl in
Nancy Bell’s dance troupe
said it was. Said you used
to work with her brother.
What do you want?
To talk to you
about an assignment.
Well, I have a job.
Yeah, I know.
I said an assignment.
Hey, hey, hey. Goodbye.
Hey, come on.
You oughta be more careful
who you talk to.
It’s easy to get mixed up
in some bad company.
You don’t look
so whistle clean yourself.
Add a couple of knife wounds
and booze
and dump him in that fleabag
hotel over on Canal Street.
While I enlighten
this young man
as to
the complete uselessness
of calling the police,
my long friendship
with his buddy, Scott,
and in general,
some intelligent
[Justine] Why haven’t you
asked me out?
Maybe I know
you expect it.
So why don’t you ask me
something I don’t expect?
Who owns this car?
I do.
That’s not what
the registration says.
What were you doing
on the road to McCarn’s place?
[Justine] Mc who?
[tires screeching]
Get down.
[tires screeching]
No, no. Don’t stop.
I want to know
who they are.
I know who they are.
You said you know
who they are.
My father owned a number
of publishing…
concerns in Europe.
And, uh…
about six months ago,
he was killed
by a terrorist.
And as the heiress
to his empire, I…
I began receiving
threatening letters
demanding that I change
editorial policies…
or else I’d be next.
I refused of course.
I was advised that
I should leave Europe,
and live here for a while.
Why didn’t you hire
a bodyguard or something?
I did. Two.
They were driving
the limousine.
I suppose
I shouldn’t complain.
Most people have
precious little to live for.
Certainly nothing to die for.
I’m sorry.
I’m being morbid.
And I’m also sorry that
you’ve been dragged
into all of this.
How about having dinner
with me tonight?
Does this mean that
I’ve suddenly become
the object for pity?
Thank you.
If this were
a hostile environment,
you, and you and you
would be alive.
And you would be
wounded or in jeopardy,
and you would be dead.
Only the body sleeps.
The mind never sleeps.
[dog barking]
I know I heard somebody.
[Scott’s voice echoes]
McCarn’s men.

McCarn and Justine.
It’s not like him
to cover up.

Why won’t he tell me?
[fires gun]
A field rat.
So what?
I killed a second before
you even saw him.
[men clamoring]
[man 1] Get back to sleep.
-This guy nailed a field rat…
-[man 2] You didn’t even
see him.
[thunder crashing]
[rain pattering]
No, not yet. Thank you.
Uh, sorry I’m late.
Oh, that’s right.
I never cared
about time per se.
Just timing.
Would you like a drink?
Got scotch, vodka…
Uh, it doesn’t matter.
Well, I’d say scotch
is a little too every day,
and vodka is not
quite cozy enough.
What’s your involvement
with McCarn?
And don’t say Mack who?
The two bodyguards that I hired
are McCarn’s men.
So the guys who chased us
is after them.
My guess is that
you hired them, too.
The truth before
even a single drink?
I don’t drink.
Well, you have a personality,
I have to manufacture one.
Come on, that doesn’t wash.
I know.
I have the most confident
looking cheekbones.
Well, originally, I planned
to hire you,
and McCarn assured me
that, that was impossible.
Hire me for what?
Find a man named Seikura.
To kill him.
Because he trains terrorists
in the ninja techniques.
The silent style of killing.
Actually, there are
three men.
Madani in
the Syrian desert,
and Kromus in Greece.
However, Madani and Kromus
were recently retired
due to the fact that
they were killed.
Yes, I had something
to do with that.
In one case,
I supplied the money
and in the others,
I supplied the information.
And what was the plan
in my case?
Well, I had hoped
to entice you
into taking a personal interest
in things.
That’s an insult to both of us.
It makes me stupid,
and you a whore.
Well, perhaps that’s why,
in a way,
I’m glad it didn’t work.
I’m glad you’re glad.
And goodbye.
Well, don’t forget
your integrity.
Without it, you come very close
to being a rock heart.
[dog barking]
[door closes]
Oh, stop it.
[Scott’s voice echoes]
It can’t be true.

