The Best Home Business Ideas with Low Startup Costs

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Looking for home business ideas? Working from home might be a dream you’ve had for quite some time. But, today, with the prevalence of the internet, more and more workers are finding success with their home-based businesses.

Writing: Freelance writer, editor or blogger
Will you write Blog posts for supplement companies? Or focus on copywriting for fitness professionals? With your niche narrowed down and your website built, it’s time to start pitching companies who need your services. If cold pitching seems a little daunting, you can always start by browsing jobs posted on freelancer sites like Upwork and Freelancer.

Services: Virtual assistant / Social media manager
As a virtual assistant, there are a ton of different tasks that’ll fill up your workday. It might range from bookkeeping and responding to emails, scheduling meetings, posting to social media, or doing general data entry. Brands will pay decent money for people to manage and grow their social media accounts. CNN even lists social media managers on its list of top 100 careers.

Services: Data entry
This might not seem like the most exciting job. The fact that you can work from home, or a beachside bungalow, might help to make it a more appealing home business idea. This kind of business might not be as lucrative as others on this list, but it won’t require as much attention either.

Services: Graphic designer
If you’ve always had a love for design, or spend your off-hours toying around with Photoshop and Illustrator, then you can build a business around these design skills. There are several different niches you can tap into with your graphic design skills.

Services: Pet sitter/dog walker
Typically, dogs and cats will be the most common animals. But, you may have to take care of fish, birds, rabbits and other animals on occasion.

Services: Event/wedding planner
As an event planner, you can either focus on a specific style of event, like weddings, conventions or serve your local area by tackling the variety of events that’ll come up. Event planning is largely a word-of-mouth space, but with a quality online presence, you can make success that much more likely.

Services: Photographer
You could specialize in wedding photography, portraits, product photography for eCommerce, studio photography, drone photography, events, real estate photography and more.

Services: Personal chef/caterer
You might only have one client for whom you prepare meals or multiple families. If you want to scale up your cooking even further, you can start to cater events. To produce this volume of food, you may need to rent out a commercial cooking space and bring on additional staff. But, the fee you can make per gig can be much higher.

Sales: Etsy store owner
Do you love crafting and regularly create Pinterest-worthy crafts, art, and other goods? If so, you might be sitting on an Etsy goldmine. If you can move enough of your products on Etsy, you always have the option of moving to a full-fledged eCommerce store as well.

Sales: Online consignment store owner
Thrift stores and consignment shops are more popular than ever. If you have a talent for putting outfits together and finding stylish clothing, then this could be the business for you. Plus, there are sites like Poshmark and Mercari that allow you to create a virtual closet to sell your products.

Sales: Sell baked goods
If you prefer baking, you can create a business selling baked goods to local businesses. Most coffee shops and cafes don’t make their own baked goods in house. Instead, they outsource this to others with the proper skills.

Teach: Online tutor/teacher
It’s more of a contractor role than a traditional business, but the work is consistent, and the need for competent teachers is high. You can explore virtual teaching roles on sites like VerbalPlanet and Learn4Good.

Teach: Fitness instructor
There are multiple paths to success as a fitness instructor. You can make house calls, create group fitness events in your local park, work out of a gym or have clients come to you (if you have space and equipment). Social media marketing tools like Instagram can be very effective in helping you build your brand, whether you’re operating your fitness business out of a gym or offering personal consulting.

Teach: Music teacher
If you have the right setup at your home, you can teach lessons right from there. Otherwise, you can market yourself to preschools, kindergartens and other daycares, teaching lessons or offering musical performance training.

