The Mighty Quinn

When police officer Xavier Quinn (Denzel Washington) learns that his childhood friend has become the prime suspect in a murder case, he also discovers that he’s the only one who feels that his friend was framed to protect the local tourism business.
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ I’m just coming
in from the woods

♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ I appreciate the herb
you brought for me

♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ So let’s give
thanks and praise

♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ I appreciate the herb
you brought for me

♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ See?
♪♪ Now that things
and time have changed

♪♪ Suffering makes me
realize what it takes

♪♪ And how to be
a Natty Dreadlocks

♪♪ Why? Why?
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
Hey, star.
You here to keep the peace?
Come on down
and give me a hand
and help me up, now.
♪♪ Give thanks and praise,
Natty Dreadlocks

♪♪ For the ital feed
♪♪♪ And how to be
a Natty Dreadlocks

♪♪ Why? Why?
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
How do I look?
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner

♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
Like a ripe mango.
Wanna take a bite?
I’m on a diet.
That’s not what I hear.
I hear
you’re not livin’
at home these days.
You been like a big old knot
ever since you was a boy.
You know that?
QUINN: Is he invited?
Mr. Bim?
I doubt it.
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
I’ll be right back.
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
Hey, boy. You want
to get married, eh?
Long time ago I cut up
a pretty boy, now.
You plannin’
to cut somebody?
Hey, man.
Not “man,” “Chief.”
Go on, get out of here.
Galang, join the party.
That’s my baby in her belly.
She’ll marry
who she want.
The baby don’t
make no difference.
It does to me!
Then live with it!
Live with it?
Yes, man.
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
I loved the way
you did that.
Why you don’t get him
somethin’ cool to drink,
He has a whole heap
of grief to get off
his big chest.
What about my chest?
How long the offer last?
You have till sundown.
♪♪ I appreciate the herb
you brought for me

♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
Watch out for this.
All right,
first thing you do
is change the bedding.
Then have a look
in the closet.
Yes, Mrs. Elgin.
And if you see something
that needs to be cleaned,
take it to the laundry.
If you find any money in
his pockets you can keep it.
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks
♪♪ Guess who’s coming to dinner
♪♪ Natty Dreadlocks ♪♪
Chief Quinn.
Calling Chief Quinn.

Come in, Chief Quinn.
Thanks, Chief.
Come in, Chief Quinn.

Message for Chief Quinn.
Quinn here.
Get to Pater’s place, Chief.

There’s been a homicide.
Donald Pater.

