super funnels review

super funnels review


super funnels review

What is super funnels?
The newest launch from Brendan and Jono
It is ” a funnel” to improve traffic.
For me the sales page says it weird
but it basically does what they are promising.

They say triple your traffic. What they mean is engage
with your visitor in 3 ways. This way one will likely work.
The 3 ways are email, push notifications and robo chat.
The “super funnel” is more of a super landing page
It will get them on your email and then on your chat account.

You can see all the details in the video above.
I did like the OTO for limitless traffic if you have the funds.
It would mean not worrying about MMO traffic again.

Overall My Super Funnels review says it is good if you
don’t want to waste hours figuring out how to do this yourself.
And the pages are hosted on their services so no monthly fee
though if you are successful you will pay for the
push notification and chat bot services.

If you want to triple your optins I suggest:

Email marketing for beginners:

and if you want to grab Super Funnels

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