Justine is lying again.
Not you, Seikura.
Not you.
Hey, honey.
Where’s the peanuts?
I told you, sir,
they’re at the other end
of the bar.
Story of my life.
The nuts are always
at the other end of the bar.
What do you mean Nancy Bell
was an operative?
That dance troupe
did a lot of traveling,
and she took advantage
to courier money
for a terrorist group that
her and her brother
were working for.
She was just tapering off
when her brother
was scooped in Paris
and spouted
everything to the cops.
Where did you hear all this?
I did a little scouting around.
Ran into a guy,
says he knows you.
Anti-terrorist named McCarn?
The thing I find hard
to believe is Nancy figuring
she could just walk away
from a terrorist group
like it was
a volleyball team?
-I mean, hell, I know
a volleyball team–
Back up. McCarn?
How did you
get to McCarn?
We were after the same guy.
A German terrorist
named Johann.
Anyway, McCarn killed him
before I could talk to him.
Then McCarn and I started
to have a few words.
A.J., what is going on
with you?
What happened last night
hit just a little too close
to home for my taste.
That’s fine.
But it’s not up to me
or you–
Well, who is it up to?
The cops? The government?
They can’t do jack shit.
These gangs
are trans-national.
Other countries won’t even
honor extradition.
I told you they were ninja.
Phew, talk about
world class killers.
Hey, wait a minute.
They’ve been outlawed
for over 300 years.
That doesn’t mean
they have completely
Come on, Scott.
I mean,
we have to train hard.
But ninja? Those guys used to
have to pull a bow
for three years before
they let ’em use an arrow.
That kind of dedication
just doesn’t exist anymore.
Okay, have it your own way.
All right?
Look, what, are you trying
to put me off?
It’s better than talking
when you should be listening.
Well, at least I’m not
sitting on my tail
like some people I know.
What is going on?
-This isn’t like you to get–
-It is like me.
I’m just getting tired of
holding it inside.
Well, what do you plan
on accomplishing
by getting involved
in all this?
I don’t know.
Maybe nothing.
At least I don’t have to worry
about if I’m a chicken shit.
A.J., you awful thing.
[sighs] You better
apologize to me.
You know, I’ve been waiting
out in that lobby for like–
Yeah, yeah.
Just a minute.
Remember you told me
the old guy that adopted you
said you could
never go back?
What are you leading up to?
It’s been sitting in the back
of my brain for a long time.
But maybe he’s a part
of the Yakuza.
Now I’m thinking
maybe even ninja.
There’s no dark side
to my father’s nature, A.J.
Okay, Scott,
have it your own way.
Right. Come on, honey.
[Scott’s voice echoes]
They’re misdirecting me.

A.J. is right.
I have to start
helping myself.

Yeah, I’d like an assignment.
Who’s taking the orders?
[speaking Japanese]
More new recruits are scheduled
to arrive tomorrow.
If we do not graduate these,
there will be no facilities.
This is a kill.
This is a kill.
That cripples.
This kills.
This is a disgrace.
[speaking French]
The world is full of failures.
Do not intend to add
to their numbers.
[speaking French]
What did you say?
Say it in English.
I said…
you can take this place
and stick it!
[Pierre screaming]
[ominous music playing]
♪ Now circle to the left
Go round the horn ♪

♪ Now circle to the left
And here we go ♪

♪ Walking on heel
Walking on toes ♪

♪ Now right foot’s back
Go other way round ♪

♪ Pick your foot up
Put your left foot down ♪

♪ Get back home
And everybody swing ♪

[continues calling
square dance]
[music stops]
Are you Beedy?
Oh, no, those people are
all over on the other side.
I’m sorry.
Oh, that’s okay.
Well, here we go again.
♪ Walk all around
Your left hand lady ♪