Right away.
♪♪ Keep on groovin’
♪♪ Keep on groovin’ ♪♪
Are you all right,
Don’t you know this
is a goin’-down road
until 4:00 p.m.,
which is at least
five hours away,
seven days a week
for the last 10 years?
So what are you
doin’ comin’ up it?
Don’t give me
that shit, Maubee.
I didn’t figure
anybody would be
comin’ down so fast.
And on my trike, there,
I thought I’d be
slippin’ through okay.
If I hadn’t turned,
where would you be?
What are you smilin’ about?
The uniform, man.
You look great.
Where you been? Parade?
I open this bag, Maubee,
what I find, huh?
Nothin’ but ladies’ clothes.
You gonna give me a ticket,
let me call me lawyer first,
wait for him to get here.
Even though we’re friends,
you’re lucky
I don’t have the time.
You forgot to say hello.
QUINN: Where’s the girl
who found the body?
Right now,
she’s not here.
ELGIN: I sent her home.
I can tell you
all you need to know.
Mr. Elgin.
The body’s been
examined by a doctor.
He’ll be here in a minute.
I hope you can catch
this Maubee fast.
Why Maubee?
You said, “I hope
you catch this Maubee.”
Why? Didn’t you
get his notebook?
I gave it to
one of your men.
Chief Quinn!
This gentleman…
That’s all right, Lieutenant.
We were expecting him.
Just startin’
to get a nice draw
on the ball, Thomas.
You the Chief of Police?
You the doctor?
Dr. Stuhlberg,
this is Chief Quinn.
Dr. Stuhlberg’s
a guest at the hotel
and he was kind enough
to have a look at the body.
I examined the corpse
two hours ago.
He was killed
early this morning.
No doubt about
the cause of death?
Are you kidding?
With a neck slit like that?
Looks like he’s been boiled.
Call the hospital.
Drain the Jacuzzi.
Very good, sir.
He was a woman-chaser, eh?
You’re looking for
anything in particular?
why can’t we save this
looking around till later?
Right now
I’d like you to have
a word with the guests,
make sure they know there’s
nothing to worry about.
Dr. Richardson,
Chief Quinn for you, sir.
The family wants
the body flown back.
Cause of death
has to be determined.
I’d say that was
abundantly clear.
And if the murder
had taken place
on the mainland, Doctor,
you would expect
an autopsy, wouldn’t you?
That’s different.
I talked to Governor Chalk.
He’s taking care of it.
Is he?
Call the ambulance.
Take the body
to the hospital.
Yes, sir.
Mrs. Elgin?
Xavier Quinn.
Chief of Police.
Sit down.
You’re a swell dresser.
I like snappy uniforms.
What can I do for you?
A drink?
No. No, thank you.
I have to pretend
I’m doing something
or else I can’t sit here.
Are you being
Chief Quinn?
I’m trying to get
a picture of Mr. Pater.
Offshore corporations,
numbered accounts,
holding companies.
Very active in stamping out
communism in Latin America.
Friends in high places.
A patriot.
Native ladies lately,
and not so lately.
Not very discreet about it.
Wasn’t here very often,
was he?
ELGIN: Mr. Quinn.
I think we’ve had
enough questions for today.
Thank you.
Mr. Elgin.
What’d you tell him, Hadley?
Comfortable answers
to uncomfortable questions.
Yes, Thomas?
If I’d waited another minute
before I came in here,
would I have found
you both on the floor?
You try not to lose
control of yourself
until this is over.
Having trouble finding
your way out of here?
My sergeant needs
a guest list.
Let’s try to
understand something.
You’ve been
a cooperative man.
That’s why you’ve
got where you are.
But this is not your beat.
Being a policeman
isn’t quite like being
a waiter, Mr. Elgin.
Let’s keep it simple, then,
Policeman Quinn.
All you have to do
is to bring in Maubee.
Exhibit A. Tag it.
Try, but it’s been
in the water.
Governor Chalk’s
been callin’.
Say he want to see you.
What’s goin’ on here?
My God!
Don’t let them inside here!
Somebody put this
maniac downstairs.
Nasty way to die.
Right through the neck.
Athens! Catch.
I gotta go to a party.
Yeah? Which party?
That’s Maubee’s notebook.
Every woman
in that book, Athens.
Each one of you
take a couple of addresses
and look in on these ladies.
And remember
it’s not just procedure
we’re dealin’ with here,
but a feelin’.
We’re dealing with people
who are gonna find it
natural to protect him.
So be good,
be thoughtful.
Use your brains.
Hey, Chief!
Chief, wait!
Your wife, she just called.
Says she wants you
to pick up Henry.
Why you don’t
tell her I was busy?
What I look like,
a school bus?
She never gave me a chance.
No, she don’t
like to do that.
Should I send somebody else?
No, no, it’s all right.
I’ll get him.
She wants him home
by 5:00!
$10,000, man!
Yeah, man.
Drink it, man.
Come on, earn your money.
Drink it!
Come on, pour it down.
MAN: Police! Police!
Stay where you are, Maubee!
Out of the way!
Out the way!
Hold it right there,
I said, Maubee.
If you don’t come down,
I’ll shoot your ass down!
OFFICER 1: Get him!
OFFICER 2: McKeon!
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
Move! Move out of the way!
Move! Move! Move!
Hold it right there!
MAUBEE: Yeah, man!
McKeon, get him! Run!
Good afternoon, Governor.
Good afternoon, Xavier.
I hear things got
a little abrasive
out there.
I was just trying
to do my job, sir.
That’s why you’re here.
I want to know
why you’re not.
Talking about the body,
Thomas Elgin called me.
I’m concerned.
Christ, why did you
have to send the body
to the hospital?
Well, it’s mandatory
procedure in homicides.
You’ve got the book.
You’ve got the
murder weapon.
All you need is Maubee.
Well, a motive would help.
Motive? You kidding?
His whole life long,
that little nigger
the laughing rich
and finally his poor,
impoverished heart
screams murder.
How about that?
It’s my job, Xavier,
to see that this thing
doesn’t hurt us.
Yes, us.
The ones responsible
for the welfare
and the economy
of this country.
That’s Mr. Elgin,
that’s me and that’s you.
We’ve all gotten this far
by each of us doing his job.
I expect you to do yours.
Take me home, Willy.
Yes, sir.
A bunch of us are going out
for marlin on Friday.
If this mess
is through by then,
I’d love you to come along.
Thank you, sir.
What happened?
His brain’s not working
too good right now,
but from what I can tell,
Maubee bet him $10,000
he couldn’t do what he did.
Which was what?
Drink whatever it is
he’s throwing up there.
$10,000, huh?
That’s what the man say.
What happened, Nick?
Chief, am I gonna die?
Yes, man.
But we’re gonna try
and put it off
for a little while.
We’re going to take
you to the hospital.
You collect your bet?
The police got there
before he could pay.
And what make you think
him had a $10,000 bill?
I, I see it.
It was green,
with the President.
A 10 and three zeros.
Nick, there’s no such thing
as a $10,000 bill.
Yeah, send somebody over
and check it out.
Also call the hospital
about the autopsy.
Already did.

Said they had to send
the body to the airport.

Direct orders
from Governor Chalk.

