Take These 5 Steps BEFORE Starting Your Home Based T Shirt Business

Take These 5 Steps BEFORE Starting Your Home Based T Shirt Business

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These are the 5 steps an aspiring t shirt entrepreneur needs to take before starting their business. Many times new entrepreneurs like to dive head first without doing much research. Having the ambition to just start is only half the battle, you also need to have a good plan as well! You don’t want spend a ton of time and effort into starting this business without know your goals or what you’re aiming for. This video will help you to get a better picture of how to plan this business out.

00:00 Introduction
Intro to the video and we’re not wasting any time.
00:32 Step 1: Research Your Niche
Before you do anything, you have to know who you are selling to and no the whole world is not an answer lol. You want to do research and dig into your niche.
02:13 Step 2: Create Your Designs
Time to start creating those designs. You want to do some research and see what’s popular so you can get a feel of the types of style to roll with.
03:49 Step 3: Source Your Products
You’re going to need where you are going to be getting your materials from. As a matter of fact, you need to search out a few places to get your materials from just in case one runs out you’ll have others as backup.
05:05 Step 4: Choose Your Printing Method
How are you going to get your shirts printed? Are you going to be doing them yourself? Do you even have the time and patience to do them yourself? Or are you going to outsource your business and drop ship? You decide all of this here.
08:15 Step 5: Decide Where To Sell Your Product
Where will you be selling your product? If you like selling in person then FB marketplace or Craigslist may be good for you but if you want to sell online, then it’s time to do research on the pros and cons of each platform.


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