♪ Seesaw around
Your pretty little doll ♪

You Beedy?
Mr. Beedy.
[Scott] I’m here to join up.
Had any experience?
Speak any slope or Arab?
[Scott] A little Japanese.
He looks like
the constipated type to me.
Give him a chair.
Let him sit.
Why do you want
to join up?
Heard the money was good.
I need some
background on you.
[suspenseful music playing]
For a ninja,
trickery is his weapon.
Illusion, way of life.
That should do it.
We will be in touch.
I appreciate it.
I still say he looks like
the constipated type.
Why did you have
to agitate him so?
I don’t like being made
a fool of.
His name ain’t Steve Colby.
It’s Scott James.
Oh, no.
Why didn’t you tell me?
What is Doggo
going to say?
More interestingly,
what’s Doggo
going to do?
What is with that Scott?
I keep calling him
and he never calls me back.
Listen, Sharkey, I’m not
his keeper, you know.
Hey, everybody knows
he listens to you.
[Scott’s voice echoes]
I’m proud of you, A.J.

I came to the expo
to see you win.

Now you resent me.
You resented
me too, Seikura.

If we were brothers,
why wasn’t
my victory yours?

[gripping music playing]
-It’s mine!
He cheated.
[father] Ask your
brother’s forgiveness.
I ask nothing.
Prove to me
you deserve it.
You have broken
the discipline
and brought
dishonor to us all.
From this day forward,
your name will not be spoken
in my presence,
nor in my home.
I reject you
and the memory
of you totally.
See to it…
that you never
seek him out.
Never make amends.
He’s no longer
your brother.
He’s your life-long enemy.
[Scott’s voice echoes]
Father, I don’t understand.

If winning
overshadows all,

why wasn’t one of us
taught to lose?

[Justine] Can you offer
a lady a kind word?
I said,
can you offer a lady
a kind word?
-Have a seat.
-Thank you.
If it’s any consolation,
you’re not the only one who
suffers from moral dilemmas.
It’s not any consolation.
Ah, I don’t confess often.
I’d like to finish.
I knew the kind of pain that
I’d be causing you
when I told you about Seikura.
And there’s a part of me
that is
a bit ashamed of that.
I’d like to believe you.
-I don’t.
Well, I’ll try another tact.
If Seikura were a good man
and he was killed,
as my father was,
wouldn’t you want
to avenge his death?
I might.
But I don’t believe in sitting
in judgment of others.
Well, to sit in judgment,
one has to care.
To care, one has to
allow oneself
to be close to people.
And I think Seikura
ruined that for you.
Who ruined it for you?
I have been very much
a spoiled brat.
And until recently,
I didn’t know that
I could care.
But now that I know that,
I want to change.
-Good luck.
I feel encouraged.
I think I’m looking
in the right direction.
I don’t.
I doubt it.
Of course you do.
I am stuck playing
this game with you.
Damn it,
help me stop it.
And I thought you’d be
off soul searching.
Uh, Justine,
this is A.J.
-My pleasure.
-How do you do?
If you two are in
the middle of something–
Oh, no, it’s okay.
There must be some reason
you’ve been hiding her.
Are you hiding me?
Game’s open to all players.
Deal me in.
Well, champagne might be
a nice opening bet.
Well, you really are
off your stride these days.
Uh, I think I’m gonna
call it a night.
I wanna talk to you
later. Okay?
[A.J.] You live here
or just visiting?
Uh, just visiting.
[A.J.] Good.
One reminder.
For the rest of your lives,
your actions
and your affiliations
will be known to us.
Any violation of the code
is punishable by death.
[knocking on door]
-Who is it?
You said you want
to talk to me?
Yeah. What did, uh,
Justine have to say?
Nothing in particular.
We had a few laughs
and a lot of champagne.
I’ll tell you one thing.
That is one lady
who’s got it all.
You better look
a little bit deeper because
she’s not out for
anyone but herself.
Well, you name anybody
with half a brain who ain’t.
There’s a difference between
that and using people.
Why you gotta figure
she’s using me?
How come you can’t figure
maybe she just likes me.
Hey, you’re taking things
the wrong way.
Scott, all the time
we’ve known each other,
I’ve never once felt bad
about losing to you.
But that doesn’t make me
second best.
You’re drunk.
I told you that
when I came in.
Hey, you know, you’re not
in town very often.
Why don’t you give
Sharkey a call?
I have nothing to talk
to Sharkey about.
[Scott’s voice echoes]
Doggo is not the answer.