Jeez. Okay.
Do you think
Maubee did it?
Cut a man’s head off?
That fucker,
he does that.
That’s why
he’s like that.
Try and make sense
when you talk, Jump.
The little notebook.
but how could he lose
a thing like that, huh?
He’d have to
stand on his head.
Not if he was
going through windows.
Not if there
was a struggle.
Yeah. So, you think
he did it, then?
Do you?
$10,000 bill.
$10,000 bill.
There’s no such thing
as a $10,000 bill.
It must have
been counterfeit.
If there’s no such thing
as a 10,000…
Oh, shit.
What? What?
My son.
Oh, great.
That was great!
Why you didn’t go home?
I was waiting for you.
Your mother’s gonna be mad,
you know.
At me, too?
So what you learn
in school today?
About the fer-de-lance.
The most poisonous
snake in the world.
If he bites you,
that’s all there is anymore.
You go blind
and die in 15 seconds.
You know how that snake
come to be here?
Well, way back
in the old days,
plantation owners,
they imported a snake
to discourage
the escape of slaves.
That was us.
Yes, that was us.
But the snake don’t know
the difference
between black and white.
You mean, the snake start
bitin’ the white man, too?
That’s right.
So you know what they did?
They brought in
the mongoose to
kill off the snake.
But you know
what them forget?
They forget that
the mongoose is nocturnal.
See, that means
he likes the night,
whereas the snake,
he likes the day.
So, while one was
on his way to work,
the other was
on his way to bed.
what you think of that?
I guess,
that’s the kind
of place this is.
LOLA: ♪♪ When I was
just a little child

♪♪ Happiness was there awhile
♪♪ Then from me,
it slipped away

Let’s go.
♪♪ Happiness, come back, I say
♪♪ And if you don’t come
I’m gonna go looking, yeah

♪♪ For happiness
♪♪ And if you don’t come
I’m gonna go looking, yeah

♪♪ For happiness
♪♪ I’ve done you no wrong, no
♪♪ I’ve done you no wrong, yeah
♪♪ Reveal yourself to me
♪♪ I say, I say
♪♪ I’m hurtin’ inside
♪♪ You’ve got to believe me
♪♪ I’m hurtin’ inside
♪♪ I’m hurtin’ inside
♪♪ I’m hurtin’ inside
♪♪ I’m hurtin’
♪♪ Inside ♪♪
Nice, nice,
I like that one.
Come on, Henry.
Time for bed.
So, when you
gonna start work?
We’re negotiatin’.
QUINN: With who?
The Tropicana.
Well, good. Congrats.
Why don’t you
sit down at the piano
and help us out, Xavier?
No, no, no.
Just an innocent bystander.
He doesn’t play
the piano anymore.
Probably not innocent,
Can I have a word
with you, please?
What the hell do you mean
bringing the boy home
this time of the night?
You were supposed to have
him here by 5:00 not 8:00.
What did you do,
forget about him?
I was busy, Lola.
Well, then you
should have called.
I’m runnin’ around town
all day
chasin’ a
fucking killer.
I could’ve stopped
by a phone booth
and given you a call?
You know something?
I want you out of
my house right now.
Your house? So it’s
your house now, is it?
Why you didn’t come
and pick him up?
Because I don’t know whether
you have noticed it or not,
but I am in the middle
of a rehearsal.
that might not
mean much to you,
but it means
a hell of a lot to me!
Besides, I thought
you just might like
to see your son.
Of course
I’d like to see my son.
And what do you mean,
you were chasing a killer?
I mean somebody
killed Donald Pater.
You know who that is?
Of course I know who that is.
How’d it happen?
Look, I don’t wanna
talk about it right now,
but it looks like
Maubee did it.
Maubee killed Pater? Why?
Money? Who knows?
I don’t believe it.
You know as well as I do
Maubee’s a lover,
not a killer.
Oh, I know.
Well, maybe when you
finish your business here,
you can come down
to the station,
explain your theory
to my men, huh?
Put us all on
the right track.
So, where is the body?
At the airport.
Do you expect trouble?
Hmm. So this is going to be
a complicated job, I see.
Come on,
get around the other side.
Ready? One. Two. Three.
Excuse me, sir.
Could you be so kind
to go and bring me
a pan of cold water?
I’m gonna get into
a lot of trouble for this.
No, man,
no trouble at all.
Then why are we whispering?
Out of respect
for the dead.
Good night.
Oh, and don’t forget
to tell Chief Quinn
the offer’s been
extended till dawn.
You got that?
MAN: I got it.
What is it, Coco?
You just got a visitor.
♪♪ Lord, I gotta keep on moving
♪♪ Lord, I gotta get on down
I need to talk!
♪♪ Lord,
they’re coming after me

