Testimonial Generator Work from home business compensation plan not mlm

Testimonial Generator Work from home business compensation plan not mlm

Testimonial Generator is a software that automates the testimonial or review and video process for people to easily create videos on their phones or computers to submit to your company (or person collecting videos)

Testimonial Generator is not only a video hosting and testimonial video hosting software, though it can also be used as an affiliate program and business growth program.

Disclaimer: when you use the link above an join/upgrade to Testimonial Generator I will earn a commission and you will be able to earn one as well if you were to recommend the product to others who also upgraded to the product.

Commissions for both the front end and back end offers are paid out at 25% on two tiers or levels, thus this is not MLM, or Multi Level Marketing (Network Marketing) and opens up the product to an extensive group of people you could be sharing this with.

One of the great features with the Testimonial Generator is that when you share a link for someone to create a video or testimonial and they complete and submit it, they will then be given the opportunity to create their own free account and test it out themselves.

Should they upgrade, you would earn a commission assuming you had that product level. Note if you only have the front end level and have not upgraded to the lifetime unlimited level and someone you refer comes in and takes the lifetime offer you would not earn a commission on that upgraded level, only the entry level.

You can test out the software by clicking the link at the top of this description. Keep in mind if you upgrade there is always a 30 day guarantee should you not find value and use in this software.

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