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– Welcome to the Journey.
Today we’ll be talking about
the best home businesses.
– With low startup costs.
– You may have been wanting
to start your own home-based
business for some time.
Now with the power of the Internet,
it’s easier than ever to start one.
– Yeah, in your pajamas.
– So we’re gonna be talking
about four different categories.
First, writing.
– Ooh, I love writing.
– You could be a freelance writer.
– A poet.
– Editor, blogger or even
self-publish your own Kindle book.
– Oh yeah, and I heard
you can earn up to 70%
of the royalties, you guys.
– Cha-ching.
– Lucrative.
– So Emma, if you were to write a book,
do you know what you would write about?
– Ooh, way to put me on the spot.
Something that I enjoy, something
that I know a lot about.
Vegan cooking ’cause then
I can incorporate pizza
and also I do it at home all the time.
So yeah, maybe just vegan cooking.
Fast, easy, efficient, fun, and healthy.
– And I like that, and especially the fact
that this is something you know about.
All right, so next category, services.
You could be a virtual assistant
or a social media manager.
– Ooh, yeah, definitely.
If you think about that,
that’s something a lot
of people don’t want to do
and they know it’s important,
so you offer to do it for
them and make some money.
– And you’re saving people time.
One of the most important
commodities, I think,
we all have, but never have enough of.
The virtual assistant, you can schedule
people’s appointments, you can book things
with them like the travel.
Get all these things done so
that they can actually spend
their time being more
productive doing other things.
– I spend so much time organizing
and reorganizing my calendar
that like I feel good about
what I’m getting done in the
day, but I don’t know if,
I’m thinking, if someone just did
that for me and helped me–
– [Sam] You’d be a lot more productive.
– Yeah, a virtual assistant.
Yeah, I’d be a lot more productive.
– And the great thing is
you can do it from home.
You don’t even have to leave your couch
or you can do it from wherever you want.
– We could do it right now.
– We could, and speaking
of working from anywhere,
the next opportunity you
could have is the data entry.
You can do this at home, coffee shops.
– By the beach.
That makes data entry a little more fun.
– Now, it can be something
that’s routine, mundane.
It’s all right.
At the same time, you can, don’t
have to put a lot of effort
into it, but you can also do
other things at the same time.
Listening to a podcast.
– Catching some rays.
– Exactly, and believe it
or not, we have a video
on being a digital nomad.
– Oh, that’s right.
– Right over here.
– Next, graphic design
or even web development.
Again, something that you
can just do from home.
If you have a love for graphic
design and being on the web,
these are areas that you
can actually jump into.
– Also, which falls
under services, a couple
of my friends do this, they’re
pet sitters or dog walkers.
I mean, what a fun job to do.
I love animals.
– Yes, I have three dogs.
I’m a doggy dad.
– You have three dogs?
– Three dogs.
– Do you have a pet
sitter or a dog sitter?
– We do.
While I’m here making these
great videos for you all,
someone’s watching our pets.
So next, event or wedding planner.
These are very good if you are savvy
at getting things together,
being creative, taking charge,
and making sure that things happen on time
and hopefully under budget.
– Yeah, I mean, for me I’m
all about the great party
or walking down that aisle one day,
but I don’t want to plan the whole thing.
Throw me a good party, I’ll hire you,
but I’m just gonna do
the falling in love part.
– And it does take away some
of that time, frustration
for planning from others along
with the budget constraints.
So you can actually focus on just doing
a wedding planning business
or you can open it up
to all kinds of events.
– Ooh, and another great
one in the services,
private chef or caterer.
I think about that sometimes
just when I’m at home looking
up meals and my friends will stop by.
They’re also like remote,
and they’re like, oh,
you should do this for bigger.
That would stress me out,
but for anyone else out there
who’s great at cooking this is
a great service you can offer
from your home if you in fact
are skilled in the kitchen.
– And you can have one client
that you prepare multiple meals for.
– Oh, that’s a good point.
– Or you can have different
families that you’re serving
at different times of the month.
– Ooh, and another great one
that my mom’s best friend
recently started doing is have an Airbnb.
She lives alone in this
beautiful Victorian home.
It’s painted purple.
It’s got a ton of character.
I know, it’s–
– My wife’s favorite color is purple.
– Oh well, if you’re ever in Indiana,
go check out Lou Ann’s
Airbnb, but anyways,
it’s a beautiful home and
she so kindly opens her doors
for an Airbnb and she meets
amazing people from all