♪♪ I’ve been
accused of a killing

♪♪ Lord knows, I didn’t do
♪♪ For hanging me,
they are willing, yeah

♪♪ That’s why
I gotta get on through

♪♪ Lord,
they’re comin’ after me

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on movin’ ♪♪

Been seen coming out
of the mountains,
selling ganja
to the tourists
at the Holiday Inn,
flashing big money
at the Hilton,
and getting
a shoeshine…
Let him know that
they’re after his ass,
and the man is bang!
into the fourth dimension.
Not with the Chief.
Why not the Chief?
The Chief and him
grow up together.
I know that,
but who never
grow up together?
Not like that.
Maubee and the Chief
is like two crossed fingers.
But he’s not gonna
trust the police.
A brother
trust a brother.
Bullshit, man.
You’ve never even
seen the bastard.
But his footprints
are everywhere.
The man’s
fucking dedicated.
Yeah, but to what?
It’s not hard
to figure out.
The man typifies
what’s wrong
with this
whole island.
He had to invent
a life for himself
because he can’t face
what’s expected of him.
He’s no more important
than we let him be.
He’s just a man.
And we’re going
to catch him ass.
Well, it look
to me like
while I’m here doing
overtime looking for him,
him living my vacation.
You want a vacation?
No, sir.
Then tell me
something smart.
Well, I might have found out
who him sleeping
with this week.
Yeah, man.
The witch’s niece.
Chief, Governor Chalk
just called.
Say him want you
over there right now.
What the hell you mean
tearing up the body
at the airport?
Mandatory procedure
in homicide.
Look like someone’s trying
to prevent this so badly,
maybe it’s worth a look.
Remember what happened…
That was 10 years ago.
And the place
hasn’t recovered since.
But you can’t
compare 12 white men
shot by black extremists
with automatic weapons…
Yes, I can.
And so will every
asshole tourist
who doesn’t get off
the big white boat
in the next 10 years.
If you don’t
catch Maubee fast,
you gonna be shoveled
out of your office
quicker than dog shit.
Well, that’s not gonna
stop me from finding
Pater’s killer.
And anyone else
who helped him cover it up.
One of you gentlemen
got a match?
This is Mr. Miller,
He’s with Pater Enterprises.
He’s here to
tie up loose ends.
Like what?
Well, I’m just here to
see that the interests
of Pater Enterprises
aren’t damaged
in any way.
I’ve already
given him the basics.
Why don’t you
carry him over
to Pater’s?
You can fill him
in on the way.
You don’t think this
Maubee character did it,
do you?
Not for me to say.
That’s for the courts
to decide.
Look, I have a lot of
stops to make on the way,
and I don’t
want to interfere
with your travel plans.
So if you want to…
No, no, no, that’s fine.
I love it.
Show me everythin’ you got.
How you doin’, Gumma?
What you want here, boy?
I want to talk to Isola.
She not here.
You try come in here,
I fight you.
You fight me,
I arrest you.
You can’t arrest me.
Me don’t do nothin’.
You think I’m jokin’, Gumma?
I put a curse on you!
Believe me,
I already got
a curse on me.
You want take me picture,
it cost you!
MILLER: How much?
UBU: $2.
This Isola’s child?
Call it what you want.
You don’t seem
too happy about it.
What’s in the chest?
Why don’t you
open it and find out?
You’re going to
get in trouble fucking
with me, Gumma.
Who the hell was that?
Ubu Pearl,
the local witch.
I’m gettin’ to
like this place
more and more.
I’m lookin’ for Maubee.
I don’t know why anybody
would be tellin’ somebody
he’d be here.
What about you?
Not me, man.
I don’t know nothing.
MAN: Nobody’s going to
help you catch him, Chief.
Nobody knows shit.
Maybe you saw him.
Not exactly.
Well, where exactly
didn’t you see him?
There was a guy
at the Tropic Eagle
looking for him.
What guy?
A white guy.
What kind of white guy?
Kind of a dark white guy.
Wearing silver sunglasses
and a fancy hat.
A cowboy hat.
see to the customers.
Yes, sir.
You’re gettin’ everything
straightened out.
I would consider it
a favor if when you
come around here
you wouldn’t do it
in your uniform.
upsetting the guests?
You’re out of line,
This is a resort,
not a police station.
The way I dress, Elgin,
is the last thing
you should be
worried about right now.
What should I be
worried about, Mr. Quinn?
You think you have it made,
don’t you?
You come down here
and you do what you want,
you take what you want,
you kill who you want.
You’re fucking nuts.
You’ve gone too far.
I’m goin’ all the way.
No, you won’t.
You’re finished.
You won’t be around, boy.
You watch out, white man.
You watch out.
Now get out of here
before I have you
thrown out.
Call the police.
Look like you’re
missin’ somethin’ here.
What do you think
it could be?
A court dagger.
18th century, Indonesian
ceremonial machete
with a pearl handle.
Is it the murder weapon?
Is it?
How did you get in here?
The uniform does it.
I heard
someone in the house
a few weeks ago
while I was sleeping.
I came down to check.
Where was your husband?
In his bedroom.
Go on.
It was Maubee.
He was here to steal.
Anything he could get,
I guess.
He got the machete.
And he liked it,
so I gave it to him.
What else?
What else do you do
with a big old tomcat?
If he’s friendly,
you play.
I see.
Do you?
Do you ever let down
your guard, Mr. Quinn?
Couple of weeks ago
I shaved off my moustache.
Did your husband know
