The Home Business Academy Review & Members Area Demo

The Home Business Academy Review & Members Area Demo
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If you’re looking for information on The Home Business Academy, you may have found the right review video. My name is Paul Hutchings and I’m one of the co founders…

My business partner Mike Hobbs founded The Home Business Academy because we truly say a need for something like it in the market place.

I never wanted to be an owner of any type of company. I’ve been blessed to have success as a distributor in network marketing and also as an affiliate in the internet marketing space.

Company ownership, for me always seemed to carry responsibilities that I wasn’t really looking to add to my plate.

After 12 years in home business, and many experiences with various companies… it became apparent that something like this needed to be created.

In this review video, I share a little about about the people in The Home Business Academy… I talk about the founders as well as my favorite people – the affiliates… The people are the heart of any company and the HBA Freedom crusaders are people with GREAT heart.

I also give you the home business academy members area review so you can see exactly what you get inside the membership.

I also talk a little about our 2nd product, The Financial Literacy Academy.

After we go through THe Home Business Academy products, I then talk a bit about our affiliate compensation program.

Finally, I share a bit about our vision and what makes us special and different from many other things on the market.

I hope this review helps you to make a great decision for yourself and those you love.
00:01 – introduction to the home business academy review
01:00 – The purpose of this video
2:17 – the people behind The Home Business Academy
2:30 – Review of co – founder Mike HObbs & his background
5:08 – Review of co – founder Paul Hutchings & background
6:51 – The purpose of the home business academy
7:30 – The Home Business Academy people & Vision
8:56 – The Home Business Academy products
10:56 – The Home Business Academy members area products
11:53 – The home business academy demo
15:00 – a simple tip for increasing retention in your home business
19:20 – Home business academy product philosophy
23:21 – the home business academy youtube training overview
28:30 – The Home Business Academy coaching Program
30:00 – The Financial Literacy Academy – HBA’s 2nd product
36:20 – The Home Business Academy compensation plan
40:00 – how to hit your income goals a bit faster with the crusader pack in The Home Business Academy
40:30 – Philosophy behind the natralife compensation plan
42:00 – the bigger vision behind The Home Business Academy
44:16 – Our values
45:00 – our cause and commitment to Feed my starving children

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