But if I go
part way to them,

they’ll have to move
towards me.

[dog barking]
Look, Doggo…
Why won’t you let me
return to my group?
I thought Seikura was supposed
to send you back here
just brimming over
with discipline.
If you’re trying to change
my mind
and turn me into
one of your mercenaries–
First demonstrate that
you have a mind.
There’s some
new men here.
Come on.
I gotta look ’em over.
So move it.
All right.
Over at the benches.
Come on, sit down.
All right, listen up.
We got
employment opportunities
in South Africa,
the Mideast.
There might be something
coming up in Central America.
When your name is called,
stand over there.
Nice and obedient.
And state
your job preference.
Steve Colby.
Front and center.
Steve Colby,
that’s your real name?
Does it matter?
Are you wanted
for any crimes?
Behind on
any alimony payments,
Mr. Colby?
Then, what the hell
are you doing here?
Well, I’m pretty good
on the world market.
I figured some specialized
training could, um,
boost my price.
What kind of
specialized training?
I heard you got connections
with a guy named Seikura
who trains ninja style.
And I’d like to learn.
Well, I might, too, if I knew
what the hell a ninja was.
Any of you boys
know what a ninja is?
Isn’t it that new type
of Jap camera?
[all laughing]
[Doggo] I’m sorry.
I’m afraid you’ve made
a trip all the way
out here for nothing.
That’s too bad.
Not necessarily.
Perhaps you can give us
a little show.
Let us see what
you’re supposed to be
so good at.
Some other time.
You go when he tells you.
Know what I mean?
Oh, shit. Shit!
You son of a bitch,
I’m gonna kick your ass!
You wanna try again?
All right, all right.
You showed us your stuff.
No need to run it
into the ground.
I can go now?
Yeah, go and stay gone!
[man grunts]
Take over.
[indistinct chattering]
Doggo. Scott James
was just here, which is
no great surprise.
But who gave him
Seikura’s name?
And who warned you
that was going to happen?
I say she’s more than
a nuisance and we kill her.
You want the final say?
You got the final say.
[car honking]
Now why didn’t you
like Hamlet?
[A.J.] Dummy couldn’t
make up his mind.
All he did was go faster
and faster on smaller wheels.
[Justine clears throat] Well,
that is, uh, certainly
an interesting interpretation.
-[bike exhaust pops]
[engine revving]
-Hey, what’s wrong?
Nothing, just…
Just give me a minute
to compose myself. [gasping]
-Come on, just tell me what’s–
-No, don’t! Please!
If you don’t tell me
what’s wrong, I can’t help.
Uh-huh. I’m…
I’m sorry.
I’m just so tired
living in fear,
just [gasps] wondering
when they’re gonna…
When who’s
gonna do what?
Just hold me.
Hold me.
When are you gonna get tired
of snooping around and start
making some serious moves?
When I see a clear direction.
Clear, my foot.
You’re just setting it up
so you can back into things.
And you’re not to blame when
you have to fight your way out.
That wit or wisdom?