what happened here that night?
Forget what you’re thinking.
Thomas may look
like a man of action,
but that’s as
far as it goes.
Well, what have you got there?
Somebody had a look around.
I don’t know.
How come this Maubee
never did time?
Got a rap sheet
a mile long.
local opinion pretty much
takes care
of things around here.
You mean
the people protect him?
He does things people
can’t and probably
wish they could.
Somethin’ like that.
Local legend, huh?
Man never grew up,
that’s all.
Just like everyone else,
but he never even tried.
Peter Pan.
Bugs Bunny.
You’re not Elmer Fudd,
are you?
I hope not.
♪♪ I’m a girl-watcher
♪♪ I’m a girl-watcher
♪♪ Watch girls go by
♪♪ Mmm, my, my, my
♪♪ I’m a girl-watcher
♪♪ I’m a girl-watcher
♪♪ Watch girls go by
♪♪ Mmm, my, my, my
♪♪ Say that me watch Suzy
♪♪ Me watch Patsy ♪♪
Patina, Jose.
This is smudged.
So, what’s your nationality?
Whatever the visa says.
What you doin’ here?
So why you follow me?
I wasn’t.
How come you have a gun?
They told me this was
a very dangerous place.
How come the silencer?
That’s the way it came.
I just read you your rights.
No peace! No quiet!
No place to
contemplate my shame!
Bringin’ filth
and corruption
into this jailhouse
even as I speak.
Shut up, Coco.
How long is this
going to take?
You’re on vacation
from where?
Who do you
want to see here?
PATINA: I told you
I don’t know anybody.
$3,100.65, Chief.
Why don’t you
take that money?
Call it bail or invest it.
Let me make a phone call.
Who you want to call?
Jump, why you don’t
let this man
make his phone call?
Who is he gonna call?
He said he don’t
know nobody.
I’ll use the Yellow Pages,
ATHENS: Chief?
Dr. Raj is on the line.
Say he’s ready for you.
I’ll be over in a minute.
ATHENS: Right, Chief.
You know about
the man who was killed?
I just got here.
And he was just killed.
PATINA: I can’t help you.
Oh, try.
I wouldn’t know
where to begin.
What do you want me to say?
First thing
that comes to mind.
Some Shiite rag-head
with orders from God,
Who knows?
Subsonic, 9mm, modified.
Modified for what?
Kills without a sound.
Muzzle velocity so slow.
You’re an assassin, Patina?
You with a foreign
call the police!
I can make
my phone call now?
Pull over, ma’am,
and cut your engine.
What seems to be
the problem, Officer?
Oh, you in trouble, ma’am.
You obstructin’
the roadway here.
With what?
You have a license for that?
You’d better
watch yourself.
I have connections.
With who?
I know
the Chief of Police.
He can’t help you now.
He’s scared
and lonely these days.
I hear
he has family problems.
I got to go, Xavier.
Where you goin’?
We have
the audition tonight.
Maybe I come and see you.
♪♪ Xavier
♪♪ Even when you was bad,
you was good
♪♪ And that’s just
one of the many, many,
many, many reasons
♪♪ I can’t live without you ♪♪
Drop it, Xavier.
Then talk to me.
We have already
talked about it
and we’re not going
to talk about it again.
You changed on me, Lola.
I did not change.
You changed.
You know something?
I’m not going to fall
into this trap, Xavier.
What trap?
The trap of being
your stupid little wife
while you run around
messing your head up
with shit you said
you never even wanted.
All I was trying
to do was find a way.
I’m trying to make it
better for both of us.
How? How?
By waitin’ to get invited to
the Governor’s lawn parties?
Well, let me
tell you something.
You never will be
because you’re not
one of them.
But then again,
you’re not you, either,
so tell me, who are you?
You may cut
a man’s head off,
but it doesn’t necessarily
mean you kill him.
if he’s already dead.
Which seems to be
the case in this case.
The victim died suddenly,
but not instantaneously,
due to the combination
of searing, profound pain,
and the emotional shock
of watching his arm turn
deeply cyanotic.
Uh, that means purple.
Yeah. Yeah. Go on.
He died of a snake bite.
I got this
raasclat cowboy
followin’ me around,
bogus papers,
concealed weapon!
He makes one phone call
and before the hour’s up,
Governor Chalk
has him released
because he gets a call!
I don’t care if him
gets a call from God!
It’s my department!
Also, we got…
Never mind
“Also, we got.”
QUINN: I want to know
how come
you let this bastard go?
I mean,
if you wanna be
Chief of Police,
why you don’t just
move over to my office?
He had a writ.
The man sent a lawyer.
There was nothing
I could do.
I’m gonna re-arrest him.
Pater died from poison.
From a snake.
He was already dead
when he got his head cut off.
So, what’s that mean?
It means
Maubee didn’t do it.
But that’s for
the courts to decide.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I just want to know
one thing now.
Is this for real?
Or is someone playin’
a fucking number on me?
What are you talking about?
I’m not sendin’
an innocent man to jail
for someone else’s game.
Look, don’t spread this
thing out too far, Xavier,
or it’s going to get so
thin, you won’t have shit.
You mean like my job?
I mean like your ass!
Well, maybe I should
apply for poultry inspector.
Chickens, Chalk.
♪♪ I say, I say
♪♪ I’m hurtin’ inside
♪♪ You’ve got to believe me
♪♪ I’m hurtin’ inside
♪♪ Mmm
♪♪ I’m hurtin’ inside
♪♪ I’m hurtin’, I’m hurtin’
♪♪ I’m hurtin’ inside
♪♪ I’m hurtin’ inside
♪♪ Happiness
♪♪ I’m hurtin’
♪♪ Inside ♪♪
This next song is
for somebody that

