The Abs Expert – Full Body Fat Burning Workout to Lose Stomach Fat

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OK, this is a great Full Body Fat Burning Workout to help you lose stomach fat. Thanks for our awesome fitness model, Jennifer, for demonstrating the exercises. ; )

You’ll work your abs and get a great strength and cardio workout all at once.

Each movement you’ll do for 30 seconds with no rest between exercises.

The movements:

Squat Thrust – Broad Jump x 30 sec
Push Ups x 30 sec
Mountain Jumpers with a Wide Kick x 30 sec
Dips x 30 sec
Butt Kick Jog x 30 sec
T-Stabilization – Push up x 30 sec
Squat Jacks x 30 sec
Prone Row x 30 sec

Perform 3 rounds of this circuit, taking about 60 seconds rest between rounds,

Enjoy and please leave your comments and let me know how this workout went for you.

– Scott Colby