[chuckles] How long has it been
since you’ve been playing
with those research groups?
Well, the kind
of research I do
is not exactly “play.”
Three years.
Huh. I told you then,
“You wouldn’t last
and you won’t.”
Then why am I leaving
tomorrow for Seattle?
Better question, why did you
stay over here to see the expo?
And why are you
working out everyday?
Uh, we’ll have to get together
for a drink on my next trip.
You don’t want to leave town
until you see Tibor.
Who’s Tibor?
He’s a fundraiser
for the terrorist groups.
You don’t think those idiots
have got enough brains
to support themselves, do you?
You see, Doggo is no more
than a glorified
employment agency.
He doesn’t give a damn.
Terrorist, mercenary.
He doesn’t care who or what
he channels through his place.
Tibor, though…
Tibor is getting
to the underbelly of terrorism.
Thanks, but the whole subject’s
wearing kinda thin to me.
And to any rational person.
Until the next group
of innocent people come along
and get skyjacked,
or held hostage,
or shot.
I love the way you just
naturally downplay things.
I care.
[man] I don’t see
any bloody potatoes.
Get out of here, Olive Oil!
[utensils rattling]
[both grunting]
[car honks]
[blowing air]
Don’t tell me.
You are interested
in an all-weather coat
with a fur lining. Right?
What do you mean?
You’re not interested
in a fur lined coat?
Yeah, make me a turn.
Make me a turn.
Fully let out, no dye.
All female skins.
Believe me. Muah. [chuckles]
Then, what do you want?
Can we talk privately?
Take her to try on
the first coat.
Yeah. Come.
Well, what can I
do for you?
I need some information
about a man named Seikura.
I deal in furs,
not transistor radios.
Seikura trains men.
And Doggo supplies him
with the men.
And you supply them both
with the money.
Yes, it’s true.
I once dealt with these men.
You see, I had
a younger brother.
Fine young athlete.
He was killed
in the Olympics in Munich.
I grieved.
I wanted justice.
But you know something?
Justice is for young men.
terrorists are crazy.
Mercenaries I understand.
But terrorists? Phew.
Where does Seikura
have his training camp?
Ask Doggo.
My business
is big corporations.
Big corporations don’t concern
themselves with such details.
Only “how much
is it going to cost?”
My friend.
Before you go out there
to save the world,
I can tell you,
the world, it doesn’t
want to be saved.
Only to be left alone.
Your world maybe.
Not mine.
Are you sure
you haven’t seen A.J. today?
You’re making me crazy,
you know that?
I mean, you got
a God-given talent
and you’re wasting it.
When I think
of the money
you can make…
I’m not interested
in money.
Okay, so give it away.
Donate it to a charity.
Get rid of it.
Look, Sharkey.
I’m not interested
in fighting anymore.
I’m here to workout.
That’s all, okay?
Okay, okay. I give up.
I give up.
Listen, I got
a bout for you.
You beat this guy…
[Scott’s voice echoing]
Could I do it again?