we all know and,
um, love very much,

and I hope he likes it.
I hope you like it, too.
♪♪ You hear Maubee,
the ramblin’ man

♪♪ Story been told
across the land

♪♪ Maubee exploit the tourists
♪♪ While the mighty Quinn
sat back and smile

♪♪ Since he was born
he was wild and free

♪♪ He kill all the ladies
with his love story

♪♪ Sunshine is for everyone
♪♪ Sunshine, come back again
♪♪ Come on without
♪♪ Come on within
♪♪ You ain’t seen nothin’
like the mighty Quinn

♪♪ Uh-uh
♪♪ Come on without
♪♪♪ Come on within
♪♪ You ain’t seen nothin’
like the mighty Quinn

♪♪♪ Maubee was wild,
the mighty Quinn was mild

♪♪ Just like a inno,
an innocent child

♪♪ Each and all
is Maubee’s friend

♪♪ Even that Babylon
the mighty Quinn

♪♪ He got caught up in
the web of politics, you see

♪♪ But the mighty Quinn
did set him free

♪♪ Sunshine is for everyone
♪♪ Sunshine, come back again
♪♪ Come on without
♪♪ Come on within
♪♪ You ain’t seen nothin’
like the mighty… ♪♪

QUINN: You want a beer,
JUMP: Do the damned
need salvation?
I’m makin’ my complaint
about Lieutenant Jump Jones.
He’s not given me
no phone and I want it now.
And I’m not goin’ out
to make no calls.
JUMP: Who would you call?
Never mind
my personal business.
That lizard fish
with the cowboy hat
gets to make one call
and out he goes.
You want to get out, Coco?
You’re a tricky man.
Never mind the phone.
Aren’t you ever
going to stop?
Because that’s the way I am.
I am the blight
and scourge of the jails.
I am the vengeance
of the poor ass
prisoner man.
You sure are.
Chief! Chief!
Chief, you got
a phone call!
Can I offer you a drink?
Yes, uh, rum, please.
Who tried to strangle you?
Your husband?
Tell me, then.
WOMAN: Hey, brother,
come over here!
Come here!
Una, come inside.
You ever been in jail?
Those Sandinistas
had me for 18 months
and I’m still trying
to wash it off.
Pat, we got
a little problem.
I came to
pick up the money.
The money’s gone,
Pater is dead.
What am I
supposed to do?
Number one,
you don’t let ’em know
you’re looking for something
by tearing up the room.
PATINA: So what?
Our people
need the money
to buy weapons.
And then you try to choke
information out of the lady
when a little talk
could’ve told you
she didn’t have it.
How do you know
she didn’t?
Number three’s the dilly.
Followin’ the fucking
Chief of Police around
because you think
he’s gonna lead you
to the money.
Well, he happens
to be the only one
who knows el cabron
who stole it.
sneaky little
rip-off bushman.
Hey, you don’t have
to worry about him.
I’m gonna take care
of that problem.
You got a new agenda.
What do you mean?
You’re goin’ home.
Operation’s over.
Because the old man is dead?
No. Pressure’s on up there.
changed its mind.
No more hand-outs.
That’s why I’m here.
Get the money,
take it back.
Until I hear
from my colonel,
I’ll do what
I was sent to do.
I imagine you would
tear this place apart,
and barehanded, huh?
Swim back to your people
with the money between
your teeth if you had to.
You bet.
And you stay out of my way,
white trash.
Or I’ll kill you.
Come on, relax.
You step out of
what you were
and you don’t come back
to what you’ve been.
Some people don’t
trust you no more.
Did three years
in the US Marines.
Another in Quantico.
What’s Quantico?
FBI school.
You get
two certificates there.
just because you attended.
And the other one is for
academic achievement.
So here I am.
Chief of police
on an island where
the poultry inspector
gets to be Governor
and a guy who lies on his back
smoking ganja and getting laid
his whole life long
gets to be a hero.
You like Bugs Bunny?
Yeah, pretty much.
What about Elmer Fudd?
No, I don’t like him.
Yeah, I don’t
like him, either.
I better go.
Are you sure
you want to leave?
Then why are you leaving?
You liked me
this morning.
I like you now.
I can’t.
♪♪ I had the blues
so bad one time
♪♪ It put my face
in a permanent frown
♪♪ But now I’m feelin’
so much better
♪♪ I can cakewalk into town
♪♪ Well, I woke up this mornin’
feelin’ so good
♪♪ You know,
I laid back down again
♪♪ Throw your big leg
over me, mama
♪♪ I might not feel
this good again
♪♪ Oh, my baby
♪♪ Oh, my baby,
I love the way she walk
♪♪ When the girl get sleepy
♪♪ I love the way she baby talk
♪♪ Yeah, you know
she like to talk to
her baby, now, here we go
♪♪ Watch me cakewalk now,
y’all ♪♪
MAN: ♪♪ Come on without
♪♪ Come on within
ALL: ♪♪ You ain’t seen
nothing like the mighty Quinn
♪♪ Come on without
♪♪ Come on within
♪♪ You ain’t seen nothing
like the mighty Quinn
♪♪ You hear Maubee,
that ramblin’ man
♪♪ His story’s been
told across the land
♪♪ Each and all
is Maubee’s friend
♪♪ Even that Babylon
mighty Quinn
♪♪ He got caught up in
the web of politics, you see
♪♪ But that mighty Quinn
did set him free
♪♪ Sunshine, it’s for everyone
♪♪ Sunshine, come back again
ALL: ♪♪ Come on without
♪♪ Come on within
♪♪ You ain’t seen nothing
like the mighty Quinn
♪♪ Sister Mary!
♪♪ Come on without
♪♪ Hallelujah!
♪♪ Come on within
♪♪ You ain’t seen nothing
like the mighty Quinn ♪♪
Take your time,
you hear, sir?
Now, hold tight.
♪♪ You ain’t seen nothing
like the mighty Quinn ♪♪
♪♪ Move some more

♪♪ Do you wanna
have a nice time?

