Tasha's First Couple Months in the Group Home Business

A few months ago we released a podcast episode admitting that this has been a scam along.

We’ve been creating all of this content for years, moved in additional furniture/beds into staged homes for our tours, and made the whole idea of Group Homes up out of thin air in order to sell our GOLD COURSE for $179 at the time of this writing.

This is absurd of course and we did that for April fools.

Tasha is living proof that our business model is NOT a scam and she was the subject of our April Fools episode.

She plugged “How to Start a Group Home” into Google, found us, signed up for THE GOLD COURSE, COACHING and our WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT, and had her first home open and profitable in THREE WEEKS!!

We catch up with her to see how the first couple of months in business has been for her and SPOIL ALERT: it’s been awesome!

She’s in the process of opening Group Home #3 already! Folks, a lot of people can start to think about retiring at that point.

What other business out there can you do like this?? The lottery maybe?

If you’re the type of person who is motivated by helping others AND you’re seeking a more financially fulfilling lifestyle SKIP THE LOTTO TICKETS!!

GET STARTED HERE TODAY and if you haven’t already, make sure to join our mailing list and sign up for your free training material at www.grouphomeriches.com!

10-Part Free Course, https://bit.ly/3dU9fN8
Gold Course, https://bit.ly/3gkWwVm
One On One Coaching, https://bit.ly/3kitVlk
Website Development, https://bit.ly/2Pwc9Nk
Facebook page, https://bit.ly/33GkRzl
Instagram, https://bit.ly/32H8aoJ

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