Could I fight you now?
Stop thinking about it.
It doesn’t have
to come to that.

Why do you choose
that weapon to master?
What are you doing in here?
Doggo asked me
to get a file for him.
You know
no one’s allowed to be
be in here alone.
I’m beginning to worry
about your attitude.
What am I supposed to do?
Feel loyalty to Doggo?
All this place is
is an incubator for killers.
Hey. You ought to be grateful
you have a safe place to stay
until your group can reform.
Doggo just ordered me
to take a job in Egypt.
Do you know
what’s in Egypt?
A mouthful of dollars for him
and the privilege
of getting killed for me.
Come on, give me a break.
Give it to me.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Scott’s voice echoing] A.J…
You wouldn’t even know
each other

if it weren’t for me.
I feel responsible.
I’m the bridge.
It’s not too late.
I can still change things.
I need your help.
[gun cocks]
I like the way
you say please.
This is only because
I’m afraid of you.
This is ridiculous.
If you wanted
to take this away from me,
I couldn’t stop you.
Besides what?
The crux of things,
how I got into this.
I’m the type of person
who can’t see in advance.
Is that why I saw you
at Doggo’s compound?
May I sit down?
This is gonna
take a while to explain.
The girl defected.
That’s five people
this year, Doggo.
Is the answer what I think?
Are you less
than inspirational?
What the hell
are you talking about?
Well, consider this.
The recruits are fine
when they come back
from Seikura’s.
They’re at your place
a short time–
Seikura’s a fanatic!
-I’m a businessman.
Now depending on
how much you are enjoying
this conversation,
I’d just like to slide free
and go get the girl.
Too late, my friend.
Seikura’s enforcement troops
are already at work on it.
Well, that’s proof
of the pudding, isn’t it?
He’s a fanatic.
Well, now, that may be,
but this is for certain.
Because of
this little incident,
Seikura has placed us
on notice.
He won’t be accepting
any more of our recruits
for training.
Well, then, I guess it’s time
for a blood bath, isn’t it?
You’re not capable.
My parents, everyone.
They weren’t living.
They were existing.
All sorts of horrible things
could happen in the world
and nothing affected them.
I wanted something
to care about,
something to live for.
That’s how I got
mixed up with Doggo,
and ended up ultimately
training with Seikura.
I can’t help you.
You’re gonna have to face
your own responsibilities.
I don’t know why
I came to you.
You’re no better
than they are.
Scott, open the door!
I’m sorry,
I wouldn’t have come, I…
I… I need your help.
Have you seen A.J.?
No, why?
Because, uh…
Who is she?
Never mind.
I have something to tell you
I don’t think you’ll like.
Well, I’m waiting.
I can’t find A.J.
He’s supposed
to meet me and…
I think he’s left
to find Seikura.
Damn it, don’t accuse me.
I haven’t had time.
I am not to blame.
Well, I am and I’m…
I’m not.
I inadvertently
fueled a fire.
But I didn’t start it.
The whys and wherefores
don’t matter.
You wanted a man
for this mission
and now you’ve got one.
I wanted you,
because you could succeed.
Help me find him.
Why the sudden
What is the use
of talking to you?
I’ll find him.
You won’t do it.
I’ll find him.
Can you tell me
how to get
to Seikura’s camp?
I can’t tell you
how to get there, but…
Why not?
You trained there.
I know that I trained there.
It’s just that it’s…
It’s a little bit more
complicated than that.
A.J., thank God!
I thought you left.
In the process.
Put this in Scott James’ box.
-Don’t. Don’t.
-Why not?
You know, it feels good
having a cause.
Oh, how well I know
that it makes you feel
terribly important.
I feel important
on my own.
No, you don’t. You feel
that Scott is the better man.
That’s stupid!
You can’t compare
apples and oranges.
If it was Scott leaving,
would you try and stop him?
That’s not the point, A.J.
[suspenseful music playing]
Damn it, A.J. It’s comparing
apples and oranges.
It can’t be done!
[man] Help!
Down there.
Why am I so cold?
Hold it.
Doggo. Damn.
One of these days,
I’m gonna have to kill that…
Let’s get out of here.
Whoever it was,
he’s long gone.
Call Scott James’ room.
Tell him to get
his ass down here.
Check the destination
of that cab.
[telephone ringing]
You know, there are cops
all over the place down there.
[siren wailing]
Wait here.
[police radio chatter]
One thing I like about
the Oriental way of thinking,
it’s a double-edged sword.
to take no action
is an action.