♪♪ Come on,
let’s have a nice time

♪♪ All night, all night
♪♪ Everybody groove
Get in.
I got us a ride here.
Yes, man. In a stolen car.
It’s not stolen.
It’s the Governor’s.
Bought by the sweaty taxes
of hard-workin’ people.
Besides, what him
need it for? Him sleeping.
It’s a touching story.
♪♪ Keep on grooving ♪♪
You’re going up
for murder, Maubee.
You’re going to jail.
Why do you think
we’re doing this?
What, you mean this?
Right now, this!
Because you are
a fucking lunatic
who got his ass
in a mess
and don’t know what
to do. That’s why.
That’s not why
I picked you up
off the road.
Not because I’m in a mess
and don’t know what to do.
But because you and your men
couldn’t catch me, Xavier.
Man, I never even tried.
Yesterday you tried to
run me off the road.
I could’ve shot your ass.
You could shoot
my ass right now.
I might.
Your ass. Your ass!
Soon come.
Soon come.
So how
is the missis?
Aw, let’s not spoil
a good thing.
Isola’s nice, man.
Ubu Pearl.
Who? The witch?
Yeah, man,
Isola’s aunt.
She only let me visit
on Monday night.
What happen
if you don’t?
I get the hex.
My dick fall off,
and I wake up dead.
Shit, man.
You’d better stick
to your schedule, then.
Yeah, man.
Yes, man.
It’s true.
QUINN: Lola!
Lola say if she met me today
sure as hell
she’d never marry me.
She say I changed.
Ah, she probably right.
MAN: What’s happening?
Why do people
have to know?
Sometime last night.
ALL: Amen.
Let me hear you say amen.
Let me hear you say
amen one more time.
ALL: Amen.
♪♪ …time up in heaven
♪♪ We shall have
a grand time up in heaven
♪♪ Have a grand time
♪♪ Walking with the angels
Sing glory hallelujah!
♪♪ Sing glory hallelujah
♪♪ We shall have
a grand time up in heaven
♪♪ Have a grand time
I wanna hear you
sing one more time.
♪♪ We shall have
a grand time up in heaven
♪♪ We shall have
a grand time up in heaven
♪♪ Have a grand time
♪♪ Walking with the angels
♪♪ Sing glory hallelujah
♪♪ We shall have
a grand time up in heaven
♪♪ Have a grand time
♪♪ We shall have
a grand time up in heaven
♪♪ We shall have
a grand time up in heaven
♪♪ Have a grand time
♪♪ Walking with the angels
♪♪ Sing glory hallelujah ♪♪
Isola! Isola, stop!
All right, cool down!
What do you want?
Cool down!
What do you want with me?
I need you to
help me find him.
He didn’t do it.
Do what?
Kill any man.
How you know?
We were together.
I was with him.
All right, all right.
I believe you.
So tell me now.
If you don’t,
I can’t help him.
I need to find him
to do this.
You believe me?
All right.
He’s at your house.
What house?
Where you were boys
and grew up together.
All right.
A 10 with three zeroes.
If the bank can’t help you,
then try
the Treasury Department
on the mainland, Athens.
See if there’s
such a thing as
a $10,000 bill.
But there’s no such thing
as a $10,000 bill.
Yes, man! Yes, there is.
Issued in the ’20s
and again in the ’50s.
any bank that gets one,
they have to turn it over
to the Secret Service,
and they tuck it away
in the Treasury Department
All right.
Let’s say the White House
believes in this revolution.
Promises to support it.
Except Congress doesn’t
But there is
this bundle of money
in the reserves,
currency no one will miss
if no one knows it’s gone.
But the bagman’s killed,
the money has vanished
and the heat is on.
So what do they do?
They decide to take
the money back
and plug up the holes.
Bye-bye, Patina.
Are you saying Donald Pater
brought the money?
That’s exactly
what I’m saying.
And Patina was
here to pick it up.
Well, how come they didn’t
send somebody down here?
What the hell are you
talking about?
We have two dead people.
Of course they sent
someone down here.
He was right here
in your office.
Well, nobody told me.
I’m telling you.
Look, I didn’t come in here
to hear myself talk.
I want you to do somethin’.
the best thing we can do
is to stay out of the way.
Governor, I’m in the way.
Hide your body, girl.
Make yourself
and the baby unseen.
Somebody comin’!
How you doing, mama?
What you want?
I wanna talk
to your niece, Isola.
She’s not here.
Where to?
We’ll have to get her to talk.
Ubu Pearl.
The witch.
Let’s go!
The money
got to go back
to where it belongs.
You wanna tell me
what you know?
I know nothing for you.
You know
about the money.
I’m not the bad guy.
I’m just doing my job.
I need your help.
You gonna die.
Come on, mama.
You know everything,
you’re not
telling me nothing.
I give you a thing,
make your heart
forget to beat,
your blood on fire!
Make you squirm
on the dirt like maggots.
I die, you die.
What happens
if you die first?
I still gonna kill you!
Come on.
It’s too hot for this.