over the world that come
through, surprisingly, Indiana,
the crossroads of America.
So this is just another
great idea and also,
now that reminds me, my mom
helps out with the Airbnb
because she has such a
skillset of cleaning.
Like this woman actually
likes to clean and enjoys it.
So she helps her best
friend with the Airbnb
with that skillset of
just, hey, I like to clean,
so after your guests
leave, I’ll handle that.
– Nice.
Next category, selling.
Now, if you are really creative
and you can make things
with your hands and it’s very unique,
Etsy could be the place for you
and it could give you an
opportunity to have an outlet
to actually make that income from home.
– Could you make anything?
– No, I cannot.
– Nothing?
– Nothing.
– I’m trying to think what I could do.
I could paint you a picture.
– But I can make these videos.
– Yeah, ooh, Sam, here’s
another one of my favorites.
Online consignment.
Oh my gosh, you could go
just through your own closet
or your parents’ and find some old gems
that you could sell for money.
Also you could go and actually thrift.
You know, find that great leather jacket
or that designer shirt or
shoes and then put it online.
There’s a ton of apps
to sell used clothing,
consignment, high fashion.
– Yeah, OfferUp.
You can go on Facebook Marketplace
and even offer your items there as well,
and if you are pretty good
in the kitchen similar
to that private chef and caterer,
you can also sell your baked goods online.
This is something great to do
because a lot of coffee shops,
they don’t actually bake their own goods.
– Oh, that’s a great point.
When I worked at a coffee shop,
we had a cabinet of donuts
to scones to bagels and they all came
from other people or businesses, yeah.
– Right, a lot of these
businesses use other vendors
to supply them with these baked goods,
and last category, teaching
You can be an online teacher or a tutorer.
It gives you a lot of flexibility
and it’s definitely in demand.
You can be teaching others
that don’t have English
as their first language,
you can teach them English.
– True, have you ever taught someone?
– I did.
– What’d you teach?
– Math.
– How was that?
– Hated it.
– Hated it?
– Next, you can actually
create online courses.
– Oh, good point.
– Everything that we just talked about.
Baking, graphic design, blogging.
Whatever you are good
at, you can make a video
and instruct people on how to do it.
– That’s very true, and I love that.
I love taking in a lot of information,
skills from the privacy
of my home on my couch.
I want to learn another language that way.
I don’t want to go out somewhere.
Give me an online course.
I’m a Millennial.
– My wife is actually a fitness instructor
and she’s able to do a
lot of different things
that she’s passionate about,
either working in a gym
or even having your own
clients on the side.
– Didn’t she pick up a
client when she was here?
– She did.
– And you guys live in Austin, Texas.
– We’re in Kirkland and she picked up.
Okay, just checking,
thought that happened.
– It gives you a lot of flexibility.
You don’t have to be local to one area,
but you can do it wherever.
There’s parks that you
can actually work out in.
There’s people’s homes.
Like we said before, you
can go and actually have
different classes or
personal instruction there.
– I’ve done some yoga classes that way.
Yeah, so like I decided in 2019,
it’s the year of the hamstrings.
I was like, oh yeah, I want
to work on my hamstrings
and I want to focus on it,
but I want to just do it
from the privacy of my home
and not spend a ton on a membership.
So I watched online little
videos, classes, if you will,
on how to do this.
– Next is music teacher.
– Can you play an instrument?
– No, I cannot.
– Can you sing?
– No, I cannot.
– Okay, carry on.
– So on that same note,
get it, carry on, sing?
But anyhow, if you know
how to instruct people
to play an instrument, this
is something you can do
or if you know how to give
voice lessons, help people
to sing, like myself, carry a tune,
that’s also something you can do.
You can go to the nonprofits like churches
or you can go to schools,
teaching elementary.
You know, kids, a lot of parents love
to get their children
involved in those things.
They’re looking for someone
that can spark that creativity
in that young child’s life.
– Yeah, that would really
help my karaoke game.
– Oh yeah.
– Some voice lessons.
– So in order to get
a lot of this started,
you can join freelance
websites like Upwork,
Fiverr, Guru,
They’ll be a great opportunity
because you already have people
there looking for services,
so you might as well use
it to market yourself.
So that’s a wrap.
Today you just learned the
best home-based business.
– With low startup costs.
– Make sure to like,
comment, and subscribe.
– Ooh, also make sure to ring
that bell so you are the first
to know when we have
another video coming up.
– Thanks for watching.
This is the Journey.
See you next time.
(upbeat music)