Don’t you ever get tired
of prodding me?
Yeah, I hate
the hell out of it,
but I know my limitations.
Seikura’s beyond me now.
-Where are you going?
-After A.J.
Too late. Cab dropped him off
at the airport a half hour ago.
There’s more
than one plane flying.
Not tonight.
Not where he’s going.
And besides,
you’ll need visas.
Assuming, of course, that A.J.
manages to get to Seikura.
Where’s Seikura’s operation?
Some say Venezuela.
Some say Brazil.
I personally think
it’s some place
in Central America.
I’ll see that
you got bodyguards.
I don’t want them.
You got them anyway.
[door opens]
[door shuts]
Can you get me
to Seikura?
I can’t tell you
how to get there,
but I’ll get you there.
The sofa’s yours.
We’ll leave in the morning.
You know, Seikura’s
what I’m running away from.
Me, too.
[singing in French]
[all laughing]
[man 1 screams]
[man 2] What the hell?
Hey, we’ve had a complaint
about the noise.
What’s going on?
I’m sorry about the noise.
We’re newlyweds and I…
Guess we got
a little carried away.
All right. Well,
let’s keep it down
to a roar, huh?
Okay, you bet.
[bullet whizzes]
I told you to wait
until they hit the ground.
Now get some of the boys
and clean this place up.
All this and you still
don’t want Seikura’s hide.
All you wanna do
is stop A.J.?
That’s right.
Your business, I guess.
Always was.
Damn, I sure feel better
after killing that
son of a bitch.
Good enough to
take a vacation.
Hawaii maybe.
Sounds like a good
place to be
in the morning.
[door opens, closes]
Let’s go.
Wait a minute.
Where are we going first?
Well, I may need to
get some things.
Forget it.
I’ll loan you my shampoo.
[speaking Japanese]
He’s coming.
[speaking Japanese]
-Senor, here?
What country
in Central America?
I don’t know. I forget.
Come on. Which country
in Central America?
[speaking Spanish]
Just go away!
Come on. Which one?
[speaking Spanish]
Yeah, plenty.
We talk.
All right.
All right, you’ll get there.
Don’t worry.
How long will it take?
Uh, couple of hours.
[bell ringing]
[man speaking Spanish]
Yes, sir.
What can I do for you?
[thunder rumbling]
When are you gonna stop
treating me like a leper?
Sorry. It’s not intended.
Well, I know I’m not
the most righteous
person going.
But, you know,
I never killed anyone.
Never even hurt anyone.
Except Jimmy Suttles,
who deliberately
set my hog on fire.
[Aura chuckling]
You had a hog, huh?
I didn’t have “a” hog.
I had “the” hog.
He won all sorts of prizes.
[Scott laughs]
How much farther?
I told you, 60,
maybe 70 miles.
No matter what
you think of me,
I think that you had
a leg up on life,
and I didn’t.
What do you mean?
No matter how
Seikura turned out,
you had a brother
and a father to look up to.
Stuff like that
was important.
I mean, if people knew it all
when they were born,
there’d be no reason
to have to grow up.
Go to sleep.
It’d be a lot easier
if I could come closer.
[suspenseful music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[speaking Japanese]
[A.J. grunting]
If I’m not back by tomorrow,
you know how to
contact McCarn.
I don’t feel right
about staying behind.
Look, I’m the kind
of person…
I have this rule about
owning up to what I do.
Good or bad,
I was one of them.
I was out there,
marching in this parade
that went off course,
and I don’t feel right
about excusing myself.
Then make up for it.
But not here.
And not now.
[Scott’s voice echoing]

You’re here.
I’m sorry.
If I could take your place,
can I do it?
Can I kill my brother?
Why, Seikura?
Why has it come to this?
[man grunts]
[man] Hey, Bob,
you drunk again?
Ow! [grunts]
[both grunting]
[people clamoring]
[clamoring continues]
Don’t kill him!
Welcome home.
Oh, my God, Scott.
Damn it!
This is my fight!
I chose it!
You know the path.
[man gurgling]
[indistinct clamoring]
[indistinct clamoring]
[A.J. groaning]
[continues groaning]
Let him go.
[exclaims in pain]
Your friend is waiting.
-[Scott straining]
[both grunting]
Look out!
[man screaming]
Burn, you son of a bitch!
Bleeding Nazi cowards!
What are you two doing
just standing there?
Hey, we get paid
for fighting.
Ever think that’s why you’re
just low-rent mercenaries?
Let’s do it.
Let’s go.
Get in the camp,
open the valve
on the barrel.
[people clamoring]
[indistinct clamoring]
[clamoring continues]
[Seikura yelling]
This time,
you broke the discipline.
You don’t torment me
anymore, Seikura.
I’m gonna kill you.
[Seikura yelling]
[Seikura yells]
[Scott groans]
[Seikura yells]
[Scott straining]