Talk to me.
Come on, mama. Talk.
It’s okay.
It’s okay.
Tell me what you saw.
Tell me what you saw.
Some fat American.
He killed my auntie.
Him kill her.
We did a bad thing.
All of this because
we did something bad.
There’s no time
for that now.
The fat American,
if he gets to
Maubee before I do,
then Maubee is dead.
You understand me now?
Now, did Ubu Pearl
tell the fat American
where Maubee is?
I don’t know.
I couldn’t hear.
Then you tell me now.
Where is he?
Where’s Maubee?
I know you’re
in here, damn it.
What the fuck
you do that for?
When we were children,
old Thunderstone said
you were better than me,
I hope you’re having
a good time,
’cause you don’t
have much time left.
I not dead yet.
There’s a man out there
looking for you
who wants you dead.
Then I’m glad
you got here first.
Playing’s over.
This is no time for games.
Come on, Xavier!
Old Thunderstone was right.
QUINN: Isola’s baby.
It’s Pater’s, isn’t it?
Who killed Pater, Maubee?
You know that, huh?
Yeah, man.
And I think
I know who did it.
But I don’t know why.
You killed a man
who was already dead.
And Ubu Pearl,
if that’s who
you’re protecting,
she gone.
She was murdered today.
Murdered by who?
By the man
who was sent here
to get the money.
Isola and the baby?
They’re all right.
They’re okay.
But listen to me now.
They don’t care
about Isola.
They don’t care
about anything.
It’s only the money
they want.
Tell me.
I sneak into Ubu Pearl’s
to see Isola.
But she was gone.
The witch catch me.
I find out Isola’s gone
to Pater to leave the snake.
Back up.
Before all this,
Ubu Pearl go to Pater.
She say,
“You make Isola pregnant.
You have to pay!”
Pater say,
“Fuck you, old lady!”
And him laugh.
And him laugh!
She say,
“I put a spell on you.”
But the spell don’t work.
And Isola lose her job
at the hotel.
So Ubu Pearl
consult her magic
to tell her what to do.
It tell her to go
leave the snake.
I ride
like hell.
But I was too late.
What you see?
The suitcase on the bed with
the money, Pater on the floor.
Why you use
a machete on him?
To make the whole thing
seem like something it wasn’t.
And the Jacuzzi?
I figure
if him boil a little,
the snakebite
might not show so good.
Do you hear that?
Yeah, man.
I go get the money.
You blew it, Miller!
What’d you say?
I said, “You blew it, Miller.”
So now you’re supposed
to kill me.
I don’t need
to kill you, Quinn.
You’re too little
and this is too big.
It never happened
and I was never here.
But, of course,
that all depends
on your friend in there.
MAUBEE: Hey, man!
The money’s in the bag.
Yeah, man!
Yeah, man!
Heroic deeds will get
your ass killed, Chief.
Watch out.
Let go!
You’re crazy, man!
I wish I could!
Pull up, man! Pull up!
Tell me about Maubee.
What do you
want to hear?
How come
he was so special?
Maybe because he never
got in his own way.
For instance,
when we were kids,
he used to stand under
a big old tree like that.
And you know
what he could do?
What could he do?
He could spot which one
of them pieces of fruit was
gonna be the next one to fall.
He would just raise
his arms up in the air,
and that coconut would
just drop right into
his hands.
Was he as big as you?
No. He wasn’t so big.
Then how come
he was so special?
I don’t know.
♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta get on down

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Where I can’t be found
♪♪ Lord,
they’re coming after me

♪♪ I’ve been accused
of a killing

♪♪ Lord knows,
I didn’t do

♪♪ For hanging me,
they are willing, yeah

♪♪ That’s why
I gotta get on through

♪♪ Lord,
they’re coming after me

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta get on down

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Where I can’t be found
♪♪ Law is coming after me
♪♪ I’ve got two boys
and a woman

♪♪ They’re just gonna
suffer now

♪♪ Lord, forgive me
for not going back

♪♪ But I’ll be there anyhow
♪♪ I’ll be there anyhow
♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta get on down

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Where I can’t be found
♪♪ Law is coming after me
♪♪ Now maybe someday
I’ll find a piece of land

♪♪ Somewhere not by
or near anyone

♪♪ Then I’ll send for my love,
love, love sweet woman

♪♪ And my two grown up sons
♪♪ My two grown up sons
♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta get on down

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Where I can’t be found
♪♪ Law is coming after me
♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta get on down

♪♪ Lord,
I gotta keep on moving

♪♪ Where I can’t be found
♪♪ Law is coming after me ♪♪